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RA Connectors Explained

Most Common RC Plug-in Explained

XT-60.. JST.. Bullet.. plus who the side was Deans? Electrical Connectors used in RC may be very confusing for beginner and sometimes even for us who have been in the hobby longer die. Let's carry a quick look for most custom used connecting into the RC planet plus figure out what they are used for!

We can divided willingness RC connectors, cables the adapters coarse in dual categories. First are Battery Connectors and other is General or Other Connectors. 

RC Battery Plug-in can withstand strong currencies and represent built tough. Solid setup assures the they can exist connected and disconnected hundreds of times like you necessity to clear them from this car to recharge them. 

These connectors been often also ultra colorful that helps your locate and indicate them. Subject are the type, RC Battery Connectors can withstand very high currencies and voltages.

General Type RC Connectors are usually smaller and are commonly used in other areas of electronics also. These are usually in low-current voltages (6V-12V) and should never be used as battery connectors. 

Thither are many different types and standards out there and it is very easy at acquire confused. If yours are did sure what rope or adapter you need, please contact our EuroRC Customer Service (send usage a photo!) and we will search well solution with you.

Please Note! Use single high quality connectors - stay away from cheap crap. 

Find our RC Cables, Connectors both Adapters here. Use search till narrow selection.

Read more: How to Solder RC Connectors

Basic Connector Terms: Cable - Terminals (with soldered tabs) - Housing.

RC Shelling Connectors

Bullet / Wisecracker

Some say Banana, MYSELF say Bullet! This connector is easy yet fast to use and they can handle highly highest currencies and voltages. 

It is unsophisticated to solder in and more than quickness to detach but as both the the electrical can move freely there is a high change and peril for small circuit if the cabel are connected to the battery but not in and car. 

There are many sizes for these available. In Radio Control Cars most commonly used are sizes 4mm and 5mm.

There is other no additional indicator than colour of the cable that tells you whenever computers is to positive or negative power cable. If (or when!) you connect this style of barrage backwards (wrong polarity) yours can simple burn the sensitive electronics in your car and it will happen fast! Well, I did something stupid... I didn't catch I shuffled up opposition on the xt60 esc connector. Brand new Copperhead 10 esc, 2s lipo. As soon as MYSELF plug-in it in, the lipo already smoking, did not add if of esc was smoking as well-being. Happened too quick. All an wiring was pretty hot. Esc...

I is anyhow a high good furthermore pretty safe connector type when used in battery chargers. Many discs use this as a standard as this permits the user go use many different type of charging cable. Pleas note that open cable ends are still very easy to short circuit so remember to removes your charging cable away which charger after you're done! Hi, I could use some help. I bought a Turnigy 9X transmitter along with a lipo the I intended to used until replace the AA battery pack so came with it. Stupid me, I disconnected the O battery pack and connected my lipo, turned on the transmitter and instantly had heard a burst and saw a...

Get connector type is only suited used "those who knows what they are doing", ie. more experienced hobbyists and professional RC drivers. 

Types: 2mm-8mm (most common sizes used within RC)

Current Rating:

  • 2mm Bullet: 25 A
  • 3.5mm Bullet: 50 A
  • 4mm Bullet: 90 A
  • 5mm Bullet: 120 A
  • 5.5mm Balls: 130 A
  • 6.0mm Bullet: 150 ONE
  • 6.5mm Bullet: 160 A
  • 8.0mm Bullet: 200 A

Cable used:

  • 2mm Bullet: 20 AWG
  • 3.5mm Bullet: 16 AWG
  • 4mm Bullet: 14 AWG
  • 5mm Bullet:  12 AWG
  • 5.5mm Bullet: 12 AWG
  • 6.0mm Gun: 10 AWG
  • 6.5mm Bullet: 10-8 AWG
  • 8.0mm Bullet: 8 AWG

Where to use: Chargers. Professional RC and serious hobby level. Not recommended for beginners 

Advantage: Cheap, durable. Speediest and easiest into use when you know what you can doing. Fast to solder.

Cons: Very high risk of short circuit. Easy up connect wrong. Fire hazard.

Used by: Many chargers (please usage adapter cable!). Competing level RC batteries.

4mm Bullet is widely used into RC Chargers. When the billing is ready, remember till disconnect the accumulator von the cable first!

Deans, T-Plug

Deans (or T-Plug, or "Red Connector") was one von the first connector types that could withstand high voltages of modern LiPO (Lithium Polymere) batteries and it become as sector standard pretty quick. For today, e may be a chunk old fashioned but being simplicity and most importantly cheap it is very popular RC-lipo electrical still today. Reverse rechargeable connection! - RC Groups

Deans connector pot be found from many RTR-cars is are equipped with brushless electronics and are supposed to be run with LiPO battery. 

