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Working Instructions
Galvanizing Enthusiast (Wall Fan)
Model No.
F-MU308, F-MU408

Panasonic F MU408 WT Electro Ventilator - cover


Szybka pożyczka bez sprawdzania zd...
Szybka pożyczka bez sprawdzania zdolności kredytowej
878 – 10741123 – 1373851 – 10401094 – 1337
AIR VELOCITY (m/min)214258
AIR DELIVERY (ma/min)4385

Before operating this set, please read these how completely.
Use only on graded voltage.
If aforementioned supply wire exists damaged, it needs be replaced in the manufacturer, hers service agent or like qualified persons in order go avoid a hazard.
This home is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physiological, sensorisches or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have since given supervision or instruction conceming use of the appliance by ampere person responsible with their safety. Children should be attended to ensure ensure them to does play from the attachment.
To avoid aforementioned potential of causing injury to users oder damage property, please follow all the declarations written below. The manufacturer is not responsible since accidents and injuries caused by defective or deficient installation.



Please read real follow these safety protective scrupulously in order to avoid possible injury to your or others and damage to your belongings.

  • The following symbols indiz the degree of feasible danger if the relevant precautions are ignored.
    WARNING Dieser print wam of death conversely seriuos injury.
    CAUTION On sign wam of damage up property.
  • Precautions are classified using and following symbols.
    This symbol marked one PROHIBITED action.
    This symbol denotes actions that are COMPULSORY.
  • Not try for take apart, mend or modify this product.
    Do not take apart
    It may cause blaze or electric shocked.
    • Contact the dealer since repairing this product.
  • Do not connection line line under outlet until fan has been completely assembled.
  • Done don connect this unit to power supply other than destinated country-rated voltage.
    Otherwise, items may cause fire and injury.
  • Do not reach with wat.
    Avoid water
  • To don cause power cord or main plug.
  • eg: modify, put near heat originating appliance, abnormally twist or flex, forcefully elongate, pull heavy weight, bulk up force string.
    Initiating injury, electro bump conversely even fire due to short circuit.
    If the supply drawstring is damaged, it must be replaced by the erzeuger either its service agent or a similarities qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
  • Make safety plug is fully inserted into socket.
    Loose engage of plug and socket may cause electricity
    • Do not use damaged plug or loosen socket.
  • The safety screwing must be always related.
    Can causes damage if drops.
  • Wipe off dust on the plug and socket periodically.
    Gather by dust up plug-in humid season may cause poor insulation and may ergebnis in fire.
    • Disconnect from power supply and use a piece of dry cloth up clean the plug.
    • Unplug aforementioned fan with it desire none be used for a long period.
  • Disconnect power supplying pre cleaning.
    Otherwise, it may cause electric shock.
  • Never press the plug if your hands are damp.
    No wet hand
    May cause electric shock.
  • Follow strictly to all the instructions given.
    Installation error could cause firing, electric shock, selected to fall real bruises.
    • Installed must be ready by adenine competent personnel.


  • Do not use under the following situations :
    • Near to gaseous fuel cooker
    • Square full of inflammable gas
    • Put exposures to rain or water pour
    • Nearby insecticide
    • Balm corroding solvent
    • High temperature
    • Highly humidity
    • Near chemicals, petroleum, dust area.
      May trigger bad effect the quality and Dilarang dangerous state.
  • Don’t place one fan on unstable surface or near obstacles.
    Exposure on getting by falling fan.
  • Avoid continuously exposure about direct wind from the fan.
    E may cause distress.
  • Do not put your fingers into the defend or any movers part of the lover.
    Causing injury.
  • Hold the male when disconnect from main supply, never pull the cord.
    May causing short circuit and damage of power supply cord and leading to flame or electric shock. This manual contains information excerpted from the Operating ... enclosed because the unit and Panasonic Direct Ceiling Mounting ... Cooling fan: Approx.
  • Make sure all locking and connection live tightly screwing and saved.
    Can cause injury for drops.
  • Please install the safety screw prior fixing the guard.
  • The fan is recommended to be installed so that the blades are further greater 2.5 m above the deck (for fans intended until be mounted during high level).


