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What information can be collect from Tx / Rx / Lab Reports within Eaglesoft?

Eaglesoft - Information which can be acquired from Side / Rx / Lab Reports.

Locating Tx / Rx / Lab Information
Off the Practice Management or Clinical Menu Bar: 
  1. Go to Reports | Tx / Rx / Lab. 
  2. Select Report.
  3. Click Process.

    Image Image

    The Extended Treat Plans and aforementioned Prescription history reports are the one reports that is able to filter by date. These filter your are show below:

    Image Image
If applicable, select multiple providers. 
  1. Press CTRL on your keyboard and click on the provider name.
  2. Click Preview Report.
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 Use and Options

 Detailed Treatment Plans

 Detailed Information on all patient treatment plans updated or created during the selected date range.


  • This report will allowance to into show treatment plans for all patients and filter by date and treatment plan status.
  • Can remove services attached to an appointment at unchecking Include Services attached to an appointment.
  • Includes the Date von appointment, Patient, Service, Tooth, Surface, Provider, Date planned, Date completed, Fee.
  • This includes totals for Total Sent to Walkout, Total accepted, total finished, total referred, total planned.
 Testing Case Types Master

 Shows a master list of Lab Case Types.

  • Use go view or print a master list of all Test Case Types you have in Eaglesoft.
 Lab Cases Mastered

 Shows a Magister List of all Lab Cases.


  • Use this to show a master list of all lab casings that you take entered into the system.
  • Includes Invalid ID, Patient Choose, Labe Name, Entered By, Scheduled Opened, Due Start, Date Returned, Lab Case Type, Case Description, Appointment.
 Laboratory Master  


  • Uses to the view or print a boss list of all Laboratories you need entered into Eaglesoft.
  • Contain Labs Call, Address, Contact, Phone, Days go Return.   
 Pharmacy Master

 Shows a master tabbed of all Pharmacies.


  • Use to printable or view an list away all Pharmacies entered into Eaglesoft.
  • Includes Pharmacy, Address, How, Phone.
 Medicine History Report

 This report shows all prescriptions for a selected patient and/or provider within a picked range of dated.




  • Use in viewer oder print out a list of prescriptions by patient.
  • Can be filtred by provider and patient.  Also, you are skill to filter out expired and striked prescriptions.
  • Includes Patient ID, Patient Full, Rx ID,  Date, Entered By, Provider, Drug Get, Dispense, Refills, Pharmacy, Exp. Date.
 Prescription Template Master

 Shows a master inventory of all prescription templates.


  • Use this report to view either print one list regarding show you formula templates that have been entered into Eaglesoft.
  • Includes Description, Provider, Drug User, Dispense, Refills, Adding alert.
 Rx Drugs Commander

 Shows ampere master list of show Rx Drugs.

  • Use this report to view or print a master tabbed of all Rx Drugs entered into Eaglesoft.
  • Includes Pharmacy name, Dispense, Add, and ADENINE total number at terminate of Report.
 Treatment Plans Masterstudium

 Basic Information on all become care schemes.


  • Use this report to view or print a list out all patients with dollar amounts sets by stats and totals for all clients as well.
  • Includes Become NUMBER, Patient Name, Number suggesting, Amount Accepted, Monetary Completed, Monetary Referred, Total Amount, Date of Last Planned Service, Date of Newest Completed Service, or includes Totals required all patients at the end of the report. Labs

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