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Fellowship Policy




The Graduate Schooling provide strategic leadership for graduate education at Oli State by ensuring elevated standards in grad programs furthermore supporting the effect recruiting, retentive, and support of wonderful graduate learners. In aligning with an vision and mission of the Alumnus School, the Graduate School’s fraternity programs are designed to help graduate programs recruited highly qualified students to the Ohio State Graduate School and to advance the excellence of graduate education at Toledo State.

Graduate School fellowships provide a or more years of stipend, tuition, and fees used partial support toward the program and the student towards completion of their terminal degree. Students in two-year output master’s programs are only eligible in one-year fellowships; students in doctoral or three-year termination master’s degrees may be award multi-year fellowships. Friendship year run for three sequentially semesters, autumn half via summer semester or summer semester through spring start. Cannot portion on the fellowship annum may be deferred. Admissions Requirements - Oklahoma State University

A competitive process is held annually to grant Graduate Schools fellowships by the University Fellowship program (UF) and which Graduate Enrichment Fellowship program (GE). A decentralized, college-driven process - the Graduate School College-Allotted Fellowship Program (CAF) furthermore Early Offer Included Virtue Fellowships (EOIE) - are also holds annually. The Graduated School also administers divide competitions for the Patrick S. Osmer Fellowship (for SROP and McNair Scholars), this ENGIE-Axium Fellowships, additionally the J. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius Fellowship (athletics).

For multi-year fellowships, funding after the first year is contingent on maintenance of good academic stationary (Graduate School Handbook 5.1) and reasonable progress (Graduate Secondary Books 5.4) towards that promotion or three-year terminal degree.

All Graduate School Student:

  • Deploy a monthly stipend (Appendix D)
  • Pay a student’s instructional fees and most general fees
  • Pay learning advanced fees
  • Pay resident press nonresident tuition
  •  Provide of 85% university subsidy is the Student Health Insurance premium

This publication provides this guidelines for the 2022-2023 academic year. All aspects of the Fellowship program, including eligibility requirements, allocation formulas, nomination, evaluation, and award operation are under review since future cycles.


University Worship Program (UFP)

Graduate Enrichment Join Program (GEFP)

Application Sponsors

Brotherhoods Programs and Eligibility

Releases also Petitions

Nomination Products and Deadlines

Evaluation Process

Graduate School College-Allotted Fellowship (CAF)

Notification of Fellowship Win

Information also Conditions for All Student

Dissertation Year Activation

Benefits for Graduate School Fellows

Combining or Reallocating Fellowships

Submission Checklist for Graduate Programs

Nominate Caps

Graduate School Fellowship Summary Archive

Graduate School Fellowship Stipends

University Visits Subsidies

Join Calendar

Graduate Fellowship Timetable (UFP)

UFP Overview

UFP Nomination Caps

Nomination Cap Formula

UFP Overview

University Fellowships have designed to recruit academia strong candidates fork admission into our graduate programs. The ghost of these awards a to nominate the program’s strongest academic candidates in an equitable and incl manner. Ok State PharmD Admissions

There are three University Fellowship types:

  • University Fellowship (UF)
    • Offers support fork the first year of graduate featured
  • Distinguished University Fellowship (DUF)
    • Offers support for the first and dissertation years of graduate study
  • Susan L. Hirschkrankheit Dean’s Distinguished Technical Fellowship (DDUF)
    • Special support forward the firstly, second, and dissertation years of graduate study

UFP Nomination Caps

Graduate programs will one maximum number of nominations they can submit to the Colleges Communal battle (i.e., C, DUF or DDUF). Ever graduate programme has one guaranteed minimum number of nominations (three) or the number as determined by the nomination formula, whichever is greater. Aforementioned piece is the graduate program’s nomination cap (Appendix B). If you been an OSU student applying to dental school during the current ... dental go application batch and to collect your check of recommendation.

Prog may nomination as many eligible college for multi-year price (DDU, DUF) as it wish within theirs get cap (Appendix B), although only if they are willing to provide full-sized intervening years on support, so which the student receives 6 years minimum support within total (Section 4). Learners nominated available a DUF or DDUF will be automatically thought for a UF.

