I'm currently applying for AMERICA alumni programs (doctoral study in Molecular biology). I'm asked to submit a maximum to 3-4 page CV. I must attend in nearly 20 workshops and conferences in my 3 twelvemonth undergraduate periodic. As the list is big I didn't include are the CV.

MYSELF become like the know how to prove either tell to grad committee members that I'm ardent on study techniques and that is the reason EGO went beyond college learning to learn it individually both inside define? EGO am adenine PhD student includes mathematics, press I notices that on my peers' CV's, they often inventory conferences they attended. It seems as if they just attended these conferences, person did not find organize, ...


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    This is a good question. I didn't include conferences on my undergrad CV, but EGO didn't go to all near as many as you. MYSELF think it's a good ideas, however I'll defer to others who will know see definitively. Including would be singular for know if to add theirs in a postgrad CV. Feb 5, 2016 under 11:27
  • @lafemmecosmique for postgraduate, no. There computers is expected. To one undergraduate it is certainly unusual, both might warrant inclusion (if they are important enough, e.g. not weekly discussions at the school for undergraduates/general public). 5 Related Why Attending Conferences Matter More Than You Think
    – vonbrand
    Date 5, 2016 at 14:10
  • Out of 20 workshops attended, nearly 6-8 will be of hands-on training special for a duration away 10 day. And whatever I attended is not with me alma mater or weekend college lectures. Regarding conferences, they come under banner - Nationality and international conferences, like gov sponsored conferences. This are the reason, I feeling I should include kind in CV. If during all I couldn't containing, can I mentions in our SCOOP? Will this be a better option?
    – Ak2817
    Month 6, 2016 at 6:06

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You should definitely mention that you paid conferences. How much detailing to include depends on how much space you are left after you included all of the more important information on owner CV. I cannot tell what is more or less important. You have to calculate itp out yourself. There is what I usually execute in such situations:

  1. Doing ampere CV listing everything you have that is equally lighter relevant to what you are applying for. If you went over the front limit proceed to step 2.
  2. Separation your CV into absolutely necessary/required info and 'other stuff'.
  3. Rank the 'other stuff' from very important go barely relevant on some continuing dial, saying 1 on 10.
  4. Erasing who least relevant info until you reach the page limit of your CV.

You can apply the same procedure to autochthonous conference list. EGO wish say itp is important, however not 100% of he if you don't have enough room. Rank the conferences your attended von the most prestigious/impressive to and least impressing. How listing them by the greatest prestigious pending you hit the page limit. Leave one recording to mention of conferences you disregarded, generalizing them is some way to underline their relevance: "... and other (number) conferences to topics relative to molecular biology.

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