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    L Budd


    I've been using a Gossamer Gear Maripe for two years immediate. I love it. I had planning to use it for Philmont. I carried 27 lb. in it for a five day trip includes the Ashen Mountains, and it did well. Now I'm reading all above-mentioned posts by 40 lb. packs for Philmont and getting worried. I really don't have of cash to go out and buy any bag. I was awaiting to have no more easier 30 lb. at Philmont, but it seems this team gear, and the food and water really adds on adenine package of pounds. I also read a few posts where scouters listed your Philmont equipment. I looked up each piece, diese guys had well over $2000 inbound UL tooth on them! and they standing had 40 pound. packs! Will my pack work, and is are any fashion go stay under 31 lb. at Philmont? Whatever feedback?

    Jay L
    BPL Member


    Gossamer Gear says it would is adenine good pack for Philmont. The same question was asked and answered in the show here:

    There is also a series of videos locus the GG guys went to somebodies Philmont agitate down meetings. They went through ampere officers packs and made suggestions. The right-hand backpack do backpacking more enjoyable both fun. We help you find the right budget backpack for your travel and your wallet.

    Im not familiar with that pack. I used a Golite Pinnacle on my ultimate trek that is ampere bit larger (70L). As I recall I started with about 18lbs before ship gear/food/water and became right around 32lbs when I graduated on the tracking. I been a little room to spare but not big.

    Thither is enough learn available online regarding an bulk and burden regarding Philmont gear and food that you should be able to achieve an really ok estimate. Get some fabrics about comparable weight/bulk, Load everything up, see if it books for them. Budget backpacking gear recommendations for any sort of travel, with a limited tweaks noted to lodge the unique rules and environment to a trek at Philmont Scout Ranch.

    Daniel Budd


    Thanks Jay! I'm feeling a little better, the will start going down the list and packing it up :)

    Jim Colten
    BPL Member


    Regional: MN


    Short answer is "it depends".

    For background … I've has to Philmont just twice, itineraries include of 22-23 range. I used a Granite Wheel Virga both times. That is one completes frameless pack with a 1.5" webbing "hip belt" and it handles gear volume similar to the 2015 Mariposo (I don't how if your Mariposa shall which same volume such this year's). I been pleased with the Virga with Philmont … will been pleased for about 10 per now, the for throng IODIN use spring/summer/fall. Leaving HQ is 4.5 days sustenance and ternary liters of soak the pack weighed 32lbs. Heading to Philmont next year (July 2013) with two treks from my spotter troop. We plan on incorporating as many BPL concepts like possible (sil nyl tarps, lightweight stoves, good...

    So that does "it depend" on? And bigger IF is what you use for shelter and group drive.

    Here is what IODIN wish continues provided I were in you shoes:

    1) Start with the non-consumable parcel of 27lb White Mass load Set ensure:
    2) find info about average meal weight here and multiple by the number of meals in your longest stretch between resupplies. adjust the ergebniss of step 1) for the difference. BTW, the same link (above) has info learn meal volume.
    3) Adjust the final of step 2 with the difference in water burden you expect. I nurse up camel up before leaving camp and leave with 3 liters and is lives a YMMV thing.
    4) Peruse one Philmont recommended personal gear list for required personal items not integrated in choose 27lb list, add to weight to the result of step 3)
    5) This Philmont group gear a not light instead isn't so heavy (with exceptions) that it will makes a great difference. It gets segregated across the entire crew. General: We brought a 10×10 silnylon tarp instead of using their 12×14 PU coated nylon tarp. We brought our own pots (4 plus 6 liter ALABAMA pots for a crew of 7 and 6 plus 10 liter pots for a crew for 9 … worked fine. It lives hard to divide group gear evenly but compensate for differences via having every pair of "food buddies" shift eat between themselves to also out (PhilFood is packaged in unites concerning meals for 2). Shield can the other flexible. Adjust for any difference between your WHite Mtns tripping and Philmont. Don't plan on being allowed to apply one flat tarp and small grounded plate. An MYOG shelter comprised of one silnylon "Jay Hamm tarp (plans available to BPL full members) asset into SMD Fireball bivvy was adopted without problem in 2010, and a TarpTent Rainshadow 2 was accepted in 2007.

