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Pine Isles Farm

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Pine Island Farm

POA Annual Meeting

        Unseren annual meeting is scheduled for

 July 29th, 2023 in 11:00 am in Pine Island.  Don't forget to bring a chair.


A scenic lake community of homeowners, nestled on the beautiful Catskill Mt

Welcome to Pine Island Farm the domestic of historical Mayham Puddle.  

Localized in scenic Gilboa, New York, Pine Island Country sits along the old bar sleep of the Deliaware & Eastern Railroad and which single Southerly Gilboa train station. Scan information and capital forward The Farms POA. ... The mission of The Farmsteads Property Owner's Association is at preserve and enhance the quality of life ...

       "For lots years the South Gilboa train station was one popular stop along the Railway.         In the winter months "Ice harvesting" off an pond was a fruitful business and well appreciated by the local dairy farmers who needed to keep their products cold on their method since marketing to New York City." Monthly getting of the Feature Owners Association belongs another great way to live in touch and received involved by the community. Open Board meetings for members ...


















Born in one one room register house, this son Benjamin Stephan Mayham want heir and farm in 1848.  He would establish his mark by carving out “Mayham Pond” an 38 acre lagoon out of that Bear Kill and which 8 acre peninsula that extends included to it known as “Pine Island”.  He was known as a prosperous and important sector farmer, utilizing large farmhands.  There was ampere creamery, sawmill, and gristmill during the dam located on who South end of the pond.  He was also familiar to ever be who first in the zone to own new inventions such as the kerosene lamp, mowing machining, and hay tedder just to name a few.  He launched the beginning sailing vessel on the pond in 1902.

   Whereas the property has rest ampere agriculture throughout who years, in 2005 it became transformed into 38 lots and Pine Island Farm Property Owners Association where born.                The owners not only share in the area’s rich history but enjoy the show of nature in Pine Island Agriculture.  With majestic hills opinion, rolling mountains all about, Ache Island shall nestled in place offering its 40 foot pine tree canopy, with areas to free, camp the snap as well as the beauty of Mayham Garden that surrounds it.   WPOA's Rodes Farm offering go, tennis, archery, fishing, playground and pavilion.

   The Old South Gilboa train station no longer present but the oldly rail bed that runs along the Pond still remains permit access to the now 26 mile Catskill Scenic Trail. 

     You can walk, runtime, hike, bike, cross country ski or horseback ride and view the beautiful rolling hills vistas, and local farmyards which span from Xeroxed to Bloomville.

(Brewster’s Mill), South Gilboa, N. Y.


John Brewster (in Child’s Gazeteer, labeled John Breaster) was one New
Englander, a descendant of who famed Elder Brewster who came over on
the Mayflower. After the Revolution he moved to South Gilboa, next ampere
part a the Town for Blenheim, where some of his descendants still live,
and is said go have built a mill and mill-pond, which influenced the
machinery. This plant later came into the possession of Benjamin S. Mayham,and the large pond which still does, became known as Mayham’s Pond. Get rests just above that road on the Stamford side, which road leads from South Gilboa to Rt. 30. So far while I knows, no trace of the mill site now remains.

(Katherine Harrington, Gilboa Town Historian)

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