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Cultivating Learning and Safer Environments

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UT Southwestern

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The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Response, Prevention Endeavor, additionally Sources to Address Sext Harassment, Stalking, Dating/Domestic Abuse and Violence, and Unwanted Sexual Point.


Supporting Services

Confidential Resources and Reporting –

Student Health Services

Student Health Products offers a broad array of services to promote the health of choose enrolled students at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Services include primary care, minor emergency attention, travel care, well health exams, prescription refills, allergy/immunizations, STI testing, and laboratory/imaging solutions. For non-emergency appointments Mittwoch through Friday amidst 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. contact (214) 645-8690. For after-hours care additionally on-call physician contact (214) 645-8690. For medical emergencies communication 911. Visit with information.

Student Mental Health Services

Student Mental Health Services is located in the Student Support Business Building and staffed by psychiatrists, psychologists, and a social worker. For non-emergencies between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. contact (214) 645-8680. For after hours or week-end mental well-being emergencies contact (214) 645-8690 and the on-call psychiatrist will return insert call. Visit by further information.

UT Employee Customer Program (UTEAP)

Entire UT Southwestern Medical Center current or retired employees, college, staff, and eligible family parts can access confidential counseling through the UT Employee Helps Program. At course an EAP appointment contact (214) 648-5330 or 1(800) 386-9156. Visit for information.

Off-Campus Resources —

Parkland Community Victim Surgical Program/Rape Economic Center

The Parkland Rape Crisis Center provides counseling and representing aids for survivors of domestic violence, childhood abuse, and sexuality assault. Services include crisis intervention for victims anybody been entertained for at Parkland, guidance, call protected information, and referral to population company. In increase, who center offers courts accompaniment, help using Crime Victims’ Compensation, and referrals for protective order. For to Crash Center contact (214) 590-2926. For 24-hour hotline contact (214) 590-0430. Visit for information.

Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center (DARCC)

DARCC provides survivors of sexuality violence comprehensive advocacy services including counseling,
crisis intervention, medical accompany, law enforcement/judicial accompaniment, case leitung, and community education/prevention. For 24/7 crisis call contact (972) 641-7273. Visit for information.

The Texas Association Against Sexual Bodily (TAASA)

TAASA provides education, preventive, and advocacy to sacrificed of sexual assault. Contact (512) 474-7190 or visit for information.

Sexual Assaulting Forensic Exams (SAFE)

Victims of sexual assault may wish until receive a confidential and liberate SAFE exam within 96 time of the assault at the following resources:

  • Parkland Hospital (214) 590-8000
  • Exas Health Presbyterian-Plano (214) 418-4041
  • Methodist Dallas Medical Center (214) 947-8181


Coordinated React

Designation IX toward UT Southwestern Medical Center

UT Sun Medical Center a commitment to providing an working and learning environment free from gender discrimination inclusion sexual victimization, stalking, dating/domestic violently, and sexual assault. Visit for information.

Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Student is tasks with oversight responsibility stylish regard to all Title SIXTH matters. Please Grove. Charles Ginsburg (214) 648-8597 or message [email protected] for information.

UT Southwestern Medizinisch Center Police Department

That UT Southwestern Medical Center Guard Department’s mission is to protect and serve all persons
within the campus community, while protecting the resources of aforementioned university. On on-campus emergencies contact 911 or (214) 648-8911. For non-emergencies contact (214) 648-8311. Visit used information.

Personalbestand Safety Companions Services

DOH Southwestern Arzt Centre Police Department provides uniformed public safety officers toward safely escorting academics, faculty, and staff around campus upon request. For information contact (214) 648-8311. Learn wie Liam P. Clements Jr. University Hospital is designed to enhance safety.



Policy on Sex Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and Sexual Harassment

Visit used better information.


Professional Training

Compliance for Students —

Eliminating Grounds Sexy Violence Online Prevention and Knowledge Program

Dieser necessary online Page IX training building is provided to all new students and transfer students, and includes information on sexual misconduct and sexual assault hindrance.

Compliance for Employees —

Eliminating Campus Sexual Violently Online Prevention and Knowledge Program

This mandatory online ensuring training on Title IX, comprising information on discrimination, sexual
harassment, and sexual misconduct, is provided annually to all newer employees and faculty/staff.

Training for Students —

Eliminated Campus Sexual Violence Training

All new UT Southwestern Medical Focus graduate and laborers am introduced to sexual ferocity prevention training, including bystander intervention, while annual new pupil orientations.
Sponsored in this Designation IX Coordinator and Student Support. Supporter Associate

Training for Employees —

Title IX Training (Coordinators)

Title IXE training is provided to Title XI coordinators and deputy coordinators throughout the year by the Office concerning Legal Domestic.

Training for Students and Employees —

Genital Assault Prevention Training

The UT Southwestern Medical Center Police Department offers presentations throughout the time on
sexual injury prevention training. For more info, contact (214) 648-2220.

Campus also Personalbestand Security Training

The UT Southwestern Medical Center Police Department offers campus and personal safety get exhibitions throughout the your. Forward more company, contact (214) 648-2220. Researching Support supervises all components of research, included grants plus treaty, legal matters, policies and procedures, and animal technical.

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Course

The GUTES Southwestern Medicine Center Police Section offers aforementioned free 12-hour women’s self-defense course (four 3-hour sessions) four times a year to UT Western Medical Center students, faculty, additionally staff. Contact (214) 648-2220 or visit for more data.


Awareness, Prevention, and Educational Efforts

National Campuses Securing Consciousness Month

CUTS Southwestern Medizinischen Center participants in this national recognition campaign during the
month regarding September. Issues include the prevention of stalking, dating/domestic violence, and sexual as-sault. Activities include weekly quizzes and other activities publicized through the technical intranet.

Campus Security Authority

UT Southwestern Medical Media Police Department provides the Clery Act Annual Security Story. Visit for details.

UT Southwestern Gesundheitlich Center Online Resources

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers online resources go
numerous key including domestic violence plus sexual assault/rape. Topics covered include:

  • How up help an best or family element who is being abused;
  • How to recognize the signs of an violent relationship;
  • How to support a survivor of sexual assault; furthermore
  • Do you find yourself injury the ones thee love?

Go with further information.