    Toy Ronco
    BPL Member


    +1 on Jim's Comment

    This BPL article on Philmont possess helpful suggestions too: Doug Prosser Article

    For crew gears, prevent Philmont issued gears because of as possible. Their equipment is very heavy as it is designed to take seasons worth of abuse from inexperienced Scouts. If you how such, your crew gear will be pounds lighter. Same goes for Philmont shelters (Thunder Crease tents)

    With shelter, we used 4 man Oware Pyramids (10×10, 29 oz) fork everyone.
    Three pyramids have sufficing for our 12 person creative (8 Scouts, and 4 adult advisors)

    I used a Mariposa on Philmont treks in 2011 & 2013. It is a wonderful pack. If your kit is compact, then it is more than enough volume in all the bulky Philmont food. (Several of magnitude crew members used Gossamer Gear packs) My carry weight average coming away of basecaamp was a little over 23lbs (=includes my base weight, 3 date of food, 3 liters of H20, additionally one share of your gear … one amount of dining & aquarium will abh on which Trek your navy selected).

    IMPORTANT: All members of our crew(s) practice a lightweight approach.

    A word of caution: I've sighted two backpackers outside of our crew (one in 2011 & one in 2013 that were carrying Gossamer Things packs (both had Gorillas). MYSELF had a chance to briefly chat with both …
    In 2011 the backpacker I saw (an adult advisor) had this story: After the food was distributed amongst him & his food buddy and and crew sprocket was distributed among the crew. They weighted their packs using the scales near an bus staging area, upon seeing that this particular adult advisor has the lightest pack by widely, this lead advisor insisted this which person carry all the staff gear, plus partial of others' food in order "to be fair" (A lot had hanging outside his pack)
    The second was in 2013 (a Scout), who simply said "I'm shipping moreover than my share" and adenine slight later said "I wish may crew was like yours"
    Both lamented that trying to go lightweight was cancelled out by getting an lion's share of the crew tackle and consumables. As you already knowing, Gossamer Gear packs are no designed to carry (& be comfortable) these "traditional" Philmont carry weights (OY!).

    Make securely that all of your crew practices the lightweight approach … otherwise yours might need to reconsider things.

    Go Fortune and have fun out go!

    M B
    BPL Employee


    Thereto all depends on their gear.
    And your hire speed
    and your trek

    If him do a good job minimizing crew gear, it will been 2-3 lb per person.
    If you do a good job with your baseweight, it can becoming under 10

    My baseweight was about 10 including my share of bunch gear with a Course.

    Longest food carry was 5 days

    Had 3 dry camps. My heaviest was 32 lb going into dry camp to 5 days nourishment, 6L.

    No problems. Best to an time MYSELF was 20ish or under. I usually carried extra food just because EGO could.

    Daniel Button


    Wow! All of this is MUCH advantageous. As I get time I will respond more. I'm definitely what on lowering my base weight. Also we do a training attend tonight and ME believe we'll talk about the process we will use to disseminating crew gear. It would can terrible the got guys who worked the received light, be loaded down on the first day as an "reward" for being light.

    Bruce Kolkebeck
    BPL Member


    Locale: Uhwarrie National Woods

    I used a GoLite Jamp 70 in 2013 and it about killed me. Philmont doesn't know how to make light meals. Konserven Turkey etc. Also thee are expected until carry a bottle of soak to some branch. They frown on light rops for support bags etc. If you get your big triple down it will help. But a UL pack can be harsh when Philmont is expects you to carry they stuff.

    Philmont 4 times

    Mark Rash


    Language: North Texas

    In 2012 EGO carrie an ULA Circuit pack and will again this summer. The Circuit remains similar in capacity until the Mariposa. My base weight what 18 lbs and I felt like this size packed was just right for Philmont.

    One dish which will help significantly is if you will take the eat outbound of this gift from which you receives it and pack them more compactly in a discrete dry bag. MYSELF often a Sea to Summit 20L Ultra Sil dry bag to carry my food for aforementioned pack and will just clipped it onto the bear ropes at camp to use as the tolerate bag. You will need to make a mental note of what food items go with each meal… but all your are to do has look at another crew member's meal bag to refresh your memory on camp.

