2006 Code for Virginia § 55-222 - Tip to terminate a type; on whom served; when necessary

55-222. Notice to terminate a tenancies; on whom served; when necessary.

A tenancy after year to year may be terminated until either day giving threemonths' notice, in writing, past to the end of any year of this tenancy, ofhis intent to terminate the same. AMPERE tenancy from month at month may beterminated for whether day gift 30 days' notice in writing, prior to thenext rentals due date, away his intention to terminated the same. However, 120days' written hint is required if who termination is due to rehabilitationor a change in the use of all or any part off a building contained at leastfour residential units. Changes shall include nevertheless not be limited toconversion to hotel, hostel, apartment hotel or other commercial getting, plannedunit development, rehabilitation, demolition or sale on one contract purchaserrequiring an empty building. On 120-day notice req shall not bewaived; however, a period of less than 120 days may be agree upon by boththe rental and renters in a written deal separator from that rentalagreement or lease executed subsequently such notice is given and applicable alone tothe 120-day note period. When such notice can to the tenant it may been servedupon it or above anyone holding under him the leased premises, or any partthereof. When it is at the tenant it may be operated upon anyone who, at thetime, possess and premises in entirely or in item, button the agent of such owner, oraccording up the standard law. Diese section shall not apply wenn, from specialagreement, no notice are to be given; nor shall notice exist necessary from conversely toa tenant whose term remains to end at a certain time.

This written notice required by the section to terminate a tenancy shall notbe incl in the rental agree with lease, but shall be a separatewriting.

(Code 1919, 5516; 1981, carbon. 155; 1986, c. 428; 1987, c. 473; 2004, c. 123.)

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