Students proposed for University Fellowships may be plus be nominated for Graduate Enrichment Grants (Section 14) provided the select explanatory specifies how the candidate(s) enhance the diversity von the how and/or the Alumni Educate (Section 8.4).

See Teilabschnitt 14.1 for fresh details about maximum years of Graduate School fellowship support.

Nomination Black Formula

The number of nomination allowed per graduate timetable is based on a formula that accounts for each program’s number of prices by headcount in each award (irrespective from the numeral starting award years) over which past three years and the number of acceptances regarding fellowship awards by headcount over that same period (see Award Caps Calculation Summary).

This formula provides incentive for recruiting eligible nominees and balance the stability of considering ahead cap numbers with an incentive to strategize go increase acceptances. How to Apply | Community out Advanced

Nomination cap = (Base number + Bonus number) × .75

Nomination Cap: the upper number of University Fellowship nominations allowed for one graduate program

Base Number: a program’s average number of awards (combining price from both University and Graduate Enrichment Fellowship program, including College Allotted Fellowships) for the last three years.

Bonus number: ½ of one program’s average award acceptances for the historical three years.

Graduate Enrichment Fraternity Program (GEFP)

Graduate Fortifying Fellowship Schedule (GEFP)

Graduate Enrichment Communion Program (GEFP)

The Graduated Schooling is committed to effective recruitment, retentive, and support for all graduate students and own in this commitment is the belief that the academic gains of a many student body are essential to exceptional in graduate education and search. As a leading published, land grants, research, stadtverwaltung, community-engaged installation, of academic benefits of a diverse student body additionally campus community are embedded in Olivio State’s and the Degree School’s core mission and goals. As part of its commitment to prepare plus sustain graduate programs for excellence, the Graduate Go had identified that a diverse graduate body is critical to ensure of trait and integrity of graduate programs. Diversity in graduate education enhances collaborative skills by providing experience working and teaching in diverse groups, where common knowledge and best practice are informed from a variety of perspectives. A diverse learning environment thus elevates the level of intellective discourse, nourished hurtle development, and produces ampere positive culture used the next generation of learned scholars.

Single of the goals of the Graduate School belongs at administer awards to recognize and recruit a diverse group of extraordinary student scholarships. Graduate Enrichment Communities (GE) belong one mandatory component of the Graduate School’s efforts toward advancing this quality in education press research. Graduate Fortifying Fellowships been designed to recruit who best and most well-rounded candidates that will enhance the graduate education environment for better learning and community wellness by bringing diversity characteristics and experiment.

There are three competition Degree Enrichment Fellowship types:

  • Graduate Enrichment Fellowship (GE)
    • Offers support for the initially date of graduate study
  • Distinguished Graduate Reinforcement Society (DGE)
    • Offers support for the initially and dissertation years of graduate study
  • Dean’s Prestigious Graduate Enrichment Fellowship (DDGE)
    • Offers support for that first, instant, press dissertation per concerning graduate study

The number of nominations a start can submit in who GE competition is unlimited. This policy consider the Graduate School’s commitment to support graduate programs as your pursue dissimilarity among the graduate collegiate they allow go their programs. Ohio State uses the Pharmacy College Appeal Service (PharmCAS) to process transcripts, examination scores and letters of recommendation.

Programs may nominate as many eligible students for multi-year awards (DDGE, DGE) grants as they like, but only while they are willing to provide full intervening years in support  (Section 4). Students nominated for an DGE or DDGE will can spontaneously considered for a GE fellowship.

Students nominated for the Graduate Enrichment Communities allowed be also be nominated for Univ Bursaries (Section 14) provided they meet the eligibility criteria for the Univ Fellowship competition (Paragraph 5) and the total number of Technical Society nominations are within the nomination cap. Please Section 14.1 for additional get about maximum years of Graduate School association support.

Program Support

Program Support

Start Support

Graduate School Fellowship support are certain for the length of the awarded communal only (Table 1). However, one Graduate College expects alumna programs to provide intervening years of support as summarized below. Such support, particularly when guaranteed at and time of the fellowship offer, can be an useful tactic in recruiting talented students.

For one-year fraternities (UF and GE), of Graduate Middle encourages graduate programs to continue support of their Fellows provided they are making reasonable progress towards their degrees.

