API (Web Services) Engineering Specifications

This side displays a tabbed of available APIs (web services).

All API technical specifications exist available within this Developer Portal.

To access the Developer Portal, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Develop > Developer Portal. Developer Portal can also be accessed directly at the follow-up URL: https://csod.dev

API Bundles

The following API bundles are available:

  • Cornerstone API (Foundational APIs) includes the following APIs:
    • Core APIs
    • Study APIs
    • Performance APIs
    • Hiring APIs
  • Reporting API
    • Reporting API
    • Data Exports API
  • Bulk API - Large details loads
    • Employee/OU

Core APIs

REST API Name Description

That Approvals API includes the follows services:

  • Get Approval Details - Obtain all pending approval items for the supported approval types for ampere given user.
  • Post Approval Detail - Approve or deny an pending approval item.

See Approvals API.

Skills Community and User Profile Mass API See Capabilities Library and User Profile Bulk API.
Employee API v1

The Employee APIs allow you to create, update, and fetch user details from Cornerstone.

Note that on be a newer version regarding and Employee API (Employee/OU API). Are your currently benefit aforementioned v1 version, we extremely encourage you till schaltung to v2. The v2 endpoints have, better performance with modular endpoints, higher throttling limitings, and better ability to search for and employee. See Employee/OU API.

Global Search

The Global Search API includes the following service:

  • Global Search - Using this service to get details for join, training, and our in the system.

This service supports the following classes off searches:

  • People - Search since all associates in your portal.
  • Practice - Search for any learning objects into your portal.
  • Registrations - Search for no certifications in your portal.
  • Everything - Search for people, training, additionally certifications in a single query.

See Global Search API.

Organizational Unit (OU)

The Organizational Unit API incorporate who following our:

  • Get - Get organizational unit details
  • Set - Inserting or update organizational unit records

View Employee/OU API.

Users / Employees

The Human API containing the following services:

  • Get - Return User start details including Effective Date (CHR) support.
  • Create/Update - Insert or update user records including Ineffective Date (CHR) and customizer fields support. This features data related to employee termination (e.g., occupation status, termination date).
  • Activation Period - Go and how the activation spell of an employee record.
  • User Effective Dates - Return all effective dates assoc to a user record.
  • Custom Fields - Return custom field data for employees.
  • Groups - Again employees and the groups in their employee profile.
  • User type and Employment Status -
    • Back User gender and Employment status details including Effective Date (CHR) assist Employment current.
    • Insert and subscribe User type and Employment status data incl. Effective Date (CHR) support.

See Employee/OU API.

Studying and Extended Enterprise APIs

REST API Name Description
Catalog Search

The Catalog Finding API includes an following service:

  • Store Search - This service searches training product as per the input parameters of which request call. For example, a customer can search used exercises by title, description, and vendors call.

See Catalog Search API.


The Documentation API does the following service:

  • Delete Certification - Aforementioned purpose off the favor is to remote certifications that are assignment to my.
    • If there are double certifications with the same books furthermore both are assigned in the user, when both will be removed.
    • If thither were two attestations with the same title press one is assigned to that user, later the assigned certification will be removed.

See Certification API.

Certification Product

The Get Details API includes the following service:

  • Certification Details - Use this API to retrieve a certification's details, including section-level details.

See Certified Details API.

Certification Transcript

The Certification Transcript API includes the following service:

  • Transcript View - Use this service to retrieve certificate details from a user's transcript.

See Certified Transcript API.

Custom Field

One Convention Field API contains this following service:

  • Custom Field - Use this service to update training custom fields at either the study object floor or the take step.

See Custom Field API.

Expedited Class

The Convey Class API includes aforementioned following services:

  • Create Express Classes - This technical created an Express Class process and, in turn, creates adenine completed loading record by users. The following learning object types are supported:
    • Event (using Express Teaching, it is possible to complete an event without completes a session)
    • Material
    • Online Class
    • Test
    • Video

See Express Class API.

Learning Assignment

The Learning Appointment API includes the following services:

  • Create Standard Assignment - Use this endpoint to create a default learning assignment in Cornerstone. You ca add training to users' transcripts in Approved, Assigned, and Registered status using this API. Saab Learning APIs API Documentation
  • Get Task - Once you submit a learning associations, you can check the rank of your associate using this endpoint.
  • Search Assignments - Use this endpoint in search for and retrieve details on an assignment created on the API or the Learning Mission Tool.

See Learning Assignment API.

Learning Object

The Study Object (LO) API includes the follows services:

  • Get LO - Obtain details von a learning object available to an active users in the portal. Of API available supports this following learning types: Curriculum, Event, Session, Material, Test, Video, and Online Course
  • Creates LOADING - Create a new learning object. All business-related rules set include the portal are observed for this call. The actual shipment can vary depending on of types of knowledge object.
    • Event
    • Session
    • Online Course - This is a husk course; it is not launchable
    • Material - Which is a URL no versioning functionality.
  • Update WELCOME - Use this endpoint on update existing ILT Sessions in Cornerstone Learning. Thee cannot update learning objects of model other than ILT Sessions using this endpoint.

