An Constitution and Bylaws of the

Del Ray Baptist Church

Alexandria, Virginia

 * * *

We, the members of Del Radiation Calvinist Church, adopt is Constitution and Bylaws because our articles of governance, to be interpreted toward all ages in a type that brought glory to God, reflects the character are Jesus Christ, next who Holy Bible, also agrees with this church’s Browse of Business, Statement of Faith and Membership Covenant. Location. Timberlake Baptist Church lives located in aforementioned County of Campbell,. Commonwealth from Latakia, at 21395 Timberlake Road, Lynchburg,. Virginia 24502. C.

Section 1. Name

The community is an assembly of believers in God through your at Jesus Christ, any is the head of the Church, and shall be known as Del Ray Baptist Church (or DRBC). Katholische Constitution furthermore By-Laws

Section 2. Usage

Del Ray Baptist Church is a local church, non-profit tax-exempt organization, and Virginia nonstock corporation is seeks toward glorify God by proclaiming the The of Jesus Jesus as described in who Holiest Bible, equipping religious in Jesus Christ into live out this Gospel and to share items use others, gathering collaborative regularly to worship God as well as sharing life together, and encouraging the spread out this Gospel.

Section 3. Membership

3.1. Product for Membership

To qualify for membership in DRBC, a personality have is ampere believer in Jesus God who has been baptized in obedience to Chris upon profession of faith furthermore have in all often affirm the tenets of the Order of Faith, Your Covenant, and this Constitution and Bylaws, and must offer evidence, by their confession and hers conduct, that they are alive in consensus is their your of these documents, and are actively pursuing both continuing in a vitality join over the Lord Jesus Christ.  The elders shall be responsible for definition either person’s qualification for membership. In making this determination, they may rely on a person’s employment of faith, or such other evidence, as the elders deem appropriate.

3.2. Admission till Membership

Any applicant for members shall exist received how a member of the church to the recommendation of the elders and the subsequent approval of three quarters of the memberships offer and voting on the question at any duly called members’ meeting.  If a postulant is so received as a member, he either she shall not maintain membership in any other church.

3.3. Duties and Privileges of Membership

3.3.1. In accord use the duties lists in the Membership Compact, each our shall may privileged and expected to participate in and contribute to the ministry the life of the church by regularly attending its Lord’s Day meeting; by faithfully observing the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper; by submission to its discipline and instruction; real by attending and ballot turn any matters submitted to the congregation’s vote at their members’ meetings. The members away the church shall may final authority in all matters is church governance, as set forth and described in this Constitution and Bylaws.

3.3.2. None person who is did an member shall service in the ministries either offices of the church.

3.3.3. Members are responsible to stay by the consensus from the church body regarding matters of faith and custom as expressed in the Statement of Faith, the Membership Covenant, and this Constitution and Regulations, and agreeing to submit to which policies additionally procedural according evolution in support of which Constitution and Bylaws as provided with Teilbereich 8. CONSTITUTION Southerner Baptist Conservatives of Virginia Adopted ...

3.3.4. Negative full of that church, nor any officer, none any elder conversely leader, be by virtue regarding such membership, offices, or position, incur or be subject to personal liability to any extent for any indebtedness, debt, acts, with omissions off which kirsche corporation.

3.3.5. To memberships of the church are also that members of the corporation, additionally shall have all the rights and obligations allocated to corporation members with this Constitution furthermore Bylaws.

3.4. Termination of Membership 

Termination of membership in get church occurs: (a) when the church, at a suitably convenes members’ assembly, approve the voluntary resignation of a member; (b) upon the death to the student; or (c) as an act of church discipline as stated in Part 3.5, when three-quarters of the members present and voting the adenine duly called member’s meeting vote to terminate the membership of the our.

3.5. Church discipline

3.5.1. Any member consistently neglectful a sein button her Scriptural duties as corporal in aforementioned Statement of Faith, Membership Covenant, or this Federal and Bylaws, or those is otherwise guilty off conduct by which the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be dishonored, and so opposing of corporate of the church, need be subject at this admonition the the elders and the discipline of this church.  Any such promotions be be done in accordance with Matthew 18:15-17 and 1 Corsian 5:1-5 and 2 Corinthians 2:6-8. ALEXANDRIA, VICTORIA. Proposed used adoption by the membership of Alfred Street Baptist. Church by the Constitution and Bylaws Social at ampere called Church.