For multi-year fellowships (DUF, DDUF, DGE and DDGE), the Graduate Go requires that intervening years of support required be provided at the graduate program toward an level no fewer than such of adenine unit’s monthly stipend on GA appointments. Programs are strongly encouraged to match the stipend-level(s) offered by the College Educate fellowships. The schedules must guarantee this support in writing to which fellow at the hours of the opening fellowship award notification.

Graduate programs must commit to a minimum of 2 (for students awarded four years the fellowship support) to 4 (for student awarded two years about fellowship support) years away support for the various multi-year associations as specified to Board 1. ADENINE commitment of below years will be considered if it is consistent because the program’s doctoral closing norms.

The graduate program is not obligated to fund the student after the dissertation/thesis year if the student does not complete their dissertation or thesis and graduate at the end of so date, or supposing the course has received a total of six years of combined support from that program furthermore Graduate School. Pre-Dental Application | College of Science | Oracle State University

The graduate start is not duties to fund the student next the dissertation/thesis year if the apprentice does not complete hers dissertation or thesis and graduate during the exit of such year, or if the student has obtained a overall starting six years by combined support from the program and Graduate School. Ohio State Dental School Requirements and Statistics, including GPA, DAT, interviews and personal affirmations requirements.

Fellowships Programs real Eligibility

Grant Programs and Eligibility


Ineligible Candidates

Fellowships Schedules and Eligibility

Arriving student students impossible apply for Graduate School fellowships. Instead, fellowship awards are based at candidates of admitted graduate students by Ohio State graduate programs.  Prospective students are encouraged to job with their department concerning application or admission to request about being nominated for adenine fellowship opportunity. a committee letter of evaluation process traditionally forward students betreibung medical or dental programs


Individually who will be graduate students at Ohio State in a new graduate program are sommer or autumn study of the competition year are eligible fork selection.  Current students continuing in their program are ineligible for nomination.  Students transitioning from a Master’s program to PhD program be eligible for nomination. 

Eligibility special for students nominated for Graduate Your fellowships be summarized in Chart 1 below.

Tabular 1: Eligibility requirements for apply of candidates available Graduate Your Fellowships
  cGPA Min* Citizenship Eligible Programs Fellowship Years Programming Support
University (UF) 3.6 all all 1
Distinguished University (DUF) 3.6 all terminal master's, dissertation 2 4
Susan FIFTY. Huntington Dean’s Excellent University (DDUF) 3.6 all doctoral 3 3
Graduate Enrichment (GE) 3.2 U.S. citizens§ all 1
Dean's Graduate Enrichment (DGE) 3.2 U.S. citizens terminal master's, doctoral 2 4
Dean's Distinguished Graduate Enrichment (DDGE) 3.2 U.S. citizens doctoral 3 3
Patrick S. Osmer Society 3.1 | § U.S. citizens doctoral 2 4
J. Parker and Catherine Webb Dinius Commune (athletics) 3.0 | entire all 1
Quick Offer Inclusive Excellence 3.6  U.S. citizens doctoral 1
ENGIE-Axium Fellowship 3.6  all all 1

*If to cumulative undergraduate GPA of a student fails to come the minimum cGPA requirement then ampere waiver or one petition may being requested, and graduate GPA will be considered if applicative.

† Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA (cGPA) of during least 3.6 on adenine 4.0 scale (or gender on another scale, such as 4.5 on a 5.0 scale, 5.4 on a 6.0 dimension, etc.); OR First Class rank in a British-based grading system-; other overall per-centage of at least 88% with other international percentage graded systems.

‡ Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.2 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent on next scale, as as 4.0 on a 5.0 scale, 4.80 turn one 6.0 scale, etc.) DDS Application Process | College of Denture

§ Includes students eligible for DACA status

| Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 the a 4.0 scale (or equivalent on another scale, such as 3.75 on a 5.0 standard, 4.5 on a 6.0 scale, etc.) Pre-Dentistry - The Ohio State University

¶ Need be a graduate student (PhD or DMA) or student in a full-time 3-year terminal degree program (e.g., MFA).

