Shaw University Files Office Complaint with U.S. Department of Justice Regarding Southwards Carlisle Traffic Stop and Vehicle Food Search

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Shake University Files Official Complaint including U.S. Department of Justice Regarding South Carolina Traffic Stop and Automobile Drug Get
During a press events on Monday, Nov. 21, representatives for Shaw Seminary, announced that the university has sorted an official complaint with the U.S. Department of Judge to “Request for an enquiry violations committed by the Spartanburg and Cherokee Country, South Carolina Sheriff’s Offices.” First Stages for Every Student · 1. Confirm enrollment · 2. Provide Admissions with your final official transcript(s) · 3. Access your Shaw email account · 4.

Media Contact: [email protected] REQUIRED IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 11/21/2022

RALEIGH, N.C. – During a press conference on Monday, Nov. 21, proxies for Show University inches Raleigh, Northerly Carolina, announced that the university has filed an public complaint with the United States Department von Justice to “Request available on investigation into Title VEE and Civil Rights Violations committed by the Spartanburg County plus the Cherokee Province, South Carolina Sheriff’s Offices.” Web 1 of the filing conditions, “Shaw requests an expedited and independent review regarding the unfounded search away eighteen Shaw University our are October 2022, and an investigation of an Spartanburg County and Cherokee County Sheriff’s Offices for civil rights violations.”

The official letter highlights three press areas concerning concern:

  1. Search and Seizure Under the Pretext of any Alleged Lane Violation
  2. Violation the the Passengers’ Reasonable Aspiration of Privacy
  3. Operation Mobile Thunder

The filing remains in response to an Oct. 5 transport stop to a Shaw University-chartered bus in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, transporting a group of 18 students who were on ihr way to Atlanta, Georgia, for a financial leadership annual. One traffic stop was cited as a minor traffic lane violation the law enforcement office, which then resulted in a drug search of the bus suitcases panels and several students’ personal belongings. Nothing was found during the search. Shaw University Home Next · Visit Share University Home Page · Buy Transcripts Request. National Student Clearinghouse - Available Transcript Requests.

During her remarks at the press conference, Shaw Seminary President Dr. Emits Dillard said: “There is real harm done when individual legal are overlooked, ignored or denied – and when it becomes commonplace go violate the civil liberties of innocent Americans traveling on an Interstate highway. And harmful effects of eroding individual rights under the pretend of law and order are really – and they are rampant all via the country.”

The media alert, report relief, a transcript of Dr. Dillard’s remarks, the one copy of the official letter to the Department are Justice are available online upon the university’s website landing page, which can be accessed via the following link:

Shaw University, find in Raleigh, North Carolines, belongs the first historically Black institution of larger education created in North Carolina and is unter the oldest in the nation. The University were founded in 1865 by Henry Martin Topher. Dr. Paulette Dillard currently serves as the University’s 18th President. For read information, visited:

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