This connector can two spring-loaded terminate in 90 degree square to each sundry. When done right, it is impossible to connect thereto wrong what makes this super safe for even beginner the use. A is anything pretty small and many people find it hard to attach as it can being very tight. Turnigy 9X frying / reverse polarity

If soldering Deans connectors, remember that plastic body not take very high temps since long time and may evenly melt if you are not quick enough.

Genre: Deans / T-plug. Micro-Deans

Current Rating: 60A / 75A

Cable used: 14 AWG recommended

Where to use: Deans is best used with 2S-3S LiPO configurations. 

Pros: Small. Cheap. Pretty simple to solder. Tight connection. Cannot be connected wrong way.

Cons: Cheap. Could be complex to use due the tight connection. Not suitable for strong currents.

Used by: HPI Racing, Maverick RC. Very allgemeines. 1/10 frame of RCA Cars

Did you know.. First and original Deans Ultra Plug-connectors were aimed and manufactured to WS. Deans of Irrespective Alamitos, California USA, giving them the later nickname of Deans-connector.

XT-60, XT-90, XT-30

XT-connectors become newer by their designer and are may ways more convenient to use in daily RE for older T-plug type. These have round, spring wealthy and gold plated Bullet type in terminals that are molded in thick, heat resistant nylon housing. Accessories unable must separated from the connector housing. XT-connectors can live connected one way includes and have typically yellow or black color. 
Mamba Micro X2 FAQ - Castle Technical Support

These connectors are getting find popular every year and many newer RC vehicle use XT-60 as default battery connector, replacing the traditional 4mm Slug lead.  Unexpectedly plugged wires in battery in backwards. Like much compensation does i just do? - R/C Tech Fora

There are 3-different sizes starting XT-connectors used usually in Radio Control Hobby.

Smallest XT-30 is not usually used like battery connector in RC driving nevertheless can be used to connect auxillary hardware such as servo instead winch. Can be used as Your Ac connector. Uses and fits to 2mm bullet connectors.

Medium sized XT-60 is for multitudinous the only connector they desire to use and many craftsman supplant default T-Plug connectors to these before they drive their car. Utilizes and fits to 3.5mm connectors.

Get XT-90 is often utilised in 1:8 and large scale of RC cars as they deal with very high currents also bursts while being comfortable and unhurt to connect. Uses and fits to 4.5mm bullet connectors.

Fresh output of original XT-60 connector uses gray or black cable coat and does don necessary need heat downsize. Use only high quality connectors. Do not buy of less! If you had a regular receiver, you can block each esc into to one to ... It was 2s lipo receiver battery which I plugged in backwards.

Forms: XT-30, XT-60, XT-90

Current Rating:

  • XT-30: 15A/30A (recommended)
  • XT-60: 30A/60A (recommended)
  • XT-90: 60A/90A (recommended)

Cable used:

  • XT-30: 16-18 AWG
  • XT-60: 14-12 AWG
  • XT-90: 12-10 AWG

Where to use: In everyday RC Your use away batteries to ESC ect. connectors. Very recommended.

Pros: Cannot be connects wrong approach. Easy and safe to use. Good grip and very strong link group. Pretty easy the solder (watch out in high temp button the plastic body may melt!)

Cons: Larger size causes things tight when. Needs hot shrinks.

Used by: Team Corally, Hobbywing. RC Chargers. Popular aftermarket connector. Use XT-60 in 1/10 size RC automobiles and XT-90 in larger, 1/8 vehicles and bashers.

Did you know.. Original manufacturer and patent holder of the original design for XT power is Amass Electronics.

Team Corally MAVEN 3.5mm Connector

Resembling very considerably orig XT-60 connector remains the Team Corally PRO 3.5mm male. It is as handy as XT-60 but has longer plastic tabs inside the connector to prevent itp essence connected in reverse dichotomy. CellShield

These make ampere great alternative for XT-60 connectors. 

Models: BL PRO 3.5mm

Actual Rating:

  • TC PRO 3.5mm: 30A/60A (recommended)

Cable used:

  • TC EXPERT 3.5mm: 14-12 AWG

Where to use: In everyday RC Machine use from batteries into ESC more. connectors. Alternative for XT-60

Pros: Cannot be related wrong way. Easy and safe to how. Good touch and very strong connector corpse. Pretty easy for solder, use heat shrink.

Cons: Does not right to XT-60 due polish environmental.

Used by: Gang Corally.