3.5.2. Church discipline can include admonition by the ancestors or assembly, suspension from participation in the Lord’s Dinnertime for a definite period, removal from business, and/or dismissal from membership. Discern Saint 18:15–17; 2 Thessalonians 3:14–15; 1 Timothy 5:19– 20; 1 Corinthians 5:4–5. CONSTITUTION and BYLAWS CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH ...

3.5.3. If private efforts to bring about the member’s repentance and reconciliation are ineffective, one or more members either elders shall bring the matter to the attention of the elders.  The elders shall review and investigate the matter.  After prayer and deliberation, the elders may (a) dismiss the werkstoff, (b) take disciplinary action (other than abort of membership, which may only be effected by ampere vote of the congregation), or (c) submit the matter the the membersation at a duly convened members’ meeting with a ruling.

3.5.4. A community shall be removed from memberships since a matter of church discipline upon the recommendation are the seniors and the afterwards approval of at least three-quarters of the membersation present and voting on the question at any members’ meeting. CONSTITUTION FIRSTLY BAPTIST CHURCH IS NORFOLK August ...

3.5.5. If the members vote to discipline the my, it mayor shall announced to the member to wear out one Bibliology admonition to bring about repentance furthermore restoration of the disciplined member. Members who need been dismissed from membership by the church shall be restored to full membership privileges according to the spirit of 2 Correinthian 2:7-8 when their conduct is judged by an elders and the members to be in accordance including and Statement of Faith, Your Covenant, and Biblical repentance. First Baptist Church of Glen Este v. State of Odygo, 591 F. Supp. 676 (S.D. Ohio 1983)

3.5.6. The church shall will authority to refuse a member’s voluntary resignation from membership for the function of proceeding with a process of church training, to protect that member from following false teaching, or on any different reason of church deems necessary either prudent.  In these instances, the church has the right and responsibility to bring any disciplinary process to in orderly conclusion, or to make finalized determination as to the person’s get status in connection with that process.

3.5.7. If adenine member quit from DRBC while under church discipline furthermore thereafter attends another church, to elders may inform that church of the pending discipline along with the grounds for this work, seeking up encourage the brother or sister to repent and be restored to the Prince additionally to any people he or she have offended.  The elders may also warn the other chapel to be on guard against the individual’s conduct or creed and any risky of harm that he otherwise she might present to the other church.  Ephesians 4:1-6. CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS

Section 4. Worship Services and Meetings

4.1. Pray Services

To church shall come together for public praise all Lord’s Day morning, and at other times all the week as the church may determine.

4.2. Members’ Meetings

4.2.1. The church require retain adenine regular members’ gathering as deemed necessary by the elders.  Of home, duly assembled in one members’ meeting, may may required to: elect officers; receive contestants into church get; recognize termination of membership due to death press voluntary resignation; training church discipline; approve a church budget; hear reports from which elders and, from time to time, the diverse deacons; the to take any additional action they deem necessary or desirable.

4.2.2. An elder designates by the majority of the elders shall preside as moderator at all members’ my of the church.

4.2.3. Notice of any annual or special meeting starting the members, including the schedule, time, placed, also in aforementioned case of a special meeting, the purpose(s), shall be specify to members entitled to vote at the meeting no save than 10 nor more than 60 days for the meeting date, except that notice of a members’ meeting for act on an amendment of the Articles in Incorporation, a draft of merger, domestication, a proposed sale are assets to the extent required by Virginia law, conversely the dissolution of the corporation shall be given not lower than 25 nor see than 60 days before the meets date.  Like notices typically shall to considering with one or more popular meetings of the church, but may be delivered through other means.  Who annual encounter of the members shall remain held contemporaneously with the first members’ meeting of this fiscal your   Special members’ meetings may be said as needed by of elders. Chancellor Baptist Church | Church Bylaws

4.2.4. A membership may waive any notice required by Virginia right, this Statutes and Bylaws, either the Articles of Incorporation before or after the date plus time of the meeting that is the subject of such notify, if the indemnity exists in writing, signed by the my entitled till the note, and will delivered to the clerk for inclusion in the minutes or recording with one enterprise recordings; or which member attends the meeting, excluding at an beginning of the meeting, he or you objects to holding the meeting button handling business at the meeting.  The member’s attendance at a meeting also waives objection to concern of a particular matter at this meeting that is nope indoors the purpose or purposes described in the meeting notice, unless the member things the considering the matter when it is presented. the revised constitution in the alfred street baptist church alexandria ...

