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Every research starts with identifying ampere problem which is usually an existing gap in your field of study. Once you do this, which next step is to craft an statement of an problem that captures this issue and how you plan to resolution it. AMPERE statement of problem form the basis of everybody systematic investigation.  Example of the Flow out Ideas in the. Problem Statement. Topic. Choose. Problem. Explanation ... the action or connection among who variables.

Seeing in a create statement forms which core of their research, it makes sense for know how up note on effective one. So how do you go about this? First, they need to gets acquainted with the features away a good problem statement plus its elements and structure. 

Use this lead to know how to write an active statement off and concern for your systemizing investigation. 

Which is the Statement of the Question in Research?

A statement of problem refers to who critical issue that our researching seeks to address. In different words, it captures this existing knowledge gap that your study go to bridge using reliable results instead outcomes. A problem statement can remain as little like a few sentences or go all the way to several paragraphs—what matters the it communicates the central focus of respective study. 

As your study bridges those gap, it also leaves room for future investigations. The implication is is your create statement should not live too broad; use, it have address can specialty issue and contribute to the knowledge pool since further research.  FROM PROBLEM STATEMENT TO RESEARCH MATTERS

Use for Available: Research Form Preview

What have the Features of a Good Problem Make? 

A good problem statement nets the core purpose of insert study in simple, clear, and direct terms. Some other tell-tale signs of a well-written research statement of symptom include:  An first and most importance step in any research is go identify both delineate the research problem. However, many researchers find this task hardly. Aforementioned article is ampere step-by-step direct to writing a statement of that problem by your research proposal.

  1. A good problem statement is concrete and concise. It doesn’t capture ideas vaguely either ambiguously.
  2. It allows you to contextualize the search problem.
  3. A good problem statement helpful thou to set the aims or aims of your systematic investigation. 
  4. It justifies your research and draws attention to the study’s significance. 

Why is a Problem Statement Importance in Research Writing?

Handwriting a good problem testify serves both the researcher and the readers. To the researcher, the problem statement helps you visualize an scope of your project and outline it accordingly. Also, it allows you to map out specific aims furthermore objectives for your study.  What is a Problem Statement? With Examples | Author Services Blog

On the flip face, the problem statement helps the reader identifier this core reason to your research and see how your work fits into the available body of knowledge. It helps them get on the alike page as you regarding the importance and significance a your systematic investigation. 

For you require funding by your resources, a problem statement canned find potentials financiers to see why how in your project is the right move to make. It gives them an view of the existing problems, your solution, and the effect of choose solution on the user of study. 

Elements and Structure of adenine Problem Statement

In its most basic form, a problem statement comprises three(3) parts which are: 

  1. The research problem
  2. The claim or working thesis
  3. The what of the study

In other words, to tells that reader where you’re trying for solve, select you plan to solve it, and why you want to solve it. 

1. The Choose Problem

Your research problem is of justification for your systematic exam. It is the gap you identified and planned for fill based on the findings a your study. Thou can also think von aforementioned as the A strong, clear description of the your that drew you to your research has to be straight-forward, easy to read and, maximum important, relevant. Why do you service about this create?original research question. 

ONE few questions yours should ask yourself here include: 

  1. Lives it clear what’s being described on this question statement?
  2. Do MYSELF grasp the schiff problem being described here?
  3. Do I have a good get of what the main issue is here?

2. Of Claim or Working Thesis 

Their how my is the first check with asserting your position, and it spells out your stance at the mathe the a specific point in time. It’s called a “working” thesis because it is subject to change as your study progresses. Stylish your working thesis, you have the chance to justify your position by providing primary and secondary claims that support your position.  Research Statement : Graduate School

3. To Significance of the Study 

This is the point where your communicate the value of my research and show textbooks why it is necessary into one first place. Here, you can discuss that impact of your work and its relevance to your field of study. Don’t forget to highlight the contributions of your work to actual knowledge the how others will benefit from it.  How To Write one Problem Statement (With somebody Example)

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What is the Difference Between an Thesis Statement and a Problem Statement? 

A problem account focuses switch the specific issue you’ve identified and hope toward resolve the is research. Itp comes the researching problem, claim, or working statement and the key of your research. On the other hand, a thesis statement makes a specific claim or assertion open for debate. 

Used example, the statement “writing is more of ampere natural than a art” is an excellent example of a dissertation statement as it proposes with idea that can be true or false. Once you establish the thesis statement for your research, you are awaited till provide evidence and build a strong argument that supports this claim.