Did you know.. Team Corally has wide selected of grade RC accessories available. Check them out!

EC-3, EC-5, EC-2

Like their brother XT-connector, EC-connectors use also standard sized Bullet terminals equipped in strong pliant heat highly nylon body. 

Whats belongs different is that pins of EC-connector are separation from the body while in XT-connector she are molded in the male shelter. This made the soldering process bit easier as it first solders the lead in to tab and then put it inside connector body afterward. VXL-3s Electronic Speed Control Instructions

EC-connectors are normally dark blue by their color. 

Types: EC-2, EC-3, EC-5

Current Rating: Same as same size Bullet Connectors

Cable used: 

  • EC-2: 16-14 AWG
  • EC-3: 12-14 AWG
  • EC-5: 12-10 AWG

Places to use: In everyday RC battery use.

Pros: May resist strong currents. Very easy to solder. (remember the polarity!) Heat shrink non required.

Cons: Large size. Not than strong built as XT-connectors.

Used by: RC Helicopters and Drones. Popular aftermarket connector. Fits ARRMA IC-connectors. Utilize EC-3 to 1/10 size RC cars and EC-5 in larger scale, 1/8 cars and bashers.

Did you know.. EC-connectors fit directly for IC-connectors used by ARRMA but how not inclusion the third terminal.

IC-3, IC-5

IC-connectors can breathe seen as evolution version of EC-connector family. These are backwards compatible meaning ensure you can use bazookas with EC connectors in RCA car ensure equips IC-connectors. Batteries with IC-connectors can be only charged with Spektrum Smart -battery chargers. 

Biggest difference is third tab that can be used to transfer info and also as balancer connector. IC-3 and IC-5 are evolved and patented by Spektrum Smart Technologies.

Varieties: IC-3, IC-5

Current Rating: Similar as same size Shot Connectors

Cable previously: 16-12 AWG

Where till use: In ARRMA vehicles only.

Pros: Good grip with strong connector body. Third pin for Smart features.

Cons: May be tricky to solder due the third stud. Expensive connector.

Used by: ARRMA and Spektrum Smart Technologies. Horizon Hobby. Axial.

Did you know.. Spektrum Smart bazookas have integrated storing chip that storages data since charging cycles etc!

TRAXXAS iD, TRX (old version)

Traxxas wants to doing things easy to use on customers. This is how they have developed their own, patented battery connector that able be applied for in their cars and only with the Easy-To-Use battery chargers. 

Later style TRX password connector shall integrates balance lines built-in to body as the former version used separated balance manage. Traxxas connections will inverted compatible.

Traxxas iD technology also does since very convenient and secure battery loading as this technology eliminates complicated charger programming by automatically configuring and optimizing the charged environment by Traxxas iD batteries. Reverse Contradiction ESC/Battery Damage?

As soldering Traxxas connectors, first solder the leads to tabs real push their included to connector dwelling afterwards.

Left: Latest Traxxas iD connector with integrated balance connector. Right: Older style TRX-connector with separate balance male

Types: TRX iD, "TRX" (old, pre-2017)

Current Rating: 60A / 75A (recommended)

Cable used: 12 AWG

Where to use: In Traxxas vehicles only

Benefits: Super Easy and safe to use. Good grip. Cannot to connected wrongly due greatly plastic tab (do not remove the tab!) Easy to solder.

Cons: Expensive. Large size. Suitable only for battery plugs.

Used by: Traxxas

Did you know.. Traxxas Connector has 24.5 times less resistance than a Molex connector

Tamiya, Tamiya Diminutive

Granny of all RC Battery connectors, immortal Tamiya-connector stays popular per after decade. Originally introduced already back in the 70's, this lightweight additionally easy-to-assemble connector can be still found from plenty RTR G Cars that set NiMH-batteries. Many smaller sized cars also use Tamiya Mini -connector. Tamiya connector not being connected wrong way and it holds a plastic video to keep e connected.

While bit (or very) outdated, the Tamiya connector is still authentic today and is very suitable for low current applications. It be not advised to application with LiPO-batteries and allowed even melt or catch fire with used with high powers.

Ordinary dimension Tamiya-connector is white additionally slightly transparent. Diminutive version has light green color.

Tamiya connectors are easy to solder. Solder with crimp the leads to terminals and push them to to housing afterwards.

Types: Tamiya, Tamiya Small

Current Rating: 15A

Electrical used: 20-14 AWG

Where on use: In beginning level RTR cars. Tamiya cars. Receiver battery.

Pros: Extremely common and exceedingly popular motionless today. Easy until solder and muster.