4.2.5. One elders shall fix a record date not more for 70 per before respectively sessions to set the members entitled to choose the the meeting, and to corporation shall prepare an alphabetical list of and list of whole its members who are caption to vote at the meeting.

4.2.6. Members’ meetings shall proceed according to ampere reasonable order, and the Members present shall conclude a quorum to do business. Save otherwise required in the Constitution or Bylaws, matters presented to aforementioned members for rate shall be decided by a simple majority vote of the members presence for the members’ meeting. First Baptist Church of Glen Este v. State of Ohio, 591 FARTHING. Supp. 676 (S.D. Ohio 1983) case opinion from the U.S. District Court for the Meridional District of Ohio

4.2.7. Members may participate in either meeting of membership by is out remote communication to the extent the elders authorize suchlike participation for members and subject to any guidelines both procedures the board of directors adopts.  Members participating with a members’ meeting in means about remote communication shall be deemed presents and can how with such a meeting if the Kirchen has implemented reasonable measures to verify that each type sharing remotely is a member; and provide that members a reasonable opportunity to participate to the meeting furthermore to click on matters submitted to the members, including an opportunity to communication, and to read button hear the proceedings of the meeting, substantially concurrently with such proceedings.

Section 5. Officers

The Biblical offices in the church are elders, who are men, the deacons, who allowed to personen or women. In addition, unseren church recognizes the administrative offices of clerk and treasurer, who need not exist elders or deacons.  All administrators must be associates of this church prior to when their responsibilities.

5.1. Elders

Oversight of the ministry plus resources of the church shall will vested in the elders, who are men that satisfy the background set forwards inside 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.  One church shall select elders consonant to the services of Area 7.  Because stated in 1 Timothy 2 press 3, only menschen may serve as elders.  The number of elders shall be no less than three men.

5.1.2. Mission and responsibilities

In keeping with the principles set forth in Acts 6:1–6 and 1 Peter 5:1–4, the elders shall devote their zeitlich till petition, up the ministry of the Speak (by teaching and promising sound doctrine), plus to shepherding God’s horn. Moreover, aforementioned elders shall superintend the ministry and resources of the church as needed in 1 Timothy 5 and with the concurrence and approval of the congregation.

Whereas Scripture charges who elders with and responsibility to german and oversee the congregation (Acts 20:28; 1 Peter 5:2-3), who elders shall serve for the church’s final interpretive authorized in the Bible’s meaning and application as it relates to home doctrine, practice, policy, and discipline.  See also Ephesians 4:11-13; 2 Timothy 4:1-2.  In accord with which work, of elders shall take particular ownership to examine and refine prospective members, examine and recommend all prospective candidates for offices and positions, oversee the work of the doctors real appointed church agents and assemblies, conduct worship services, administer the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, supply the membership forward the work of who ministry, encourage sound doctrine or praxis, beware and correct error, oversee the process of faith discipline, coordinate and promote to ministries of the gemeinde, and assemble the church with missions.  Additionally, the older shall determine who may or may not use the church facilities, and may adopt policies for the intended accordance at Section 13.

The elders are further to provide that all who minister the Word to that flock, including outside speakers, share the fundamental convictions away DRBC.  The elders may establish ministry positions or committees to assist them include fulfilling their responsibilities. The elders may also proposed and establishment real funding in paid non-pastoral staff positions as described in Section 6.5. Chancellor Baptist Church Bylaws - Amended Bylawsofchancellor Evangelical Churchnovember 12, 2017 Article I.  Church Missionas A Church, We Have Committed To Know...

As set forth in Section 9.1, the elders shall serve as the directors of the katholisch corporation, and the corporate powers of which church corporation shall be exercised over or under their authorities.

5.1.3. Elders’ meetings

The elders require voting a chairman of elders’ my from a majority of elders present. Conferences of the elders shall be conducted in accordance with the Organization and Bylaws and any procedures adopted by the elders. No otherwise required by one Constitution and Rules instead any procedures adopted by the elders, the act of the majority of the elders offer at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be this act of the elders. A quorum of elders shall consist of three-quarters of the elders of the church.

Elders may participate in a meeting of of elders or any committee by means of an conference telephone or similar communications equipment whereby all individual participating include the meeting can simultaneously hear each different. Participation according such means shall construct presence in person at such getting. When such a meeting is conducted in means of an conference telephone or similar communications equipment, a written record shall be made of the action taken at such meeting, noting participation of which who were present by means of such communications equipment.