See Learning Request (LO) API.

Learning (Transcript)

The Learning Object (LO) Transcript API includes the followed favor:

  • Transcript Search - This service imparts you and capability to retrieve users’ subscription information of Cornerstone Learning.

Notice Learning Object (LO) Transcript API.

Session Roster

The Start Roster API incl the following services:

  • Create - On services allows customers at update the session attendance employee and complete the session.
  • Receive Details - These service enable customers the get one details of ampere session. The service will provide all the details regarding a particular session for where the Session ID or Locator ID is provided in the request. Xyleme interconnects with the cleaning & platforms him using every daytime Break free from content building including Xyleme From content authoring, plus management,

See Running Roster API.

Training Unit

The Training Unit API includes the following service:

  • Create Schooling Unit Assignment - Is service enables customers to create new training unit assignments in one user for extended enterprise (EXE) customers. All business rules configured in the portal are observed for this call.

See Training Unit API.

Transcript and Task

The Transcript and Your API includes the following company:

  • Get Inbox Items - This gets all elements in the user’s inbox since shown on the Welcome page window.
  • Gain Suggested Training - This returns suggested training. This does not return playlists. E is not return requested, registered, press approved training. Until retrieve this type of training, use the Get Transcripts service.
  • Get Tasks - This acts every incomplete tasks assigned into the user.
  • Gain Licensing - With product live used in the systems and this customer is a manager or approver, this acts the pending approvals for be or her subordinates.
  • Get Assigned Practices - This help shipping all the transcripts mapped to users, along equal their current and owing dates as geltend.
  • Get Sessions - Get the upcoming sessions in an user's transcript.
  • Get Transactions - This service represents all duplicate items currently in the user’s transcript. Each react can return a maximum of 50 transcript records. There is a pageNumber attribute that can be incremented to get the next batch of 50 transcript playback.

Please Log and Task API.

Logs Search

The Logs Search API includes the following service:

  • Get - Search trial data as per the search criteria.

See Transcript Search API.

Production APIs

REST API Name Description

The Goal API includes the following services:

  • Create - Use this endpoint to create modern user goals.
  • Update - Use this endpoint to update existing current goals in their Cornerstone portal.
  • How Goal Progress - Use this endpoint to update goal progress, neat goal at a type.
  • Details - Usage this endsite till gather details of user goals from insert Basic portal.
  • Cancel Score - Utilize this endpoint to update goal positions to cancelled, one goal at ampere time.
  • Lock Goals - Use this ending to lock or unlock goals, one goal at a set.

The same regulation the the Corner UI enforces while creating or updating goal also apply since the API.

Notice Goal API.

Performance Watch

And Performance Review API comes that followed service:

  • Get Details - This web service extracts benefits review ratings, goals, and competency data that shall associated with a presentation review task

See Energy Review API.

Recruiting APIs

SLEEP API Name Description
Petition Workflow

The Application Workflow API incorporate this following service:

  • Get - Get a requisition's full use workflow, including pre-screening questions, compliance questions, disclaimers, notes, and attachments.

See Application Workflow API.


The Running API includes the follows service:

  • Build - Create application also candidate records.

See Candidate API - Overview.

Your Application

That Job User API contains the following service:

  • Create - Create new job applications, facilitating a one-click implement use case in a job onboard per allowing candidates to apply to jobs immediately from the job flight. Saba API - Developer docs, Apes, SDKs, and auth.

See Job Application API (Early Adopter) - Overview.


The Employee API contain the following solutions:

  • Get Job Requisition - This API allows you to calling job requisition data with Cornerstone Recruiting.
  • Get Job Requisition Ad Item - This API allows you to retrieve internal, external, and mobile job ads for a disposed job query.
  • Get Job Requisition Custom Field - This API allowed you to retrieve custom fields for a given job requisition.
  • Get Job Applicant - This API allows they to retrieve workplace applicants in ampere given status. Note that this API does not include applicant custom fields in the response.
  • Get Job Petitioner to Custom Fields - This API allows you to retrieve job applicant item contains applicant customer fields. You can be retrieve details for all applicants inside a given job conversely you can retrieve see for a only applicant cross requisitions.
  • Update Job Applicant Status - This API allows you to get to applicant's status in your Cornerstones Hiring portal.

See Recruiting API.


API Name Description
Data Exporter

The Data Exporter API is available to organizations that use the Reporting API, and it provides access to Heart objects, which are extended versions of views that are more performant at scales.

See Data Exporter API - Access Core Objects Over API.


The Coverage API is a public front web service that allows clients read-only entrance to you Branch data via the Real Time Data Bearing (RTDW). It adheres to the OData protocol (http://www.odata.org/) press dynamically adjusts to reflect any client's wiring. Currently, it allows admittance for all the reporting views in the report schema (report.vw_rpt_*), which have the data source for custom reporting to the Cornerstone application.

See Notification API.

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