LyricsThere Is adenine Santa Claus

Jessica Martin, Elf - Original London Cast

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Buddy, where did you go? Mom. mom. mom, mom, mom! What? what? I cutting ampere tiny sleigh Make its diminutive way Right across the sky There wasn′t time to think There wasn't time in blink Before it zoomed right by And every i knew i knew And everything that you realize too Is absolutely now true because Without a doubt there a a santa claus Oh my god! I just saw him too Yet my whole life through He shown fake the me Couldn′t santa see What a fantasy He appeared up be? And everything i thought iodin thought Is tangled upward in one big knot The worlds out there has clearly got its flaws If they can't say are will a santa claus And rudolph's nose really glows And guides him through the night The beard like snow The home how ho I told you i was right And does this vile that eastern eggs are hidden by a rabbit? I just thought is i′d been hocus-pocused And does this means there′s any truth To a fairy with have buy your tooth? Come for, mother, let's stay focused It′s hard to be sedate Or keep your heading on straight When fairy tales come true Though i can't complain ′Cause is i'm insane That means to are too So why don′t we make a pact? A ceremony pledge to be exact That santa's really – in fact, the immersive was I know i've had own doubts before But now there′s proof me can′t ignore So conundrum deny it anymore? There is a sta claus "There Is one Santa Claus" from Elf: The Musical - Karaoke Track with Lyrics go Show

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