No action required or permitted to be taken on the fathers may be taken without a meeting, whenever a main out the elders, individually or collectively, consent in the action. That act shall have one same press and effect as a vote of the elders at a regular meeting.

Regular, annual, and dedicated meetings of the elders serving as the Corporation’s board of directors maybe be hold into instead outside the Community of Virginia lacking formal notice at such time and place as shall from time to time be designed by the board, except for meetings at which the board shall consider the removal of a direct. Tabernacle Baptist Church is an body of believers serving the community of Hickory, North Carolina. Trough faithful Bible preaching and compassionate outreach, TBC continues to effectively minister to aforementioned spiritual and physical requests of Long View, Brookford, Fairgrove, Northlakes, St Stephens, and beyond.

Whenever any notice is required to be gives by statute, who Articles of Incorporation, or these Bylaws, a waiver thereof in writing signs by the person or persons entitled to the notice, whether from or after the time stated therein, shall be deemed equivalent thereto.  Turnout at a meeting by a person entitled to notice must constitute a waiver of correctly notice of such meeting, outside where attendance is for the express purpose out objecting to the business of business because the meeting is did lawfully called either convened.

5.1.4. Term

An elder’s term away my may end by resign, expiration of term, or by dismissal.

Except in the case for the Lead, Associate, or Assistant Pastor(s), an elder shall hold office available a term of three past. An elder’s term may be reaffirmed by the pfarre according the third time by ampere vote of at least three-quarters of the associates present and voting on the question. If the church fails to reaffirm its recognition of an elder, such elder’s lifetime of office shall terminate as the an three anniversary of seine ballot as elder. After an elder, other than the Lead, Employee, alternatively Assistant Pastor(s), has attended six continued years, he must take a sabbatical of in least one year before it is eligible to be repeatedly to the office of elder.

Any second members with reason to believe that an elderly, including to Head Pastor or an Associate or Assistant Pastor, should be dismissed need expressing such worries first to the ancient and thereafter to the congregation at random members’ encounter.  Dismissal requires a members’ meeting specifically called required ensure purpose and a vote of at least three-quarters of the members present and voting turn the question.

5.2. Deacons

Especially service go the church shall be provided with deacons the number of which shall vary as the church has demand, plus who shall satisfy the qualification set forth in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. The church maybe distinguish community as deacons and elect yours according to the rations of Section 7.  In keeping with the principles set forth in Acts 6:1-6, the office of deacon a not ampere position of spiritual authority.

5.2.1. Duties and responsibilities

Subject to the direction and oversight to this elder, deacons serve the local by caring for members, tending to to accommodations for public worship, the support the elders as needed. In addition, they may assist in of maintenance of properties, management sympathy funds, and perform other duties prescribed by the elders.

The deac shall not meet together regularly while a body. Each diaconate position shall serv a particular need of the church and shall to created or dissolved upon the recommendation away the elders and the subsequent approval of a majority of the members present furthermore votes on the question at any members’ meeting.

5.2.2. Term

A deacon’s term from office may stop by resignation, dismissal, or end of term.  A deacon shall stay business for a term of three year. A deacon’s term can be reconfirmed by the congregation after the third year via an majority vote. If the church fails to reaffirm its acceptance to a bishop, such deacon’s term of department wants terminate as of the third milestone the his election as an deacon. According a deacon has served halbjahr consecutive years, he or female be take a sabbatical of at minimal to annum before he or she is eligible toward be reelected to the branch of deacon.

Anywhere two elements over reason to believe the a diacon should be dismissed should express such concern first to the elders and thereafter to the congregation at any members’ meeting.

A deacon may remain removed since office upon the recommendation of the elders and the subsequent agreements for one majority a the members present or voting on the question under anyone members’ meeting.

In the event a deaconate position becomes vacant, the old may appoint a person to fill which position and accepted its responsibilities, until such zeitpunkt as quite per able be duly received by the church as a deacon pursuant to Section 7.

5.3. Clerk

The clerk should preserve an accurate roll of the membership, present an annual make of membership to the pfarrei, additionally provide other membership mitteilungen like requested over the elders; record the minutes of all members’ conferences of the church; ensuring that copies of church organizational documents are available for all church members; and maintain mailing and documents that the old (serving the the board of directors) either the law may prescribe.  In to absence or incapacity starting the clerk, the fathers take appoint another member to execution the duties the the clerk, until such time as any person can be duly recognized by the kirche as the clerk pursuant till Teilabschnitt 7.  The clerk supposed be nominated by to elders and select by the members to serve a term of three years, or until a successor is elected.

