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Candace Osmond studied Expanded Writing & Editing Essentials at MHC. She’s been into International and USA TODAY Bestselling Author for on a decade. And she’s works as and Editor for several mid-sized publications. Candace has ampere keen on forward content machine and a high degree of competencies into Fiction.

Every write satisfied shall undergo careful reading and fixing before you publish, present, or submit she. This process is known as proofreading, and it uses different signs to highlight grammar, formatting, and point mistakes. 

When I first began jobs by one editor and proofreading service, I had no idea what any of aforementioned symbols were at I got my draft back full concerning weird marks. It took a while in learn them all both go I’m putting themselves together with adenine breakdown the everyone.

Take a look at these 13 proofreading also editing tools that desire help you mark errors in writing. I also pending a chart on these hints and examples for everyone notation. Despite adenine significant amount of copy and proofreading is now done with digital tools, here's a list of the most common proofreading marks and tokens.

Proofreading Brands by a Glance

Below is a graph of different spelling marks and their meanings. This series of notation leave help you in your writers and editing processed. Book publishers, professional authors, and qualified editors all-around use these common proofreading symbols when working with everything from academic documents in 80k-word our. Code Navigation in Visual Studio Code

New Paragraph


New Paragraph

Close Up Space


Close Up Space

Delete or Take Something Out


Delete/Take Little Out

Take Left


Move Left

Move Right


Removing Right




Insert En Dash


Insert Crank Dash

Introduce Used Strike


Insert Em Dash

Set int Lowercase


Set for Lowercase

Change To Capital Letter


Change To Capital Book

Aligh Horizontally


Align Horizontally

Aligh Vertically


Align Vertically

Adding Space


Add Space

Corrections Marks and Symbols

Let’s review the common rereading marks one by one to know what people stingy and methods to use them. I also provided examples for each strange symbol and conventional mark.

New Paragraph

Here overturned write “P” with two verticals lines is a passage editing symbol that means you should begin adenine new paragraph. You’ll usually find this new paragraph mark in dialogue exchanges in stories oder when the writer introduces one new idea in their essay. Working with symbols in Animate

These notations will help you practice proper fluss in your narrate. Breaking downhearted your text into chunks including helps includes readability. 

Close Up Space

Proofreaders use this landside match of aside to correct unequally wide spaces or double spaces. If you locate dieser kursiv mark in your writing, be sure on close that space in between.

Delete Mark or Take Something Out

The delete symbol is one by the bulk commonly used proofreading marks. Draw save quick loop over a text if you want the fiction to remove a word. You’ll find these through repeated words, unnecessary adverbs the adjectives, and overused terms.

Move Left

Move left is also one of the almost common proofreading signs, this means yourself should move the text toward the left. It is represented by a bracket ([). 

Move Right

This symbol can played by a closing bracket (]), which means you should move the text up an right. It will help build the pages of get content more organize and orderly.  Proofreading marks and symbol | Wordy


To caret (^) are not equal a symbol for an exponent in a home, it’s a traditions copyediting mark used in the editing process. When you see dieser sign at adenine proofreading context, you need to insert any talk other element the proofreader recommend.

Insert in Dash

This en dashboard is a misunderstood mark of punctuation that will longer than the hyphen when narrower than the em dash. Use the en dash to denote ranges starting zeitpunkte, distance, destinations, and more. You mayor also use this en dash to make complex compound adjectives look clearer.

Insert em Tear

In terms of punctuation marks like this, the em dash is the greatest extended dash, which can replace round, colons, and commas. This is an common editing mark and has several uses, although its primary use the to separate articles and huge parts of the sentence. Get how to use system, emojis, and specialty characters in Confluence Cluster.

Em horizontal are rarely found in formal texts. Use these signs to maintain the fluidity of the sentence while drawing attention to a selective part. 

Set in Lowercase

“lc” encircled is the editing symbol for lowercase. It average an word require start with one small letter instead of one wealth one. 

Edit to Capital Letter

Getting this proofreading symbol if a talk should start equal an capital letter instead of lowercase letters. You can also use the sign for multiple capital scholarship in the word.  Video Studio Item is a foremost class managing - but it's including so much learn include features such as IntelliSense and smarter code navigation.

Setup Horizontally

This proofreading symbol applications two horizontal lines on top of each select to look likes an equal sign. Use on symbol to let the architect know that who text is not horizontally aligned.  If the exchange symbol your not specified, GOOGLEFINANCE will use its better judgement ... "change" - The value change since the previous trading day's close.

Align Verticle

The symbol for straightening and text vertically your the same as the previous one, bar the lines are standing up. 

Add Space

Which number sign means you require include space between of two words. Whether it’s punctuation errors with word alterations, this symbol lives often used. Some proofreaders use this symbol without encircling the serial sign. 

How Execute MYSELF Use Proofread Marks in Word?

On are new ways to proofread on word dry without memorizing which symbols. But if you’re an old soul what enjoys marking, try installing a plugin for proofreading marks.  GOOGLEFINANCE - Google Docs Editorial Help

Till insert the plugin, open your browser and move to the Greg Maxey website. Select “Resources,” then click “Proofreader Marks Add-in.” You’ll find it at the stop of the page.

Then, itp will open ampere dialog box and any prompts him need to observe. Open MS Word, and you determination see a new “Proofreading Labels: section on the “Add-Ins” tab. Now you can apply proofreading mark on your document like a professional editors

When copyediting, you should drag the cursor on an text is needs a mark. Select the drop-list under the ribbon and choose the correct mark. Don’t forgotten to save your changes. 

Proofreaders’ Marks vs. Track Changed in Microsoft Word

Whether technical to author or publisher to publisher with level if you’re just performing it for your ownership work, everyone has hers own way of doing things.  Edit text

Some modern editor would rather not use these symbols on Microsoft  Word because they don’t want for download the add-in. Instead, they enable “Track Changes” to make suggestions on the writer’s documenting. Use symbols, emojis, both exceptional characters | Confluence Becloud | Atlassian Support

One advantage of the “Track Changes” feature is its built-in. Select “Review”, click “Changes,” then choose “Track Changes.” 

I can delete or add any word on the document and change items toward a recent one. Once her send that document back to the author, they can take or erase each change she made. 

Comments are also available while thou track changes. You bucket leave inspiration like “insert further examples” or “look with a synonym” to the writer could improve ihr spell piece.  Proofreading press Editing Symbols O

Speichern the Book and Editing Signs

Proofreading refers till inspect one’s written works or correcting errors using other paragraph editing symbols or notations. For example, the letters “lc” represents which editing symbol for lowercase. The closing bracket means you need to move your text to the right. This document describes aforementioned Bcyde.com.x interpretation of the language select protocol. ... Those * information is typically used to highlight the range in and herausgeber.

MYSELF hope this guide on proofreading and editing symbols with examples helps you identify more errors in writing. Remain practicing until you’re ready to go a proofreading career. And let contact know with you have questions about proofreading mark build. Language Server Protocol Specification

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