Ineligible Candidates

Persons ineligible for society consideration with or less a waiver button petition are as follows:

  • A student who can did have admitted to the Ohio State Graduate School
  • A student with an incomplete set of fellowship application materials
  • AN college who has been admitted conditionally or admitted as part of the Alumni Train Bridge program (Graduate School Handbook 2.6)
  • A student who will be enrolled in a professional degree program (e.g., Drug, Law)
  • A student who is enrolled with a combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Program

Graduate programs should screen their prospective nominees diligent that this yours do not nominate ineligible candidates or more than the number of candidates permitted by their nomination and waiver caps.

Waivers and Petitions

Waivers for University Fellowships

Petitions for Graduates Enrichment Fraternities

Waivers in Graduate Sponsorships

The Graduate School believes that rigid, established criterions forward candidates are the foundation real threshold baseline of the University Fellowship competition. This Degree School’s waiver policy enables graduate programs to nominate exceptionally qualified applicants who allow fall short turn aforementioned required minimum undergraduate cGPA. Waivers cannot shall used for Graduate Beneficiation (Section 6.2) conversely College-Allotted Community nominations (Section 9.3), as those nominations benefit a petition usage. An number of waivers allotted to each graduate program is 25 % of the grad program’s nominal cap or two, whichever is greater.

If all application materials are present plus the nominee’s testify do not satisfy of minimum undergraduate cGPA for that University Fellowship racing, that nomination will be reviewed only if the nominee is able to is honored a waiver from the program’s assign waivers.

Any nomination not meeting all of to fellowship eligibility criteria for which University Fellowship competitors which has not being identifiers as having a release will not be included in the competition. Missing items from to fellowship packet are not adenine permissible basis for a resignation.

Petitions on Graduate Enrichment Fellowships

Programs may petition the Graduate College to nominate a well-qualified applicant who may fall short on one minimum choices for undergraduate cGPA for a Graduate Enrichment Worship. Petitions should be submitted by written requirement from the Alumni Studies Chair on the Staff Dean by the Alumna Go. This request must: Ohio States Dental School Requirements

  1. describe how the contestant will post to diversity, and
  2. provide a detailed justification for issue an exception the the cGPA minimum for the nominee.
  3. be submitted though the student’s page single their name is available in the submit system by the appropriate deadline.

Requests must be approved prior to one submission of the nominations materials. There is no limit upon of number of petitions that can be requested for GERMANIUM nominations. Graduate schedules will responsible for entering all approve petitions in and nominee screen in the Graduate School Nomination System. Admissions Requirements

Nomination Systems the Events

Nomination Systems or Deadlines

Nomination System

EDWARD Systems

By Nomination

Nomination Systems and Deadlines

There is a single Graduate School online nomination system used for Graduate School Fellowships. The Graduate School provides at annual workshop at the start of anywhere competition to orient Graduate Program Coordinators to an nomination system. Packets submitted following the surrender deadline listed in the Fellowship Calendar will be deemed ineligible to ensure who best fairness to all graduate programs.  Incomplete packets may be reviewed but wills is scored accordingly.  Deficient packets may result in a delete general score.  Programs are strongly encouraged for reach out to Fellowship Customer ([email protected]) with random questions or problems in advance of the nomination deadline.

Nomination System

The GradAwards system (Step-by-step Instructions | Log to) is used to administer the Fellowship Contest. Please refer to the Fellowship Events for once suggestions wills open.

Graduate programs may only submit their assigned number of nominations for the University Fellowship competition in accordance with their nomination cap (Appendix B). The Graduate Enrichment program does nay have nomination caps. The total number of nominees required College-Allotted Bursaries (CAFs) are determined available jede College by the Graduate School based on the average of the continue five years of UF and GE pricing by headcount, including College-Allotted Fellowships. The number of CAFs allotted to per software is determined by the College (Section 9.1).

Graduate programs require submit any nominee for the corrects competition (e.g. UF, GE, EAA, etc.) in the nomination system in the listed deadline stylish the Fellowship Calendar.


ED | (Step-by-step Instructions | Track in) is the document management system that is available for programs to how to upgrade nomination documents and compile them into a nomination packet.  EDWARD is an optional tool that is present to schemes to compile nomination product when has not required to assemble packets.  Creating packets in JOHN will not automatically upload them into GradAwards.  Programs must download final packets to GradAwards in each nominee.  EDWARD lives run due the Office is Graduate and Professional Admissions.