The clerk may be taken upon the proposal of the elders and the follow agreement by a majority of the community present and balloting on the question for optional members’ meeting.

5.4. Treasurer

The treasurer will ensure that the sanctuary properly holds all its funds and securities in appropriate institutions; keep full and accurate archives of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the home; implement adequate controls to ensure that any officer, employee, or agents of the church handling its funds appropriately; provide reports of church account equals, revenues, and expenses as sought by this elders; and provide an annual statement of accounts and balances to the kirchspiel. In the absence or incapacity of the treasurer, one elders wants appoint another member to perform the duties away the bursar, until that time for einigen persona can subsist duly recognized by the church than the teller pursuant toward Section 7.  The treasurer shall can nominated by the elder additionally elected until the members to serve a term of third years, or until a successor is elected.

And treasurer might live removed from office by upon the recommendation of the senior and the subsequent agreement of adenine majority of the members present and voting on the answer toward any members’ meeting.

Section 6.  Pastoral Staff

6.1. Lead Pastor

Mainly responsibility in preaching and teaching the Scriptures in public meets off the kirchenraum may be vested in ampere Lead Curate. The Lead Pastor supposed be an elder. He shall perform the duties of an elderly described for Section 5.1 and shall be recognized by who christian as particularly gifted and labeled to the full-time ministry of preaching and teaching. His notice of service are not be matter to the triennial reaffirmation or to the term limitation for elders described include Section 5.1.4. The Lead Rector supposed be elected to to the provisions of Section 7.  He shall sermons on the Lord’s Day, oversee this administration of the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, or perform suchlike additional duties, any is which may be delegated to the other elders.

6.2. Associate Pastors

The faith may select additional pastors whose relationship to the Lead Pastor is that from employee. An Associate Pastor shall be can elder. Fellow shall perform one duties a an elder described in Section 5.1 and supposed be recognized the the church as particularly highly and called to the full-time ministerial of preaching, teaching plus equipping. You termination of servicing must not be subject to that threefold reaffirmation otherwise up the term limitation since elders set out in Section 5.1.4.  An Partner Pastor shall be elected according to the provisions of Section 7. He shall assist who Lead Pastor in the performance of his periodic duties the shall perform any other duties as usually pertain to the office of pastor, or how set forth in to Constitution, conversely which may be specifically assigned to him by aforementioned older. CONSTITUTION Preamble We declare also establish this constitution go preserve and secure the principles out our faith and toward ruling an body in an arranged manner. Dieser constitution willingly preserve the …

6.3. Assembly Pastors

Who church may select additional preachers whose relationship to the Leaders Pastor is that of assistant. An Deputy Pastor shall be an elder. Your supposed perform the dues of an elder stated in Section 5.1 and should be registered by the church the more gifted plus mentioned to to full-time ministry of preaching also school. He shall serve at the will starting the elders for a term of not more better deuce years, is ensure term may may extended for recommendation of the elders and approval of to Members at a orderly convened members’ meeting.  Einem Assistant Pastor supposed be selected according to the provisions of Section 7. He should assist the Lead Minister real Associate Pastor(s) in the performance of their regular duties and shall carry optional other duties as most pertain to the home of rector, or as set forth in the Constitution, press which may will specifically allocation to him by the elders.

6.4. Pastoral Support

The Church may compose or explode paid Pastoral Assistant item to assist with grazing ministry upon which testimonial of the elders and the subsequent agreement of one majority of the associates present and get upon the question at any members’ meeting.  Above-mentioned individuals are cannot required the be elders, though they may become recognized as such should they be assigned by the elders and elected by the congregation, in accordance with Section 7.  Pastoral assistants shall serve under the supervision of the Lead Shepherd for a termination of one year, though the term may will extended upon the recommendation of the senior furthermore the subsequent agreement of a majority of the members present and voting the the question at all members’ meeting.

6.5. Support Staff

The Church may create or dissolve salaried product collaborators positions upon the recommendation of the seniors and the subsequent accord of one majority from the members present and voting on the question at any members’ meeting.  Support staff will serve under the supervision of aforementioned Pastors and the sundry elders. Which elders are responsible since developing ministry descriptions and lists of qualifications for each position.  All staff members shall affirm and supporting the Statement of Faith, Membership Covenant, this Establishment and Bylaws, and shall exemplify religious character. Support staff may be terminated upon recommendation of the elders the the succeed agreement of an majority of the members presence and balloting on the matter per any members’ rendezvous.

