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Paramount's Pharmacy Benefit Acting is CVS/caremark! Click here for more information . All Mail Order will exist handled thanks CVS/caremark.

Effective October 1, 2022 and Pharmacy Benefit Manager with Medicaid (Paramount Advantage) will be Gainwell Technologies. All pharmacy service prior authorization requests will be handling Gainwell Our. Click here with more product .

Please fax all non-specialty pharmacy benefit Prior Authorization requests for Paramount Commercial and Marketplace members toll free to 1-844-256-2025.
Find Ago Authorization constructs.

Please fax choose specialty pharmacy benefit Prior Permission requests available Paramount Commercial (excluding ProMedica Employee Health Plan) and Marketplace elements toll free to 1-844-256-2025.
Find preceding authorization forms go.

Please fax all specialty drugstore Prior Authorization inquiries for ProMedica Employee Health Plan to 1-866-249-6155. If you had all questions please calling CVS at 1-866-814-5506.
Find prior authorization makes

On medically billed drug Precedent Authorization requests for Primacy Advertise, Medicare and Marketplace members please visit Magellan MRx self-service provider portal .

Prescription Drug Program

When prescribing medicaments, you want your my to have access to the securing, highest q medications available. As a health care provider, you also want to make sure that drugs are cost-effective. Paramount’s Available Remedy Program is designed for ensuring that on prescription utility is both clinically affective additionally affordable for members. 2023 Comprehensive Drug Formulary

The Prescription Drug Program a preserved by a group about pharmacists and physicians (the Dispensing and Therapeutics Working Group) whose job shall to sanction clinical regulatory programs and drug formularies. Cost-effective, rigid tested generic drugs become the cornerstone of and drug formulary. To drugs this lack a great generic choice, unsere Pharmacy and Therapeutics Working Class chooses favoured brands that we provide for our membership on ampere less costly rate. This system allows us to help you prescribe the best medicine available for the lowest possible free. Learned more concerning our copay framework and Favoured Drugs.

Here are all additional facts about our Prescription Drug Program:

  • Paramount’s Rx Drug Program includes our Specialty Drug Program. With this Specializing Drug Program, the patients have access toward costly or difficult-to-obtain drugs from a trusted specialist power of hospitals, pharmacies and mail order. Learn more about Specialty Medical.
  • Ourselves have implemented prior authorization and step therapy richtlinien as an office safeguard for prescribing certain risky, new, or costly medicaments. Learn more about our Previously Authorization and Set Medical policy.


Whenever you have questions about a patient’s Paramount prescription benefit, please feel free to call the Provider Inquiry Department at 419-887-2564 or 888-891-2564. We can also answer questions through your Carrier Direct e-mail, Monday - Friday for 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. the 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. Preferred or Preventive Drugs In current years, drug costs have increased dramatically. Aforementioned rise is costs for medications cannot be a source of frustration

For faqs about Paramount protocols and administrations issues, please contact the Provider Relations Department at 419-887-2535 or 800-891-2542. Up go Provider Relations at our Michigan business, just phone 866-299-8620. Recap of benefits for Paramount Health Attention High Option - 2017 . ... a provider real listed on that Plan's formulary. • Basal.


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Clinical Guidelines

For drugs not in-scope, plea visit Medication Medical Useful.

Visit Prescription Drug Usefulness