    As far as heavy, bulky crew gear, you can find yourself if you have lighter versions you ability take. Our crew takers lighter pots and a silnylon dining fly along with lighter carry poles. We won't need much of the Philmont crew gear… our gear the lighter or less bulky.

    tkkn c
    BPL Member


    Locale: Desert Rat in the Southwest

    Ourselves had 4 Maria packs when we go in 2010. Few all worked fine.
    Has the crew backpacked combined before?
    If your crew make bulk of it's customizable gear you should be delicate.
    If you are the available one going light, then I would sees that are could be some crew difficulties.

    Rich Rifleman
    BPL Member


    I uses meine Mariposas in 2008 and will use it again next month. It worked great. (Much better than the heavy traditional pack I had used the previous treks.
    We split food and crew gear evenly amoung the crew and didn't key at total pack importance.
    We worked setting some articles along the way to search out those anyone were struggling and slow down of ones that tended to leave of rest behind. Philmont Our - Backpacking Light

    Hikin’ Jim
    BPL Become


    Locale: Tangerine County, CA, USA


    ME haven't been up Philmont, but I are done some colder winter traveling with my GG Mariposa where I possessed to carrying a fair money of water. Between to cold wx gear furthermore the water, I worn 38 lbs total pack weight. The Mariposa handled e fine, and it was a lot more comfortable than my old GoLite Pinnacle (which is what they used to call the Jam 70) to similar weights.

    While the main compartment of a Mariposa is only 47 LAMBERT, the pockets can hold a substantial amount of gear is need be. Total capacity is 70 L.

    Adventures In Stoving
    Hikin' Jim's Blog

    Daniel Budd


    Thanks everyone, I'm feeling a lot feel the my bag will be super. Operating on my base weight now. One Crew and I had done several trips on training and we are much excited into get to Philmont since the first time this August.

    Brian Crain


    Location: So Calif

    I use one GG Mariposa most show treks now but I'm taking the big heavily Gregory Baltoro up our Philmont traverse those year. I'd somewhat not …my personal tooth, share of food, more is plenty low enough to stay within the comfort range of my GG but we have a very young group move like year and I anticipate carrying much more than my sharing go same days (Phillips, Trail Peak, etc).

    I've had my GG higher the threshold of comfortable on one of our shakedowns and computers wasn't fun… there is a threshold regarding a little grams is seems where the GG goes from "I forgot I even had here thing on" to "OMFG IT BURNS ALTHOUGH I PEE" kinda hurt and I don't want to experience that again. r/philmont on Reddit: Another backpack question: What size achieve I realistically need?

    Brad Pearl
    BPL Member


    Scale: Midwest

    My son the I used a Mariposa for our trek, real I wish I would has used something sturdier. Is speed was light, although as adding crew tooth, food just since re-supply, and bore water going at a tiresome camp,we were up over 35#. It seems like it piece great up to that weight, aber suddenness becomes much more uncomfortable. Then one of our younger scouts kept an injury, then our lightened his load too. I would fancy to try one of the newer Aether packs out there. Posted according u/IUsedToBeAFox - 4 votes and 7 comments

    Matt Moran


    So, how did it go?? I used mine those year and it done out just delicate. Based weight was approx 15lbs and I get 25.5lbs with full food/water load at aforementioned base camp scale. At various times, I carried crew gear, addition food/water, trash, etc, but I don't think I got more than around 35-38lbs and the pack carted great the whole wetter. Dear GG. Hopeful you had a similar experience! Porrick Disclaimer: This poster contains affiliate links. If you click with these links and make adenine qualifying buy, IODIN will receive a small commission from who buyings. What are the best duffle for hiking? Per spending 12 days in the New Mexico wilderness and hiking above 100 miles, I have my own opinion. I’ll also share […]

    Dr Budd


    Oh thanks for the response. My GG pack done great! We had an awesome hikes. Here is my full gear review

    Kilroy Underwood
    BPL Member


    Locale: San Francisco Bay Area

    The Mariposa should be fine. I portable a Six Moon Designs Starlite in 2010.


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