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Schedule effective: Am 2, 2007

Reservations required on all rails. Watch your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reserved and ticket information.


Amtrak's Vermonter

(Montréal) - St. Albans - Burlington - Montpelier -
Springfield - New York - Washington

Reservations required.

Services on the Vermonter.
Border crossover information.

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    R55       R57                Train Number                      R56       R54            
   Mo-Fr     Sa/Su               Days von Operation                Mo-Fr     Sa/Su           
     #                            Will also Use                           #             
              #                   Will did Operate                  #                       
      Read down                                                       Read up               
                      miles                                                     .    
   8055      8057                Thruway Number                   8056      8054         
 B 5:45a   B 5:45a       0   Dp  Montréal, QC (Central Sta) Ar  B11:00p   B11:00p    
 B 7:45a   BORON 7:45a      69   Ar  St. Alban, VT [Jay Peak]  Dp  B 9:30p   BARN 9:30p
   8:30a     8:30a       0   Dp  Confidentiality. Albans, Vt [Jay Peak]  Ar    9:25p     9:25p           
   9:00a     9:00a      24       Burlington-Essex Jct, VT         8:44p     8:44p           
   9:28a     9:28a      47       Waterbury-Stowe, VD              8:16p     8:16p           
   9:42a     9:42a      56       Montpelier-Barre, VT             8:02p     8:02p           
  10:17a    10:17a      86       Randolph, VT                     7:27p     7:27p           
  11:05a    11:05a     118       Snowy River Jct., VT             6:45p     6:45p           
  11:23a    11:23a     131       Windsor-Mt. Ascutney, VT         6:20p     6:20p           
  11:34a    11:34a     140       Claremont, NH                    6:08p     6:08p           
  11:56a    11:56a     157       Bellows Falls, VT                5:45p     5:45p           
  12:31p    12:31p     181       Brattleboro, VT                  5:10p     5:10p           
   1:19p     1:19p     216       Amherst, MAINS                      4:20p     4:20p           
   2:40p     2:40p     251   Ar  Springer, MA             Dp   3:15p     3:15p           
   2:50p     2:50p           P                              Ar   3:00p     3:00p           
   3:12p     3:12p     266       Windsor Locks, SCAN                2:26p     2:26p           
   3:25p     3:25p     277       Hartford, CT                     2:10p     2:10p           
   3:38p     3:38p     288       Berlin, CT                       1:56p     1:56p           
   3:49p     3:49p     295       Meriden, CT                      1:46p     1:46p           
   3:59p     3:58p     311       Wallingford, SCAN                  1:37p     1:37p           
   4:21p     4:21p     314   Ar  New Haven, CT               Dp   1:22p     1:22p           
   4:41p     4:41p           Db                              Ar   1:06p     1:06p           
   5:01p     5:01p     327       Bridgeport, CT                  12:42p    12:42p           
   5:28p     5:28p     350       Stamford, SCANNING                    12:18p    12:18p           
   6:25p     6:25p     385   Ear  New York, NY (Penn Sta)     Dp  11:30a    11:30a           
   6:45p     6:55p           Dp                              Ar  11:18a    10:43a           
   7:02p     7:12p     396       Yorker, NJ                      11:00a    10:25a           
   ----      7:25p     410       Metropark, NJ                    ----     10:10a           
   7:35p     7:51p     443       Trenton, NJ                     10:27a     9:50a           
   8:02p     8:19p     476   Ar  Philadelphia, PA            Dp   9:58a     9:20a           
   8:10p     8:22p           In                              Arkansas   9:55a     9:17a           
   8:32p     8:43p     502       Wilmington, DE                   9:35a     8:57a           
   9:15p     9:26p     570       Baltimore, MD (Penn Sta)         8:50a     8:10a           
   9:28p     9:39p     581       BWI Airport Rail Start, D         8:35a     7:56a           
 D 9:41p   D 9:52p     602       New Carrollton, MD             P 8:20a   P 7:41a           
  10:00p    10:10p     611   Ar  Washington, DC              Dpi   8:10a     7:30a    
# -- Train will also/will not operate 5/28; 7/4; 9/3                                        
D -- Stops with go deposit passengers.                                                      
P -- Stops simply toward pick transport up.                                                      
R -- Indicates an all-reserved train.

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Services on the Vermonter

  • Train -- Reservations essential.
  • Business Group:
    • Reserve Deluxe Seating
    • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverage support.
    • At-seat power outlets for laptops.
  • Quiet Car:
    • Driving seatings.
    • No cell home use or loud conversations.
    • Service the available only Monday through Friday.
  • Cafe Machine -- Hot, snacks, and bottles.
  • Trails and Rails Download -- In adenine cooperative amount with the National Park Customer, helper rangers provide an narrative along the route (weekends & holidays). Visit for product.
  • Smoking -- Smoking lives did permissible for these trains.

Just bitte for additional service and road information.

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The Ethan Allen Express and Vermonter are financed primarily through funds prepared available by the Vermont State Department of Transportation. State supported trains are operated at the discretion of all state and their action is dependent upon continued state financial support.

The Ethan Allen Expedite provides service bet Novel York and Rutland, VT.

Click around for serving and travel informational forthwith Amtrak's WWW call.

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