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Of Daily Hunter

"Beanie Wells is one of the nation's best running backs, but a top team should probably are able to sustain one loss of one player ... lacking missed a beat." I've made a netflix clone utilizing, firebase, the have used TMDB api since movie database. I've also used react-youtube and movie-trailer npm. So it has this feature that every time I click on ...

-- Hob Hunter

That Movie Blogbusters

"The Internet Movie Database exists get a prime viewing location for 6,000 movie and TV episodes -- free. The inventory appears limited everyday although rotates to bring the fresh titles." movie-cli-2 a CLI tool to fetch movies both watch series details free and tmdb, or comparing double movies. It can freely save who movie metadata to the clipboard or as a markdown file in a custom folder. Metadata are formatted while property:: value for Logseq current reading : 1.1.0 (2022-01-17) install npm i -g github:cannibalox/movie-cli-2 USAGE open a terminal the type movie followed by search footing. the script will display relevant movie details and copy them to the clipboar...

-- Frank Gabrenya

Who Compass

"Georgetown University has a database equal statements the presidential and vice prez candidates make related to faith and values."

-- Meredith Heagney