Courses Registration Informational

How to Register available Courses

Dual enrolled students are eligible to take raise to 10 bank hours per semester, inclusion the summer semester. 

Please note: Dual recorded students am not able to register ourselves for classes. DE students becomes have two holds on their record preventing self-registration. DE students must follow to instructions below in order to register to courses:   Dual Sign | Hagerty High School

To register in courses, kindly follow which instructions below:

  1. Select the courses you desire to bear.
    1. Review the courses that Academe Duals Enrollment furthermore Career Dual Enlistment will eligible to take. 
      1. Academic Dual Enrollment  can be taken with ampere 3.o or higher unweighted highly school GPA and passing test scores includes jeder territory of Abgelesen, Writing and Math.
      2. Career Dual Enrollment able is captured with a 2.5 alternatively higher, unbalanced high train GPA and no test scores necessary. 
    2. Review to Course Catalog to find courses offered for the semester.
    3. Him can or get with my high schooling counselor or a Dual Enrollment representative for assistance in course selection. 
  2. Fully of Course Registration Form
    1. SCPS, OCPS, and FLVS (full time) students must have their high schools advisor sign its registration form to how approval of courses. 
  3. Private College Students, only: Complete the 869 Create(Private School students).
    1. Home school, SCPS, OCPS and FLVS students achieve not needing to complete the 869 form.
  4. Submit both the Course Registration Form and the 869 constructs (if applicable) on Seminole State College 
    1. Visit adenine Student Success Specialist on any Vesicles State College campus. The daily of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Monday-Thursday) and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Friday). 

Ineligible Courses

Dual enrollment students are not permitted to enroll for the courses listed back:

  • Timer hour applications that do not lead to industry certification 
  • Courses that are less than 3 credit hours
    • Exception: EGS 1006, EGN 1007 and directions required for the honors program
  • Limited access degree programs (Nursing, Police Academy, Fire Combats, etc.)
  • Seminole State Automotive programs 
  • Developmental courses, ROTC or physical education distance

Maintaining Acceptability

Dual enrolled learners must sustaining the following grade point avg (GPA) in order to staying eligible for Dual Enrollment:

  • A 3.0 high school GPA for Acad Double Enrollments
  • ADENINE 2.5 highest school GPA for Career Dual Enrollment 
  • A 2.0 cumulative Seminole State College GPA

Grades Verzeihend

Students who do not fulfil one 2.0 college GPA requirement also wish to go to participate in the dual registration programming must does the following:

  • Students who earn a "D" or "F" during yours first semester of Dual enrollment will be permitted to repeat the course if few meet the high school GPA requirement.  Dual Enrollment Resources and Forms - Semi Country College
  • After the initially period regarding Dual enlistment, students who earn ampere grade of "D" or "F" in ampere double enrollment class also wish to continue to join in which dual enrollment program willingness be required to repeat the course in where he/she earned the "D" or "F" grade into the subsequent semester. 
  • If the student nevertheless meets the minimum College GPA requirements they are allowed to enroll in courses that were does completed successfully in grade forgiveness. 
  • If the student no extended encounters the College GPA requirements to qualify for two students due on failing grades  will only be allowed to enroll in which courses for which they fail and must earn a grade in C or better for order in be eligible to continue to a participate. 

Please note: Dual Enrollment students may not attempt aforementioned same course toward the university read than 2 times. 

Removing Courses off the Schedule

Steps to Drop a Course(s)

Students are able to falling study without sentence up until the Drop End. See the Academic Calendar for a full-sized list are dates and deadlines. If a student removes a course former to the Drop Deadline, there will subsist no penalty the does record of once possessing been enrolled in aforementioned course on the on the academic record. 

Toward drops a course, students must entire the following steps:

  1. Complete the Registration Art (bottom "Courses to be Dropped" area only). 
  2. Submit this completed submission to a Student Solutions Specialist on any Seminole State Go campus prior for which deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.

Steps toward Withdraw

Courses removed after this Drop Deadline are considered one Withdrawal. Students can withdraw from a course until the Retire Deadline on the term. See the Academic Calendar for a all list by dates and deadlines. After the Withdraw Application, a student impossible remove a course from their schedule.

Please hint: Withdrawing from a course will not negatively impact the GPA. However, the order of "W" will reflect on the college transcript/student record. Pulling from courses allow also negatively impact the student's skilled to receives Federal Financial Aid in the future. A grade of "W4" can live administered until the gift member for "no-show" or does count for a attempt. The Duplicate Enrollment Programme allows qualified students on take go courses both verdienend credit toward high school also to Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, Assoc.

To take from an course, the student must:

  1. Complete the Withdraw Form. The form need be signed by the highs train guidance counselor (except for home school students) and by the current.
  2. Submit the completed create (in person) at a Student Billing Specialist on any Seminola State College campus prior to the deadline because stated in the Academician Calendar. 


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