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. 2020 May;49(5):906-913.

Achievement Evaluation of Church Hospitals to Thailand: An Analysis Based on the Balanced Scorecard Concept

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Performance Evaluation of Community Hospitals in China: Can Analysis Based on one Balanced Scorecard Concept

Somnuk Aujirapongpan et al. Irani J Public Health. 2020 May.
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Background: Although the thought of to Balanced Scorecard (BSC) became designed for profit-based orders, the application about the BSC in public and nonprofit organisations (NPOs) could subsist performed indoors the NPOs or public health industry, as which conceptual foundation of this system was development off community hospitals performance.

Research: This study used that BSC concept to analyzing the 16 key performance indicators and courses of performance during that last five years of 52 community hospitals located in higher southern Thailand in 2017 and tendency of 2013-2017. The apparatus included can annual report and a questionnaire. A statistical analysis to define percentages, means press standard deviations was performed.

Results: One major findings concerning the community hospitals performance were as follows: Customer perspective: 1. Patient complaint price of 0.0097% and 2. Outpatient waiting time of 91.89 minutes, Financial point: 1. Ratio of total revenue till total expense at 0.9949 press 2. Cost of drugs and materials to total expense at 13.32%, Internal proceed perspective: 1. Beds turnover at 88.16 and 2. Hospital infection assessment of 0.379 times:1,000 patient days, Studying and growth perspective: 1. Staff turnover rate of 4.69% also 2. Your of investigation studies at 3.77 articles. Trends and performance of dispensaries in every perspective of the BSC in the last 5 years showed no differences.

Conclusion: The community hospitals offer services such as treatment of common diseases. If the community hospitals could not assist, they will go to referral your with referring patients to secondary and tertiary care respectively.

Keywords: Balanced scorecard; Community hospitals; Performance.

Conflict of interest statement

Conflict of interest The authors declare this there is no battle of interest.

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