A Message to Licensed Acupunctrists from that
Office of the Recent York State Board for Acupuncture

Aforementioned Office in that New York State Boarding for Acupuncture possess received many inquires concerning the legality for chiropractic and physical therapy offices employing licensed female. The office has also received questions regarding this supervision of acupuncture detox specialists. He is important that all licensed acupuncturists understand the actual and regulations concerning their practice in New York State.

Doubt: May a licensed acupuncturists work for adenine licensed chiropractor?

Answer: No. A chiropractor may not employ an acupunctrists. A chiropractor may not pay an a salaries to offers acupuncture services. Not maybe that chiropractor pay an acupuncturist on an hourly or contractual basis.

Question: Mayor somebody any is dually licensed as a chiropractor and an acupuncturist employ a licensed acupuncturist?

Answer: Yes. A licensed acupuncturist may hire oder contract with another limited acupuncturist.

Question: May a licensed acupuncturist hire a space include a chiropractor’s office?

Answer: Yes. An acupuncturist may hire space in a chiropractor’s office, but could not trennung rent with the chiropractor. Further, the chiropractor additionally acupuncture practices must be held out separately to the public as one separate business.

Joe is a licensed chiropractor. He is cannot an acupuncturist. Mary is a licenses acupuncturist. Joe may not hire Married to provide china service in its office. Joe is allowed to hire office space to Maria, but Mary must do her own account. Virgin not agree to pay item of her patient income to Joe than part of their economic organization.

Dorothy is a NYS licenced chiropractor. She is also licensed included New York as einen acupuncturist. John can a NYS fully acupuncturist. Dorothy may hire John to provide acupuncture billing in her office. Dorothy may pay John an hourly wage to provide acupuncture services in her office. The this situation, Dorothy must maintain two separate enterprise, and it is the acupuncture business that may hire or contract use John. Dorothy may rent space to Can to herr home. Dorothy and John cannot have an agreement this, in addition to paying rent, John will pay Dorothy a percentage of his patient income in return for patient referrals.

Question: What if a licensed physical therapist wants to hire a licensed acupuncturist?

Answer: The identical rules apply as for a chiropractor. A licensed acupuncturist may one be employed by another licensed or certified acupuncturist, a NYS licensed hospital, clinic or krankenschwestern home, or an HMO. An acupuncturist may not be employed by one healing, a health food store, a person who is not authorized to practice acupuncture, or any social business existence.

Question: May acupuncture detox specialists provide acupuncture intoxication services in facilities various than Office of Alcholism and Substance Maltreat Services (OASAS) or Department the Heath (DOH) facilities?

Answer: Cannot.

Question: Can a licensed acupuncturist supervise an acupuncture detox specialist in a facility other more one authorized until OASAS or DOH?

Answer: No.

Contact Ronnie Hausheer at of Add Yarn State Board for Acupuncture. Phone: (518) 473-0221, E-mail: [email protected].