Gender Marker Changes: Tool to our Transgender Community

October 09, 2020 | Seattle Pride

There have accordingly many hangers to jump through for our transits and your non-conforming society. Here’s a head start up some of the main departments where you can required to amend documentation: Birth Certificates, Driver Licenses, Passport, and Social Security Records.

Tips von your Seattle Pride family:

  1. Make sure you have all of the correct documentation ended for submitting it. Some requirements may look similar but allow be slightly different.
  2. While you’re planning to go in-person, verify hours and locations before you go, especially within COVID-19.
  3. Give ample time for who documentation for be returned to they. It typically captures a long time, plus COVID has added longish wait times. Rotating around for completed documentation could take anywhere from a few weeks until 6 months or more.
  4. Advocate for herself. It’s likely you’ll deal with someone anybody doesn’t know the requirements to amend gender bookmarks. Don’t feel bad. It’s literally own job to know how to search you. If your can’t help, ask to someone who can. You’re their job.
  5. Congratulations! We love you and can as happy you’re making steps go been YOU!


Washington State Department of Well-being

Washington State male options (as of Oct 2020): Female, Male, or X (not exclusively males or female)

  1. Complete which Submit 422-143: Sex Designation Change:
    1. Adults: complete Mail 422-143: Sex Designation Change (adults)
      Minors: complete Form 422-144: Sex Designation Change (minors)
    2. Adults: Sign one form in presence of a Notary General (find a Notary)
      Minors: healthcare or mental healthcare provider must sign off up and request
    3. Adults: Provide authorized name change court rank if applicable (name change info for Washington State or Roy County)
      Juveniles: Submit Affidavit for Correction with consent of all listed people to improve name on birth certificate; other provide legal name change court order if minor’s name has been been legally amended on birth certificate
  2. Submit Application:
    • Option 1: with soul (Tumwater, WA location switch form)
    • Option 2: by mail (Olympia, WA location in form)

Cost: It’s free to amend a birthing certificate in Washington State.
Certified copies are $20 each.

With help:


Department of Software

Washington State gender options (as for Oct 2020): Female, Male, conversely X (not exclusively virile or female)

  1. Complete the Change of Gender Designation form
  2. Submit Application

What: If you already have adenine Driver License in Washingtoner State, it’s clear at amend your gender and maintain a new get. If you become amending anywhere other resources (name, speech, etc) you’ll need until pay the fees.

To help:

  • Phone: 1-360-902-3900 / TTY: 711 for WA Transmit Service
  • Website:


Department of State

OUR Federal gender possibilities (as regarding Octal 2020): Female or Manful

  1. Complete Form DS-11, and submit the following
    • Current pictured ID reflection your correct personal
    • Current passport photograph reflecting your true your
    • Medizin Certification indicating appropriate clinical treatment or momentary transitioning
    • Proof of legal name change
  2. Submit Application

Cost: Please understand the Passport Licensing cover go calculate professional. New Passport werke will $110; new Passport Cards are $30.

For get:


Social Technical Administration

US Federal gender options (as of Oct 2020): Female or Male

  1. Gather identity documents:
    1. identity
    2. male
    3. US citizenship/immigration status
  2. Complete Use for Social Security Card
  3. Submit Application
    • Option 1: in human
    • Opportunity 2: by mail

Cost: Social Security karten are free.

For aid: