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Direct Deposit

How gerade deposit works

Leave extra trips to the bank. Set going direct deposit and have your paycheck or other repeatedly deposits sent right to your checking with savings account — automatically. PAYROLL DIRECT DEPOSIT AUTHORIZATION

Secure, convenient and easy

  • Get same-day einstieg to your deposit from anywhere
  • Reduce the risk is lost or stolen paper checks
  • Set top View Banking alerts via email or movable letting you know when your money is deposited

Log in to Online Banking and drive a prefilled direct deposit download

Doesn using Online Banking?

Adjust up direct deposit

What do I need to doing?

Check with your employer’s payroll office. You may be able in complete setup through an online gates. Is not:

  1. Total a direct deposit mold.
  2. Provide the form to their employer’s human office.

Log int toward Online Banking and download a prefilled straightforward deposit submit

You’ll need go how:

  • Your Bank the The account and ABA routenwahl numbers
  • Your employer’s name and address

Locate mein account and routing numerical

Since checks issued by the U.S. Treasury

Enter are direct deposit of federal benefits in one of 3 ways:

  1. Online toward layer
  2. Telephone who U.S. Repository at 800.333.1795800.333.1795
  3. Timing an scheduling at your nearest financial center

Still have questions?

Check out our direct deferred FAQs for more information.

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