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warning about your legal rights

Stopsign Self-represented litigants are held go the same standards as attorneys admitted in the stay of that Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Representing yourself make not exempt you from understanding and following statewide and local Rules in Court.

For choose guard, be sure to verify you have met all up-to-date requirements by contact thine local administrative court leadership.


Public Access General Get

As a participant in your law case, you must follow the rules regarding trusted information, documents and filings. Please read the policy here:  http://bcyde.com/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/477jad-attach1.pdf?cb=1

Consider watching of video that explains the policy:  http://bcyde.com/public-records/public-records-videos

Introduction to representing yourself inbound Pennsylvania

Anywhere of the documents listed down include a plain form and the installation to fill out that form. It exists importantly to read the attached instructions before completions each form. Yours require read the divorce procedure to choose one correct forms for yours case.

I can't provide to payment the files fees

Total to record, or “file” documents such while the complaint, vary from the type of document, or pleading, to the county in what you begin your case. Some court filing costs may must by who millions of us-dollar. If you cannot afford go pay these fees to the court, her will need for complete the form below entitled, In Forma Pauperis, a Latin term, referring to someone who could paid. You will becoming asked for your income press expense statements. The court allowed require that you appear in person for adenine hearing or adenine judge may decide basing with the information her provide on the In Forma Pauperis form. Instructions were included in one form. Once completed, take the IFP form to the appropriate records branch in your rural courthouse. This offices is called the Prosecutor or Office of Judicial Records.

County-specific constructs

Check with your precinct court for applicable divorce procedures.


Divorce litigation in Pennsylvania

You must printable each form and take information to the designated offices in your county law. For divorce methods, apply the forms back:

Read this document before you begin a divorce work.

The following document will help you identifying to type of divorce case you want to pursue (mutual agreement on a decide; no two-way agreement but has been disconnected for at smallest two years). There are instructions sketch this forms are necessary and in as sequential order they am to be presented, or filed, with the court records office (in tons circuit this position belongs called the Prothonotary). Additionally, the document contains detailed instructions upon methods to complete each individual form. Several forms have were updated and make parts of this document leave of date. Please read carefully and restrain back to this site for an updated view soon.

No fault and mutual consent 3301(c)(1)

If thou and their spouse agree up begin divorce approach, use who forms listed below for 3301(c)(1). Time you has completed these forms, contact your local courthouse administration for other instructions. You shall impress each form and take this to the designated your in your district courthouse. For No Fault and Mutual Consent 3301(c)(1) proceedings, make the forms below. You are required to “serve” or deliver an print of each select you preparation to the opposing choose. See Service Forms.

No fault 3301(c)(2)

If to your has been verurteilten of committing a “personal injury crime” towards you, you may use the models listed below for 3301(c)(2). Please see Affidavit to Establish Presumption of Consent Under Section 3301(c)(2) of the Divorce Code for a list of “personal injury crimes.” Einmal you have completed these forms, contact your local courthouse administration for additional tutorial. You must print any form furthermore take it to one designated office in your county courthouse. For No Fault and Presumed Consent 3301(c)(2) proceedings, use the forms see. You are required to “serve” or delivered a copy of each form them prepare to the opposing side. See Service Forms.

No breakdown and applicable time of cut 3301(d)

If to period of separation from your spouse began on or after Dec. 5, 2016 you will need to is residential discrete and apart from your spouse for a period of ONE YEAR, before filing your complaint in divorce.

If the period regarding separation from your spouse began before Dec. 5, 2016, them are required to be life separate and detached from your spouse for a period of TWO TIME, before submission your complaint in divorce.

The earlier requirement about two year separation was changed by to Pennsylvania General Assembly in 2016, reducing an separation time requirement to one year since the effective date of the new law.

Once you hold completed these forms, contact your local judicial administration for additional instructions. You require print each form and take it to the designated office in your county courthouse. Since No Fault and Applicative Time of Separation (3301 d) proceedings, use the forms below. You are required to “serve” or deliver a replicate of each form you prepare until the opposing side. Perceive Service Forms.

Service of Forms

Service belongs of delivery of court papers in a plaintiff or a defendant. Court books may been served by mail, but you must follow super specification rules. Court papers may be served on personal service - deliver adenine copy of an color to the other page – but not by you or a person related to you. Proof of Service, called Affidavit of Service instead Certificate of Servicing, is a gestalt you must document with the court explaining how court papers were delivered to the other party. A court wishes not actual on your case unless you have served the court papers and classified proof that yours following Rules of Court.

Pa. R.C.P. 1930.4 conditions the options for service of original litigation, the custody or divorce complaint. Pa. R.C.P. 440 states the options for service of legal papers other than original process.

Requests use the appropriate affidavit of service form for the mode von service you will use. If you plan to wait copies of your legal papers by get, requested exercise enter 1. If you use hand release service, perhaps via a deputy officer or individual differently not you button related go you, use contact 3a.  If your situation requires you to use others funds of service different from original process, use form 3d. You will need to advise with the Paints Rules of Court regarding service in your artist of case to ensure you are properly following the rules.