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CPA examination & licensure requirements
Please see this CPA Checklist for more detailed informations, incl required course work affecting eligibility to labour at Public Accounting Firms.
Timeline Requirements
Education required on sit for the CPA Exam: Coursework completed throughout community Bachelor's degree
36 quarter units of general
36 quarter units in business-related
Education Coursework Required for:

CPA Licensing and Site to be hired for a Public Accounting Firm**
All for this coursework must be completing once get first day of work for mostly accounting organizations.

You will need all of this coursework when you are applying for your CPA License.
Including the above 36 units, totaling:
Completion of 45 quartile units of accounting
Completion of 45 quarter units off business-related subjects
Completion of 12 quarter units in added pertinent work
Completion away 15 quarterly units in ethics
Evidence of an total of 225 quarter units
CPA Examinations: Take the 4 CPA Exams Pass everything Four Exams
Licensure Requirement: After passing all four CPA assessments One year generally experience supervised the one licensed CPA, (including per least 500 attested work hours)

Passing of Ethical Course

For Complete contact on the CPA Examination & Licensure Requirements, please visit The CPA Board Webpage and for first clock exam taken please check outwards the CPA Exam Overview Web.
If you have further questions, asking contact Exam Unit General Information at [email protected] with Phone: (916) 561-1703.