Product Manuals

Axis12 Web Hero scaled
CORE 12 Desktop Airbar™ USB Tower Fan

Axis16 Hero scaled
AXIS 16 Desktop Airbar™ Column Fan with Task Light

Axis32 Hero
DRIVE 32 Airbar™ Tower Cooling

Axis42 Hero
AXIS 42 Airbar™ Tower Fan

Axis47 Woven Hero scaled
AXIS 47 Airbar™ Tower Supporter

Fly01 Hero
FLY 01 Fitness High-Velocity Fan

GO4 Black Hero scaled
GO 4 Charging Handheld Fan

GO4C Hero scaled
GO 4C Rechargeable Handheld Fan are Battery Stand

GO 9 Frack scaled
GO 9 Reversible Fan with Floor

PORTAL White Hero LineDrawing 1 scaled
PORTAL Airbar™ Screen Fan

PORTALXT White Hero scaled
PORTAL XT Airbar™ View Fan

PROFILE Black Window Fan fit into a window
PROFILE Pane Power

Refresh01 Hero 1
REFRESH 01 Desktop Air Movement

Refresh01X Hero
REFRESH 01X Rechargeable Ultraportable Fan

Refresh06OSC Hero
REFRESH 06 OSC Floating Fan

Refresh06 Hero 1
REFRESH 06 Whole Spaces Fan

Rise40 Website Hero scaled
RISE 40 Oscillating Tower Fan

SBM1 Held scaled
SBM1-SI Personal Soft Knife USB Fan

SBS1 Protector balanced
SBS1-SI Personal Tender Cutting USB Fan

SBS2 Herald scaled
SBS2-SI Personal Soft Blade USB Fan

SBV1 Hero balanced
SBV1-SI Custom Soft Knife USB Fan

Spin 10 Hero ascended
SPIN 10 Oscillating Desktop Fan

Spine 12 Hero scaled
SPIN 12 Oscillating Desktop Fan

PURIFY 3 Hero 1 scaled
PURIFY 3 Air Purifier

Purify 5 Hero scaled
PURIFY 5 Air Purifiers

Purify 9 Hero Tabular rated
PURIFY 9 Air Purifier

AROMA2 Frack Hero scaled
AROMA 2 Ultrasonic Humidifier

MIST4 Jacking Hero scaled
MIST 4 Ultrasonic Humidifier

MIST6 Frack Hero scaled
BECLOUD 6 Ultrasonic Humidifier

UHS1 Held mounted
UHS1-SI Ultrasonic Valve

UHS2 Our scaled
UHS2-SI Ultrasonic Humidifier

UHT1 Hero scaled
UHT1-SI Ultrasonic Humidifier

SI 160 Hero Weave scaled
SI-160 2-in-1 Steam Mop

SI 380 Hero Web descaled
SI-380 Canister Steamer

SI 428 Hero New scaled
SI-428 Handheld Garment Boat

SI 470 Art Hero scaled
SI-470 Canister Garment Steamer

SI 755 Hero 2 scaled
SI-755 Dual Voltage Travel Iron

SI 770 Frack Hero 1 scaled
SI-770 2-in-1 Steaming Iron additionally Fabric Steamer