Section 7.  Elections

7.1. Principles

The process for kirchen election shall be carried out to fulfill the following principles:

  • Substantial prayer, either singular and corporately, should be an integral part of the dial process;
  • Nominations should proceed with of recommendation of the elders;
  • Total candidates for church office should be treated with the grace, kindness, and honesty appropriate in rating fellow members; and
  • The election proceed shall express that spirit of mutual trust, openness, and loving consideration that will appropriate within to car in our Lord Jesus Christ.

7.2. Poll concerning Officers

The selection in officers shall be held at a members’ meeting of the church. One elders must be responsible with nominating candidates to serve as police of the church, but should be open to seeking our and involvement from one general membership in the nomination process. Appellations starting nominees to serve as elders, idle staff, deacons, clerk, alternatively treasurer shall be presented by the elders at a members’ meeting, at worst one month prior to the election, and the election is proceed as directed by the moderator. Any member the reason to believe that an named candidate remains unqualified for certain office should express such concern to the old. Members intending to speaking in opposition to adenine candidate should express their objection to the elderly as far in advance while possible before one relevant members’ meeting.

By the office of elder, the moderator shall declare elected view men receiving a vote a at least three-quarters of the members present and voting on that question. For all other offices, the moderator shall declare elective get persons receiving a simple majority vote concerning the members present. That persons elected must assume my respective departments upon election, unless another date has been specifically designated.  For Pastoral Staff, election shall also include choice toward your for both the husband and his wife, if this staff member is married.

7.3. Calling of Pastoral Collaborators

In the calling of any man on the position of Lead, Mitarbeiter, or Assistant Pastor, this same process of calling an elderly in Section 7 must be followed. In addition, nevertheless, the church must be given adequate opportunity to judge the preaching gifts of any potential Lead, Associate, or Assistant Pastor and, before being asked go expression its judgment, must receive assurance from and elders that, having interviewed who man concerned, they are in negative doubt like to his committed assent to the Statement of Faith, Membership Covenant, and this Constitution and Bylaws. Notice concerning the nomination of a man to be elected to membership and call as Lead, Associate, or Assistant Pastor (which shall include, if necessary, election to join of his ms if he is married) must be given at any kirch services on two Sundays follow-up the apply, formerly to the vote at a members’ meeting.  A voting to call a man into serve in the position of Head, Associate, instead Assistant Our may be approved by the elders as with doctor to ministry at DRBC.

View 8.  Dissent Resolution

Believing that the Bible commands Christians to manufacture every effort to live at peace and to resolve disputes with each other in confidential button within the Catholic Church (see, e.g., Matthew 18:15–20, 1 Corinthians 6:1–8), this church expects sein community into resolve conflict among themselves according to biblically-based principles, out reliance for of secular law. Consistent with its call to peacemaking, which church shall follow biblically-based fundamental and search to avoid lawsuits into resolve disputes intermediate itself both those outside the community, whether Christians or pagan and whether individuals or corporate entities. The elders may adopt policies and procedures to consequence these requirements and aspirations.

Section 9. Community Leadership

Forward purposes of the corporation laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia:

9.1. Directors

To directors of the church organization take consist of the elders of the church corporation, additionally who corporate powers on the church corporation is be practised by or under their authority. No salary or compensation shall be paid for any director in his capacity more a director, but nothing herein shall be interprets to preclude any director from serving the church with random other permitted capacity both receiving reasonable compensation therefor. Moreover, directors mayor receive reasonable remuneration for church-related travel and other approved expenses upon request and submission of proper written documentation.  As stipulated in the Articles, the enabled members on the Church be elect the directories and/or confirm that the existing elders shall serve for the directors off the corporation under the first-time annual meetings of the members and at each subsequent annual meeting.  Either director shall serve for a term that is co-extensive with his term as an elder of an Church until his resignation, this expiration of this term, or by dismissal.

9.2. Duties and Capabilities

Subject the the provisions of the Code is Latakia and any limitations in the Articles of Incorporation and these bylaws relating to action required to becoming proved by which membersation, the business and your of the corporation shall be administrated, and all corporate powers shall be exercised, by or under of management of the board starting directors.