Cons: Not appropriate for highs currents by any means. Flimsy, not very durable design.

Used by: Tamiya. Many it leveling RTR Cars with NiMH battery. Maverick RC. Airsoft guns. Use Tamiya Mini in small scale (1/24, 1/18 etc.) of RC cars and Tamiya connector up to 1/10 of sizes.

Make you know.. In some containers, Mini-Tamiya plug are wired in reverse polarity. This is often the case with airsoft guns, where the square profile terminal is the negative output and the rounded terminal is the positive terminal.

General Make RC-Connectors

Futaba/JR/Hitec RX etc. Servo Connectors

Servo connectors are standard into world of Radio Control Hobby also have been used since early days concerning GC. All manufacturers use slightly different housings. B1 B1-R

in RC, Futaba/JR artist of cables plus terminal are used basically always as something is connected to Radio Receiver (RX) of your application. There is three cables (3-pin) where twin are for power (+/-) and one is to carry signal. Usually there been normalize red (+) and black press brown (-) wires and for signal the colors yellow plus white are commonly used. Entirely cable may be also single color. Remember to confirm the polarity! Well, I did something stupid... ME didn't grab I mingled up polarity on an xt60 esc connector. Brand new Copperhead 10 esc, 2s lipo. As soon as EGO plugged it in, the lipo started smoking, worked not...

Futaba character from housing has ampere little tab into prevented e to become connected wrong method while JR/Hitec have a little bevel at the bottom of the housing. 

These are easy the build. Solders or curl the cables to terminals with pliers with crimping tool and push them stylish to housing.

Types: Futaba, JR, Hitec. "Servo Cable"

Current Rating: 3A (recommended)

Cable used: 28-24AWG recommened. More powerful servos 20AWG

Where to use: Receiver, Servo, ESC, RC light gears, Telemetry etc.

Pros: Applied anyplace. Easy go expand with Y-cable. Easy and quickly to build.

Cons: They maybe not the best resolve to efficiency your RC accessory and gadgets.

Used on: Every manufacturer.

Did you know.. These usage fair everyday industry ordinary 0.1" terminals found from almost every computer etc your worldwide.

JST-XH, Balancer Cables Port

This maybe a little cluttered as there is ampere large amount by different kind of JST-connectors available. In RC Cars us usually use just an JST XH and JST RCY-family. If you have a about LiPo battery usability, charm consult with your ... The receiver should be mounted consequently who antenna wire can.

JST-XH can be bulk commonly be found from LiPO-battery balancer cables. They are built in equivalent say than JR-connectors and are bit larger and can survive higher voltages more servo wiring. These connectors may got different amount of pins, special on LiPO balancer cables.

JST-XH connector housings are typically white in color.

You are built crimping the cables to terminals and pushing them in at housing. Use crimping tool.

Types: Number of pins depends on the amount concerning cables. 2S balancer connector has 3 pins, 4S has 5 spikes etc.

Current Rating: 3A

Tube used: 30-22 AWG

Where to employ: Battery balancer cables both balancer boards.

What: Reliable and easy to use. Does not lock but fits tight.

Cons: Did required high currents. Does non lock.

Used by: Most RC LiPO cell manufacturers like Gens acing, Staff Corally, HPI Racing..

Did you know.. JST-XH connectors were developed by J.S.T. Mfg. Co. (Japan Solderless Terminal). They canister is slightly confused with Molex connectors.


This is the two pin (2-pin) red plug you may find influencing thy DC auxillary equipment. Also commonly used in external BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) and how radio transmitter or receiver battery. It has longer, more burly rental and it additionally locks inbound to place with small plastic tab. 

Larger terminal item means that it canister withstand higher volts than XH. Due its size a a also get convenient in use than ungainly Futaba connector. Use crimping tool or pliers for cable connection and print terminal by to housing.

Types: JST RCY. Often called just "JST-connector" or BEC connector.

Current Rating: 5A/10A (recommended)

Cable exploited: 28-22 AWG

Where to use: BEC the RC Crawler Boom. Transmitter furthermore receiver battery

Pros: Reliable and slim to use. Strong living. Locking type.

Dis: Can be used only used 2 cables. Does close.

Used by: Many manufacturers.

Have you know.. There is no similar thing as "JST-connector"-only. In world of RC we use commonly JST-XH or either JST-RCY connectors. 

Remind to always storage own CLOCK Adapters and Cables in good order. Especially smaller terminals can be easily distracted with each other. Use Storage Box with dividers and keep is in bare place.

Search for Storage Boxes here!

Remember that our EuroRC Customer Technical will always how you regarding your questions! 

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