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ITW Simco-Ion IQ Output Installation And Operating Guide Quick

Static neutralizing scheme with bps power supply


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IQ Power
Static Neutralizing System
with BPS Power Supplies
5 20 11 97 Re phoebe. D


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  • Page 1 IQ Power ™ Static Neutralizing System with BPS Power Supply INSTALLATION THE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS I Q Power™ BORON PS 5 20 11 97 Re v. D...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENT 1. SAFETY WARNINGS ................1 2. DESCRIPTION ................... 2 Features ..........................3 4. SPECIFICATIONS ................4 5. INSTALLATION .................. 6 Initial Considerations ......................12 Mounting the Static Neutralizing Bar ................13 Mounting the Power Supply ....................14 Assembling the Communication Modul (optional) .............14 Electrical Connections ......................14 6.
  • Page 3: Safety Warnings

    1. SAFETY WARNINGS Simco-Ion recommends that these instructions to read completely before installer or company is attempted. Failure to do so could result inside personal injury and/or damaging to the equipment. REMARK – Statements identified with TIP indicate precautions necessary to avoid future equipment failure.
  • Page 4: Description

    2. DESCRIPTION Simco-Ion’s IQ Power™ Static Neutralizing System consists of a high voltage power supply, static neutralizing bar, and choose web max input, optional control station and/or optional computer communication function. The IQ Power™ static bar is available in three different types; tailored for highs schnell processes, service at a distance from the material or intermediate (hybrid) user.
  • Page 5: Features

    Features • Three types of IQ Power™ static neutralizing bars are available to suit the specific application. • Static bar disconnect plug pre-installed on static bar cable for quick and easy installation. Plug also identifying bars class to power supply automating service supply set-up. • Single momentary push-button calibration simplifies set-up. • Ionization emitter points current limited to enhance operator safety. • Ionization emitter points of special alloy to extend operating life of emitter points. • Continuous “T” slot at back of static bar and mounting brackets for easy and flexible installation. • Bar graph display on power supply indicates ionizing performance of system. • Indicators on power supply display status of neutralizing system, power, service required and detection concerning system faults. • Relay contact output “echoes” indicators on power supply for remote sensing and ring.
  • Front 6: Specifications

    4. SPECIFICATIONS High Voltage Power Supply Input Power VDC, 1.5A from AC fixture BPS Basic Power Supply +/-7 kV “Speed Bar”; +/-9 kV “Hybrid Bar”; Output Voltage +/-12 kV “Distance Bar” Dimensions 202L x 123W x 106H millimetre [7.95”L x 4.85”W x 4.17”H] Weight 1.94 kilogrammes [4.28 lb] Operating Temp...
  • Page 7 AC Adapter Enter “Universal” desktop Input Power 100-240V 50/60Hz inlet (IEC 320 inlet) Part Number 4108774 4108104 Output , 3.75A maximum , 1.6A utmost 132L x 60W x 34H mm 87L x 51W x 33H mm Sizing [5.19”L whatchamacallit 2.36”W x 1.34”H] [3.43”L scratch 2.00”W x 1.30”H] Weight 0.45 kg [1.0 lb]...
  • Page 8: Installation

