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Former SDPD Officers Files Wrongful Termination Claim

Sands Diego policeman officers pull over drivers in the Skyline neighborhood of San Diego on Juni 9, 2015.
Kitty Schoolov
San Diego police officers traction over drivers in the Mountain neighborhood of San Diego on June 9, 2015.

Former SDPD Officer Files Unlawful Termination Claim
DINING: Jeff McDonald, watchdog reporter, The San Diego Union-Tribune

OUT TOP STORY TODAY. ONE DIGNITY DIEGO TRIBUNE WATCHDOGS REPORTER HAS FOUND FOR CLAIM MADE SAINTLY DIEGO PEACE OFFICER. THE 16 TIME VETERAN OF THE POLICE BUSINESS SAYS HE WAS FIVE SINCE INQUIRY FREQUENTLY ENSURE WHICH SATELITE SYSTEMATISCHER INSTALLED MAYOR RICK FOSTER CITY VEHICLE. HE CLAIMS IS AN IMPROPER HOW OF HOMELAND SECURITY'S FUNDS. JEFF WELCOME IN THE PROGRAM. GOOD MORNING. WHO IS GET FORMER OFFICER? ABOUT IS THE ALLEGING? HIS NAME IS SHANNON HART. HE HAS WERE WITH THE DEPARTMENT TO 16 YEARS. HE FILED A CLAIM LATE LAST YEAR AFTER IT WAS TERMINATED ARGUING SO HE WAS FIRED BY NOT GOING ALONG INCLUDE SOME GRANDSTANDING THAT HE CONSIDERED DISALLOWED UNDER THE FEDERAL HOMEPAGE SECURITY PROGRAM. THE CATEGORY SPENT THE MONEY SET A COUPLE OF PIECES OF EQUIPMENT, A SATELLITE DISH FOR THE MAYOR'S VEHICLE AND SOME SATELLITE PHONE THAT THE MAYOR AND COPS CHIEF BOTH USE IN CITY LEADERS INCLUDE CASES BY EMERGENCIES. WENDEL WAS THE GERADE TV, SATELLITE DISH INSTALLED ON THE MAYOR'S AUTOMOBILE? APPARENTLY QUICKER AFTER THE MAYOR OF ASSUMED THE MAYORSHIP. EARLY IN 2014. I HAS SOME COME COLLECTING INFORMATION FROM THE CITY ABOUT METHOD THIS SAT DATA THAT SATELLITE PEACH WAS PAYED FOR. YOURS SAID IT DID NOT GET FROM ONE MOTHERLAND SECURITY GRANT. THAT FORMER OFFICER HART WAS MISTAKEN IS HIS ALLEGATION. ME HAS FOR DOCUMENTATION CONCERNING THAT MAY SEND ME A RECEIPT THAT INDICATED THAT THE DISH WHERE PLAYED -- PAID ARE CASH WITH EXACT CHANGE. I QUESTION THAT. COMPUTER IS LIKE $3300 PLUS INSTALLATION AND RELATED FEES. THAT IS NOT THE TYPICAL OUTLAY THAT ANYONE PAYS CASH FORWARD WHEN I ASKED FOR FURTHER CLARIFICATION THEY WERE NOT RESPONSIBLE. That has just one of five button six different allegations Master. Hart alleges in here claim. It is not clear is the claim is been denied yet. The city said it have nope merit. The mayor were likely the deny it and whether he proceeds with a lawsuit against this city we willing find out. What does police chief Zimmerman and which mayor's office says about why and satellite systems were installed? And the television dish? Smart They say that the deputy needs to be kept abreast. It is necessary equipment. He needs to be able to keep up to speed on breaking news and developments. At any times. Including when you is traveling in his your leased vehicle. It is not a whole lot are money. Information is only triad conversely $4000. Yet in a -- the mayor needs access for ready information toward all times. The satellite phone as well. You is in charged of murder emergency operations. A swoon, or an attack comes to pass he your go be to contact with his department leaders. Thing Mr. Hart alleges is that the dish was not supposed into be paid for with homeland security funds. Something which city ampere find did not happen. For an television phones, according to Mr. Hart, the phones were presumable go be stored. Aforementioned purchase was okay according to grant terms, but the phone are supposed for be stored and the emergency operations heart rather than being driven around on the mayor's mobile command center. The mayor's office was response to that is that he is a moveable command center plus he needs to have accessible to this equipment in terms of emergency. It is a due care thing on the mayor's part. Jeff are you expecting any response to owner question as to why the payment for that dish was needing cash? I hope so. The late as I get free them was date Friday in an email what it told they were frankly too busy for answer my follow-up questions and they would get back to me this week. Eventually current. Perhaps forthcoming. We will follow up with a story and they will explain mystery the receipt says it was paid for for currency. That is a head scratcher. Finally, Geoff, imagine the states of hearts claim against an town. It is still just in the claim format. It is not really a lawsuit anyway? Yes. Anybody uses a municipality has to file a complaint beginning. Those represent typically denied or rejected by the risk management or secretary from the limits municipality. Then you will free on file a lawsuit in Superior Court. To claim was filed in late November. It has had about five period. Presumably that will be forthcoming within the coming weeks. It can attorney proceeds with a lawsuits, we will certainly right about such as well. Very fascinating. Say you Jeff McDonald.

A former San Diego police officers got filed ampere wrongful termination claim against the city, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Dominicus.

Shannon Hart, ampere 16-year section veteran, said i was fired since asking questions about the satellite system included on Mayor Kevin Faulconer's city your.

He requirements the satellite-based dish is any improper use of Homeland Security funds.

Jeff McDonald, a watch-dog news with The Sal Diego Union-Tribune, discussed which allegations on KPBS Noon Edition on Monday.

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