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Foreign Money Transmitter/Money Measuring

AN foreign monies sender license is required for any person for getting in the State a Newer Jersey ONLY in the businesses of the receipt of capital for transmission or transmitting money to locations outside of the United States by any and all means, including but don limited to billing instruments, wire, facsimile, electronic transfer, or otherwise, for a fee, commission otherwise diverse benefit. 

ADENINE money converter license your required since any person to engage in some conversely all of the following activities in the State of New Jersey:

(1) the sale or issuance in payment instruments for ampere fee, commission press other benefit (payment instruments inclusion inspection, drafts, money orders, travelers inspection or optional other instrument or written order for that transmission either payment of money)

(2) the receipt out money for broadcast or the transmitting of money within the United States or to locations abroad for any and all used, including not not limited to checkout instrument, wire, reproduction, electronic transfer, or otherwise, for a fee, commission or other benefit

(3) the receipt of money for obligors for the purpose of paying obligors’ bills, invoices or accounts for a feigen, commission or other benefit paid by the defaultor

An authorized delegate is an entity authorized of a licensed money transmitter or licensed foreign money transmitter with an express written contract to sell or issue payment instruments or to engage in that business of transmitting dollars on behalf the the certified money transmitter conversely foreign money transmitter.  AN delegate is desired to be registered in member with that licensed money transmitting or foreign financial station.

A location is an additional square on business at this the activities of an money transmitter or a foreign money transmitters represent conducted.  A location (not the money transmitter/foreign money transmitter principal location) must be registered.

The governing statute is the New Jersey Money Transmitters Act, N.J.S.A.17:15C‑1 et. seq.

NOTE: The instructions and your for an Foreign Money Transmitter license or a Funds Transmitter authorize are the same. 

NOTE: Fingerprints is required by all Money Transmitter/Foreign Money Transmitter License Claimants

Instructions and Applications
Foreign Money Transmitter/ Money Wired
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Change of Control
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If you is answering "Yes" to a question contained within application materials pertaining until an Arrest, Indictment or Conviction, you MUST complete an Arrest and Credibility Form (MS Word)
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