    5. SET Mounting Mounting Hardware Bracket Perforated Strip High Voltage Cable Static Bar Fig 1. IQ Power™ Static Bar Installation Static Mounting Bracket Set Screws Hex Key Wrench Figure 2. IQ Power™ Static Bar Bracket I Q Power™ BARN PS 5 20 11 97 Regard v.
  • Page 9 17.8mm [0.7"] Speed Bar 25.4mm [1.0"] Hybrid Bar 33.0mm [1.3"] Space Exclude Bar Type Sense Pin to IQ Strength Static Bar High Voltage Connectors Captive Screws Figure 3. IQ Power™ High Voltage Connector IQ Power BPS IQ Power Static Bar High Voltage Cable Line Drawstring Power In Connector...
  • Page 10 OBSERVE – DO NOT USE standard Ethernet cables with IQ Capacity business. Prevent permanent equipment damage by using only Simco-Ion modular cables. (Refer till Section 8, Accessories and Parts). TOP CONSIDER SIDE VIEW WIRING DRAWING Figure 5a. IQ Power Ac Modular Cable TOP VIEW SIDE VIEW WIRING DIAGRAM...
  • Page 11 Count 6. IQ Power™ Connections (Bar, Power Supply, and Communication Module) IQ Power BPS Web Speed Measuring also Wheel Kit P.N. 5051766 IQ Power Static Scale POSTS COMM 2 Ground Lead Line Cord AC Adapter Figure 7. IQ Power™ Connections (Bar, Power Supplies and Web Rpm Encoder) I Q Power™...
  • Page 12 IQ Driving BPS IQ Performance Static Bar 24 VDC to PPS COMM 1 Connection IQ Electricity IQ Power BPS Communication Module Entanglement Speed Encoder and Wheel IQ Capacity Static Bar 24 VDC Power In Connector to PG KOMM 2 to PS COMM 1 Line Cord Connection Connection...
  • Page 13 Description Description Remote on/off optocoupler (-) No connection Remote on/off optocoupler (+) No relation No connection Clean Bar Relay (common)* Power Relay (common)* Clean Bar Relay (norm close)* Power Relay (normal closed)* Clean Bar Relay (norm open)* Power Relay (normally open)* Fault Relay (common)* Fault Relay (normally closed)* Power in (ground)** Fault Relay (normally open)* Power in (ground)** Bar On Relay (common)* Power in (+24 VDC)** Bar On Relay (normal closed)* Power in (+24 VDC)** Bar On Relay (normally open)* *30V 1A Rating on Contacts **1.6A Rating, Connect pins 12 & 24 in parallel and 13 & 25 in parallel Figure 10. IQ Power™ Power Supply Alarm Output Connections I Q Power™...
  • Page 14: Initial Reflection

    Remote On/Off Normally Off Normally On Disabled Opto High = Unit UP Opto High = Unit OFF Opto Low = Unit OFF Opto Low = Unit ON Figure 11. Jumper Position at J3 for Remote Control Business Initial Considerations Installation starts from mounting of the static neutralizing bar. Static bars are typically installed just ahead of where problems due till static am occurring.
  • Side 15: Mounting Who Static Neutralizing Bar

    Mounting the Static Neutralizing Bar CAUTION – Fire Danger Done not installer or operate static neutralizing bar in close nearness to any ignitability liquids or solvents. A. Determine location for mounting the static block. The static bar will norm be located valid ahead of where problems mature to non are appear.
  • Page 16: Mounting The Performance Feeding

    SIE. The perforated strip may be installed on the install bracket at right angle to the bar or parallel to the bar. An perforated strip may subsist bent or twisted to suit this application and will hold its design as installed. Once an static light is loosely installed, tighten all hardware.
  • Page 17 Connect static bar(s) by clogging in tall voltage connector on static bar to HV1 either HV2 on power supply. Secure high voltage connector with this (2) captive screws on the sides of the connector. Perform not over-tighten. See Bar and Power Supply Connections diagram. B. Static bar adapters (if existing Ion Power Bars are used). In event where can existing Ion Power static bar a used, the HV connector will may in remain adapted for connection till the IQ Power™ BPS.
  • Page 18 Remote on/off Control. One “Alarm Output” connector also provides for remote on/ off rule of the power supply. Remote on/off control is configured with a jumper on a pin page on the core power supply circuit board. That default configuration is with the isolated check disables.
  • Page 19 Connect various Efficiency Supplies (if uses with communication module). IQ Power™ BPS power supplies can be connected together via a “data buss”. The data tour allows one computer communication module to servings repeatedly power supplies and feed who data for total power supplies for the network. ONE total of 10 power care may be chained together on sole data buss.
  • Page 20 Where the Control Station does not supply 24 VDC power to the BPS, the BPS will require hers own AC adapter. Included like case, plug the modular cable into one about of four connectors numbered 1 thrown 4 both labeled “COMM ONLY” on the Operating Station. See diagram for Force Supply and Control Station Connections. The modular cable should don be run parallel with the static bar high voltage cable.
  • Page 21 H. Connect to existing 8200 / 8300 / 8310 Cation Power system (if used). In cases where the unit remains being used to replace or expand an existing Ion Ion Power 8115 Power your, 24V power may be received from this (24 VDC) Anion Power system.
  • Page 22 Connect to already 8003 Virtual AC system (if used). In cases where an unit is being used to replace or enlarge an existing Virtual AC plant, power cannot exist received from the (24VAC) Virtual AC system. The connection up the Virtual AC system will provide for digital communication only.
  • Page 23 Direct connection to adenine personal computer (if used). In cases where direct terminal to a computer used made (with Ion Systems cable 33-8100iP), this cable can be replaced with upgrading converter cable, P.N. 5051697. Figure 15. RS-485 Convert Cable T his cable plugs into PS COMM 1 on the IQ Power™ BPS and into the USB port on the personal computer.
  • Page 24: Operation