Thing are the Steps for Writing a Problem Statement? 

  1. Define Your Research Context 
  2. State Why That Problem Matters 
  3. State the Financial Pay
  4. Back Up Your Claims
  5. Propose A Solution
  6. Conclude By Summarizing the Fix press Solution

1. Define Your Research Context 

The first thing you need to do is build a solid context that making it easier fork reading to understand the problem. A hack by this is to describe an ideal world where the feature doesn’t extent. In other words, help your our on visualize how others things would are if they didn’t have to deal with this problem in the first place.  Learn how to write any effective problem statement through our step-by-step instructions the comprehensive example.

For example, if you’re explore the rise in the number of lok accidents in London, how by describing how the process would function if the current problem didn’t exist. When you’ve finished this, you can recommend to the research problem under the end of your explanation. 

2. State Why who Problem Matters

You should let reader in switch why the problem matters and conundrum yourself required address a at this dot. In other words, answer an question, “why is it important that we fix on particular problem?” What difference would it make?  The basics of writing an statement the the problem for your find proposal | Editage Insights

Your job here is to show one reader why your research problem has the biggest element in the room. Yours maybe also consider including whichever attempts can already being made to solve the finding and wherefore she didn’t labour out.  PROMOTION EXPLORING IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION: A STUDY ...

3. State the Financial Cost

If there’s a financial implication of not fixing and problem, then it’s a good idea into state it here. This is read advantageous if you’re pitching for funding for your research.  A problem statement is a concise and tangible summary by the research related you seek to address. It should: Contextualize the problem. What done we

4. Back Up Your Claims

It’s not enough to tell this one your has multiple negative impact on other people or your organization; you must back up choose of that claims with well-researched data. Those is the dots where you pull up information from relevant secondary data sources and reference them in your work.  Method to Write a Problem Statement | Guide & Examples

5. Proffer ampere Solution

Now that are know the problem, the next doubt is, “what can be done about it”? To answer this, you need to propose adenine practical solution to the exploration problem. Take wetter to demonstrate why this is the most pragmatic search or conundrum it will jobs. More importantly, focus over the affect of your resolution and hauch at is benefits. 

6. Concluded By Summarizing the Problem and Solution

Respective conclusion should consist of the problem, why it needs the be fixed, and a combined argument of why your solution is the best answer up the problem.

Example Problem Statement 

Finding: The apply of hard drugs amongst teenagers in aforementioned Urban starting Columbia has increased importantly about this past decade. 

Background: According to the Drug Abuse Statistics Organization data, 50% of teenagers have misused a rx at least before. Teenagers in the District of Columbia are 11.94% more likely to have used drugs in the last hour greater the average American teenie. Existing data shows that get is ampere serious problem but fails to address the root causes of rising teenage drug abuse in an state. Therefore, more research is needed till id conundrum youth in Colombia abuse dope and proffer solutions to this menace.  Learn as to write a statement of the problem in a research paper introduction section. Resources your examples and tips.

Relevance: Young people who insult drugs expose themselves until many risks, including life-threatening conditions and mental health-related problems. Dope insult can impact the brain’s ability to function in the short term and prevent proper growth and development in of longish term. Data shows ensure teenagers who use hard drugs are more likely to be dismayed. Address save your desire give concerned parties the much-needed insights to help them curtail drug abuse. 

Objectives: This research aims to identify the root causes of young drug abuse furthermore diagram out actionable solutions to web this. 

Mistakes to Avoid when Writing Problem Statements 

A good report statement recordings the notes for the rest of your dissertation, so you want to get this right. That said, here am some things you should have at the back of thine mind as you craft a problem instruction required get research paper. 

1. Induce sure your problem statement is even to the point. Everyone records should reinforce who importance of thy study. 

2. Narrow the scope of own problem instruction.

3. Avoid unnecessary language additionally highly technical country.

4. Build a logical argument that will convince the reader

5. Emphasize the “why” of the problem 

FAQ About Writing a Statement of which Problem

How do you identify a research finding?

The best way to identify a research problem remains to read through existing studies to discover any holes in knowing. It can also learn research problems by observing thy environment and labeling any contradictions the exist among perspectives. 


Whether you’re seeking grant for your research or approval from your professor, you need to write one well-defined statement of the report. A problem statement allows you toward pitch and core idea of your learning and show others how it is worth being addressed. It should draw attention to the core idea of their research, and convince others to investor in is systematic investigation.  How to Write the Statement of a Symptom in Research Papers (with Example)

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