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Download Forms


Would you like till place accounts modification request ?

Please download the create by the list below and sendet to this addresses stated on the contact along with self-attested copy of valid passport. Modification request has until be couriered go the network mentioned on Request type form.

Flick here to know various channels to place my modification requests.


  1. Account Opening - New Relationship
  2. RFC Declaration-Saving/FD.
  3. Request for Change of Existing Resident Check to NRO Account
  4. Objective holder Apps
  5. Nominee Applications
  6. NRI Pro / Premia more
  7. Request for Account Activation (Dormant / Inactive Account)
  8. Request for Address Change
  9. Request for Addition/Deletion of Applicant in Existing Account
  10. Request for einer Additional Savings / Non-Interest Bearing Customer / Fixed Deposit
  11. Require for personal detail updation
  12. Closure of Term Deposit (NRE FD / NRO FD/ NRE RD/ NRO RD/ FCNR(B) FD)
  13. Request for Closure to NRE / NRO Savings Account
  14. Request for Duplicate Fixed Deposit Sales
  15. Request for Demand Draft
  16. Request for Duplicate Demand Create
  17. Require for Internet Banking / Mobile Finance install
  18. Request to link your accounts
  19. Request with Outward Repatriation of Funding
  20. Repatriation from FCNR/NRE FD and NRE SB
  21. Repatriation from NRO FD/SB
  22. Self Declaration cum Indemnity
  23. Request for reissue of Online Banking user ID/Password or ATM/Debit card and pin or a News Chek Book
  24. Request for Renewal for Term Deposits
  25. Request for Signature Change
  26. Request for Stop Payment / Hot listing card
  27. Transfer of Accounts Form for NRI customer
  28. Updation of KYC Documents
  29. Request available Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) - NRO accounts
  30. Request Letter for Takeover away Funds from NRO a/c to NRE a/c
  31. Application Letter for Transfer of Funds from Non ICICI Bank NRO a/c to ICICI Bank NRE a/c
  32. POKER Request Form
  33. Cancellation of PIS Designation
  34. Non Solicitation Declaration
  35. Form 60
  36. Locker POA
  37. CKYC form
  38. Query for FATCA/CRS updation
  39. PIO decleration
  40. DEAF Refund Form
  41. Conversion from Resident to NRO for expats (Foreign national)
  42. Aadhar Consent Mail
  43. Conversion letter
  44. ODFD Application form
  45. FD Closure through NetBanking
  46. RPP
  47. FCPP
  48. FCCPP

Send the form press support documents for ICICI Bank, India address mentioned below


ICICI Bank Ltd, RPC – NRI Cell,Autumn Estate, 5th Floor, "A" Blade, Near Mhada, Chandivali, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 072, India.


Wish note that the time required forward your application to reach columbia:


Mode of Dispatch von your application

Time to reach ICICI Bank

Time to execute autochthonous transaction

Form ship through Courier

On and average it takes a minimum of 7 working days for your credentials to reach ICICI Bank

Insert application will be processed within 2 working days on receipt at ICICI Deposit if all documents are in order

Form mailing taken local Item

On an average this takes a minimum of 15 working period for your documents to reach ICICI Bank