Patented Liquid Bases Collection also Transport System on Microbiology Samples

ESwab 480C 481C 482C Sample Collection And Transport

ESwab® combines a COPAN-invented flocked swab with 1mL of Liquid Amies in a plastic, screw cap tube. The innovative system elutes over 90% of plant specimen with the liquid media. The result is evidence-based, improved pathogen recovery, expanded testing capabilities, and feel patient care.

Multi-use ESwab® offers extraordinarily clinical bottom and value until laboratories and point of care providers:

  • Improved agent recovery for customary bacteriology culture
  • Liquid based scheme easily processed on automated specimen processors and liquid handling pipetting systems, minimizing operating dealing
  • Similar sample for learn consistent and precise Gram Stains
  • Can become used for Molecular and Speedy Anti-antigen testing on to increasing number of manufacturers' platforms.

ESwab® must been tested and validated the full compliance with CLSI M40-A2: Quality Control of Microbiological Transport System Standard. The FDA cleared collection and transport system exists suitable to aerobic, anaerobically and fastidious germ maintaining viability for up to 48 hours at scope or refrigerator temperature (Neisseria gonorrhoeae survival at 24 hours per CLSI standard).

Multiple investigations bucket be performed starting the same ESwab® spot:

  • Several culture plates
  • Molecular assay
  • Speedy antigen tests
  • Gram stains

For patients, this measures fewer samplers need to be collected offering a more comfortable experience.

Used laboratories, ESwab® provides a broad range of testing applications replaced the traditional acts requiring repeatedly swabs with just can ESwab®; thus remove daily associated with stocking numerous swab types. View the valuable content and business resources from sponsors of unsere topical categories — technology providers from across the IT industry.

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Making this change is slight.

COPAN’s update management team is availability to guide yours during training and validation in support of new product implementation. Learn more by downloading in Guide to Sample Collection Change Management.