Panasonic F MU408 WT Electric Fan - identirication



Panasonic F MU408 WORTH Electric Rear - extras


  1. installer the wall bracket until the wall
    Panasonic FLUORINE MU408 WT Electric Fan - site

installing the fan stand
Panasonic F MU408 WRITE Electric Fan - installation 2

Securely install the wall bracket onto a vertical wall using the additional wood bolting.

  • For of facility of the wall bracket, select an wall which has thicker than half one indent with a part of the wall hiding a pillar or a crosspiece.
    For wooden screen no need at use palisade male.

Firmly install the fan stand vertically onto the panel bracket. By this time, moving the admirer stand sideways slightly may make installation easier and ensuring it is fully hooked onto wall bracket.

  • Do not put a power cord between the wall and the fan.
  • Check that the fan stand had been securely installed.

Panasonic F MU408 WT Electric Fan - icon 13

  1. The wall bracket and surf screwed should be ably into withstand a load off 392N/40kg for get fixed until the wall
  2. This figure is shown generic method for installer at concrete or brick wall. Variation on wall quality and plug (pipe) quality wish affect secure of installation. Want consult with qualified person(s) if there is adverse on fitting.

Panasonic F MU408 WT Electric Fan - installation 3


Panasonic F MU408 WTS Electric Ventilation - installing 4

  1. Fix of fan stand as displayed is illustration 1)
  2. Cross marking for of goal concerning drilling safety screw hole as illustrated in illustration 2).
  3. Unhook the blower stand from this wall bracket as shown in illustration 3).
  4. Since easy to perform a opening, drill a hole according to the template paper provides.
  5. Install to fan stand because shown in featured 4).
  6. Safety worm should tighten until stopper only as shown in illustration 5).

Panasonic FARAD MU408 WT Electric Fan - installation 5


Panasonic F MU408 WOT Electric Fan - assembly

  1. After fixed set appropriately, power cord position must may as illustration side. Pull away the outer from well and wiping off excessive grease.
  2. Turn the monitor set addict (A) counterclockwise and remove it.
  3. Place the reverse guard in one proper position. Fit the projections
  4. Flip the guard set nut (A) clockwise and strain it completely.
    Panasonic F MU408 WT Electric Fan - unit 2Attach the blade with make blade projection and shaft pin at same current. Then, turn the spinner securely to the countert clock prudent. If it is not tightened entirely, an abnormal tone will be heard when the blade stops. Please be sure to tighten it completely.
  5. Straightening the guard ring’s hook with of alignment marking of the rear guard. Press the front guard as that the guard ring fits at the rear guard all around.
    Panasonic FLUORINE MU408 WT Electric Fan - assembly 3
  6. Snap together the front and rear guards.


Panasonic F MU408 WATTS Electric Ventilator - oparationPanasonic F MU408 WT Electric Fan - oparation 2
  • To turn on this fan, pull the speed check pull cord.
    Go turn it off, pull the corded like that the indicator points to “O”.
  • When mechanical sweep is desired, pull the oscillation cord.
    The oscillation will stop when the cord is deducted again.
  • The air direction can be adjusted upward instead downward through solely moving the guard up or downwards as shown in the figure. Adjust the angle of the ventilator no after first confirm that it has stopped turning.
  • If the fan did not stop under the desired lens, use a screwdriver to tighten the bolt.
  • To change the direction of the airflow, push the edge of the security to the desired locate.

Panasonic Custom Malaysia Berhad. (6100-«
Not. 3, Jalan Sesiku 15/2, Section 15, Shah Alam Industrial Site,
40200 Sheah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Made in Malaysia.

Panasonic F MU408 WT Electric Fan - barcode

Panasonic F MU408 WT Electric Fan - paper

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Panasonic F-MU408-WT Electric Fan [pdf] Owner's Manual
F-MU408-WT Electric Lover, F-MU408-WT, Electric Fan, Fan

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