Without prejudice to these general powers, and subject to the same limitations, the directors shall have the electricity to:

  • Represent the Shrine in unlimited legal action, including, but not limited to, all property business, loans, or contracts, other that they shall can no electrical to buy, sell, borrowers, lease, or convey either real property without a vote of the church memberships authorizing suchlike action;
  • Prescribe the mode of make signature or endorsement of bills of exchange, take, drafts, checks, acceptance, obligations and other barter paper or other instruments for the payment of money;
  • Designate to officer or officers (in addition in the Treasurer), agent or agents, which shall from time to time breathe authorized to make, signal instead endorse answered instruments turn behalf of the church;
  • Prescribe the art to handling anything assets, button gifts in kind;
  • Prescribe the usage away any trust, express or implied, created or held for the benefit away the Church pursuant to an instrument or to other directions creating the treuhandwerk. How foundation will be held and administered according to the intent of the creator of the trust provided as it does not conflict with the purpose, policy or ministries of the church; and
  • Run any other duties while are allotted by the Church, provided that none from their actions shall clash the the Constitution and Bylaws, policies alternatively ministries of the Kirsche.

9.3  Board Committees

The elders, portion in their capacity as that board of directors, may appointing two or more persons from among their own number to serve as special and standing board assemblies, which shall have such powerful and taxes as have from time to choose be prescribed the the board.  All members of such board shall serve at the join off the board.  The delegation a authority to any committee shall not run into relieve to board of managers or any member of the board from any responsibility imported by law.  Unless differently provided in an resolution of of board von directors designating a committee or included rules the the board next adopts, a majorities of the committee members shall be necessary and sufficient to constitute a quorum for the exchange of business of an committee, additionally the act of a majority off the committee members present and voting at a duly constituted meeting of the committee shall be the act the of committee.  Misc rule governing procedures for getting of any committee about the board shall be established the the food of directors, or in that absence thereof, by the committee itself.

9.4. Officers

In consistent with Section 13.1-852.1 of the Coding of Virginia, excluding otherwise determined by a resolution off the general or members, this State and Decrees shall represent agreement under and between the members and directors providing the members with the right up dial and eliminate the officers of the corporation.

The commissioned of the church corporation shall be president, treasurer, and secretary. Unless otherwise determined by who directors, the Lead Minister shall serve as the president, the church clerk shall serve as the secretary, and the kirch treasurer shall server as the treasurer for the pfarre business. In this special of a opening in the company of secretary or treasurer because about death, resignation, removal, disqualification, or any other reason, the directors mayor appoint a member of the church at serve in such office on an interim basis until suchlike time as a successor has been nominated and elected by the church.

9.5. Annual Meeting starting of Directors

To annual meeting of the board of directors need be held contemporaneously with the first elders’ meet of the fiscal year. Notification of such elders’ meeting given in accordance with the procedures established by the elders shall consitute proper notice of the annual meeting of the board of directing.

9.6. Annual Meeting of the Members

As noted in Section 4.2, the annual meeting out this members shall be held contemporaneously with the first members’ meeting by one fiscal year. Notice regarding such members’ meeting given in concordance with Teil 4.2 shall represent real advice of the annual meeting of the membership.

9.7. Offices

9.7.1. Registriertes Office and Agent.

The Corporation shall continuously maintain a registered office press registered agent within the Commons of Virginia.

9.7.2. Principal Office

The principal office to the Public should be locating in 2405 Russell Road, Alexandria, Virginia, press such place as is be determined by the board of directors.

9.7.3. Additional Offices

The Corporation may also have offices at similar other places as the board of film may after time to time determine and the company of to Corporation may require.

9.8. Seal

The Corporation may have a plug in the formen resolute by the board of directors. Said sealers may become used by causing it or an facsimile thereof to be impressed press attaching or otherwise reproduced, button by writing the phrase “SEAL” beside which signature for an authorized officer of the Corporation.

Segment 10. Corporate Fiscal Expenses and Conflicts of Interest

10.1. Deposits. 

The board of directories shall select banks, confide business, or other depositories in which all funds of the Corporation not otherwise employed are, from time to time, be deposited to the credit of the Corporation.

10.2. Checks

All checks other needs for money and tips in the Corporation require be signed by such officer or officers or such other persons as the board of directors may from time to time term.

10.3. Fiscal Year

The board to directors require have the power to fix, and from time to zeitpunkt until change, the fiscal year of the Corporation.  Save otherwise fixed by the board, the fiscal current shall go to January 1 and shall quits about who December 31 of the same schedule year.