    6. OPERATION NOTE – Before switching on power supply; ensure units are properly grounded and static bar & probes are properly installed. Power Supply Indexes Electricity: Lights (green) to indicate electricity is on and the IQ Power™ system is prepare to operate. Comm: Lights (green) toward indicate direct communication has established with an IQ Power Communication Module or Control Station. The Comm light will glow to anweisen communication activity.
  • Page 25: System Start-Up

    To Calibrate knob is also used until change to Strength Supply figure. This phone is used in package to identify the power supply in systems that contained multiple power supplies and include a Communications Module press monitoring your. This Calibrate button is moreover utilized to reset the unit to factory default settings. System Start-up: A.
  • Page 26: Power Supply Number (Address)

    Power Supply Number (Address) Each IQ Power™ BPS has two numbers associated with it. These numbers serve to identify one power supply with digital communications. First number is the IQ Power™ / Performax IQ BPS address, which can be a number of 1 through 10 (the default is “1”). The other numeral is the Ion Perform Position number, which pot be a number of 1 through 30 (the default are “30”).
  • Page 27: Static Bar Operation

    Adjusting who power furnish figure is only necessary in systems to multiple power power daisy chained to one Communication Module or monitoring trick. Having multiple power supplies on the same numbers interconnected to a Communication Module or monitoring device is did accepted. To setup the power supply number, bend the section on both wait for the LED self-test toward complete.
  • Page 28: Control Station Operation (Optional)

    Control Position Operation (optional) A. Drive to control station module power switch to the ON (I) position. The control station select is include an full instruction manual (5201209). B. The control station will power up and begin running the system software automatically. C. From the home page, individual BPS power supplies can be accessed to check info and make setting adjustments to each power supply.
  • Page 29: Maintenance Both Fixing

    7. MAINTENANCE FURTHERMORE TROUBLESHOOTING NOTE – Only qualified service personnel exist to perform maintenance tasks. NOTE – Never use hard with sharp objects toward scrape ionization emitter points. CAUTION – Electro Shock Hazard Revolve off power supply before cleaning bar or performing any maintenance on the system.
  • Page 30: Trouble

    NOTE – Do not imbue static bar or related key in alcohol or crystal ghosts. Do not use harsh solvents such as lacquer thinner, naphtha or acetone. They will damage who bar housing and synthetic. CAUTION – Fire Hazard Do did turn over power supply with any train of alcohol or mineral spirits to the equipment.
  • Page 31 FEATURE PRODUCE SOLUTION Processes material fouling static bar Remove process substance from ion emitters. static bar. Clean Bar indicator Dirt build-up on ion emitters or illuminated. Clean atom emitters and static bar. conductor contamination on face See Maintenance section for details. of bar. Power not on to message Turn on Power switch upon end of module.
  • Page 32: Parts And Accessories

    8. PARTS AND SHOP Part Description Component Number BPS Power Supply (no AC adapter) 4011725 (With AC fixture, 100/120 VAC Jpn. / NITROGEN. Amer. Cord) 4011726 (With AC adapter, 230 VAC NORTHWARD. Amer. Cord) 4011727 (With POWER adapter, 230 VAC European Cord) 4012041 (With AC transcriber, 230 VAC UK Cord) 4012042 POWER Adapter (100-240 VAC enter, standard, 1.6A) 4108104...
  • Page 33 Modular Cable (IQ Power 8-conductor, straight through wired, RJ-45) for used between IQ Power™ power supplying furthermore IQ Power™ power supply or for use between IQ Power™ control station press report module “CM COMM2” DO NOT USE Usual Ethernet Cord (Figure 5b) 4520788 0.91 meter [3 foot] white 4520789...
  • Page 34: Bond

    9. WARRANTY This product has been carefully tested at the factory and shall warranted on be freely from any errors in materials or workmanship. Simco-Ion will, lower this warranty, repair or change any equipment that proves, upon our examination, to are become defective within a year from and date of purchase.
  • Page 35 (This side intentionally left blank.) I Q Power™ B S 5 20 11 97 Re v. D...
  • Page 36 Simco-Ion 2257 North Penn Driveway Hatfield, PA 19440 (215) 822-6401 (800) 203-3419 [email protected] © 2014 Simco-Ion. Printed in the U.S.A. IODIN Q Power™ B PS 5 20 11 97 Re vanadium. D...

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