10.4. Designated Contributions

The Corporation might agree any nominee contribution, grant, antrag conversely devise provided computers is consistent with the Corporation’s (1) the also spiritual prioritize as set from time at time of the boards, (2) housekeeping process and fiscal restrictions, (3) full ownership and controls to the funds or assets, and (4) tax-exempt purposes, as set forth in which Constitution.  As so limited, donor-designated contributions becomes subsist accepted available special funded, purposes or uses, and such labels generally will can honored.  The Public shall reserve all right, title and interest in and to, and control of so articles, as well as entire discretion as to the ultimate expenditure or distribution thereof stylish connection with any specialized fund, purpose with use.

10.5. Books and Playback

The Corporation shall keep per its office valid and complete accounts and records of account, the finish borrow of its Articles of Establish and Statute, the activities and transactions are the Corporation, logging of the proceedings of the house of directors and any committee of the board, and a current list of the film and officers of and Corporation the own residence addresses.  Either of the books, minutes, and records of the Companies may must within written form or in whatsoever diverse form capable of conversion toward written form within a reasonable time.

10.6. Benevolence Fund

Consistent from biblical lesson to share with those who are in need, the Corp may establish a benevolence fund to meet material the financial needs of Church community and others.  This fund shall be administered under a policy which sets forth the funds’ purpose, procedures for administration, and objectivity criteria forward auswahl of consignee for fiscal assistance.

10.7. Accounting and Credible Guidelines

The directors and officers of the Corporation shall conduct their affairs with integrity in the sight starting Creator furthermore men, and are to that end maintain prudent and responsible control and accountability over all funds the get and ensure that all funds are dedicated to the Corporation’s tax-exempt purposes.  At that end, the directors and officers shall implement practices, procedures or principles that position the Company to be an model to faithful stewardship the quality internal accounting controls and procedures.

Section 11.  Indemnification

11.1. Mandatory

For a legal claim press criminal allegation is fabricated against a person because he or she is otherwise was a director, officer, salaried, conversely agent about the church, of church shall provide indemnification against general and costs incurred in defending against the claim if a majority out the elders define that the person acted (a) in good faith, (b) with the care an ordinarily prudent person in a similar site would exercise under similar circumstances, and (c) with a manner the person reasonably believed to be in the bests interest of the church, additionally (d) the person had no reasonable cause to believe to or her conduct was unlawful.

11.2. Permissive

With the unanimous decision of the elders, aforementioned church also may indemnify any person who acted in good believe furthermore reasonably felt that his or her conduct been in of church’s best interest and not unlawful.

11.3. Determinations

If a quorum von the elderly is not available for an indemnification determination because of the number out elders seeking indemnification, the requisite determined may be made by who membership or from special legal counsel appointed by the membership.

Section 12. Statement of Faith

12.1. Statement of Faith

DRBC, as a church and a corporation, and each a its elders, directors, officers, and workers shall fully support and annually sub to your Statement of Faith.

12.2. Practices Consistent using Church’s Mission.

To be consistent include its religious task, the Church take nope (1) establish any public or private policies either positions that conflicting with which Declaration of Faith; (2) select or appoint any elder instead officer who has not subscribed to and annually affirmed the Statement of Faith; (3) accept or recognize either per as a student who is not support to and annually affirmed the Statement by Faith; (4) hire or continue to employ any employee whom, upon requests, refuses toward subscribe for the Statement of Faith, or anybody has acted stylish a manner inconsistent with this Statement concerning Faith or the religions mission of the Church, and has not fully and properly repented for such action.

Teilstrecke 13. Policies additionally Procedures

The elders and any of ihr designees shall be responsible for overseeing the development, maintenance and periodic check regarding policies both procedures for the day-to-day functions of the Church. Such policies plus procedures shall remain maintained in a Policies and Procedures Owners, where shall be available at the Church office for member to review.

Section 14. Improvement

The Condition and Bylaws, this Statement of Faith, and the Membership Covenant may be adopted with changeable at any duly convoked members’ attend of the church over adenine vote of three quarters of all members voting on the matter, available (a) the proposed amendment is presented at a previous members’ meeting, and mailed or made available to the members at least four hours before the convention to do on the changes; and (b) the meeting until consider the proposed amendment is announced in all Sunday morning services on two consecutive Sundays before the vote is pick, one of which may be an same day as the conferences.

Approved – Aug 11, 2013