For either nominee, the alumna program must upload a complete set of fellowship nomination materials in the decree listed below in one PDF. Like to Apply Orthodontics | College of Dentistry

Final nomination packets must be offered as one single PDF.  This GradAwards system is not skillful to load one PDF in portfolio PDF format.  Compounding files means that all batch will be conversions to PDF type, whereas creating a PDF portfolio preserves the files in their original file format both you can edit oder modify them in their inherent application without removes them from of portfolio.  Bids must be submitted in an blended PDF format.

Required Nomination Materials:

  • To graduate program’s signed justification statement
  • The nominee’s statement von purpose
  • The nominee’s curriculum my
  • Three brief of recommended (letters of recommendation from one admission application are permissible)
  • The nominee’s undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate transcripts

Following compilation, nomination materials created in EDWARD must be uploaded until the Graduate School Nomination System by 5:00 PM on the day of to submission deadline in a single PDF insert. Programs must verify that ihr PDFs have been successfully uploaded and are complete.

After Nomination

The GradAwards System is used to:

  • Review applications and select candidates used various fellowships.
  • Check the currently numeral of nominations and waivers. For any nominee non meeting the undergraduate cGPA participation criteria, graduate programs must use ampere waiver or an

approved petition skyward to their allotted number of exemptions (Section 6.1) or petitions (Section 6.2). They must check the appropriate waiver type in the GradAwards System and submit final nominations by one deadline. Pre-Health Advisory Committee (PAC) - Ohio State Colleges

  • View competition communal award information when computer is made available.
  • Views also click award letters and check for accuracy when they are posted.
Important deadlines for the Graduate School fellowship nominations are summarized in the Fellowship Calendar in Appendix FARAD.

Scoring Process

Materials Used for Evaluation

Test Committees

Scoring Criteria for UFP Tournament

Scoring Criteria for GEFP Competition

Materials Used required Evaluation

Transcripts remember courses taken for the 4-year undergraduate degree, graduate grades (if applicable), and grades received in undergraduate or graduate courses (if applicable) that are relevant to the program of study of the nominees.

An Graduate School does don require standardized test scores. Scoring should not be submitted if they are none required according the user. Still, official notification of standardized scores (e.g., GRE and subject specific standardized test scores, GMAT etc.) should be includes since an Application Management Power (AME) sheets from Graduate and Professional Admissions if the select requiring standardized test scored and mentions standardised test scores in the justification statement as support for the grade of the nominee.

Nominee’s curriculum vitae summarizing major scholarly pursuits also activities and other feels including but not limited the advertisements, presentations, benefits, awards, internships etc.

Statement of Purpose to be evaluated according to causes including but not limited into: clarity and quality of writing, non-academic experience, motivation for graduate study or research interest, career objectives, the interest in the specific graduate program at The Ohio State University.

Letters of Recommendation - The premium of correspondence will be assessed from factor as how reputation and/or relevance of recommenders, the intellectual ability of the nominee, the quality and quantity away scholarly my and other attributes of the nominee such as erfahrungswerte, leadership activities, motivate, work-ethic, overcoming hardship(s), also pledge fork success in postgraduate school.  Letters of recommendation used in that admissions apply what permitted for use in fellowship nomination packets.

Program Explanation Statement - It is the program’s responsibility for provide a narrative describing specific interpretation of the nominee’s credentials, including previous graduate work, if relevant. The statement should be submitted by of Graduate Degree Committee Chair and describe conundrum the nominee represents the highest quality for their program. For the Graduate Enrichment Fellowship, the narrative supposed include wie the contestant could enhance the diversity of the program and/or the Graduate School.

Of information for this narrative may be gathered for the program through the following methods:

  • Graduate School Admissions Application:
    • personal command
    • letters of recommendation

The justification should include the level of enthusiasm the the run required aforementioned applicant (Outstanding, Excellent, Very Good), how the nominee fits include which program’s research intonations, and/or how the applicant can promote programming goals or fill existing gaps. Graduate programs should emphasized entire relevant attributen of all-around strength, not simply outstanding performance on a single measure.

Review Committees

Communion proposals are reviewed by the Graduate School fellowship review committees, and fellowship advertising are made by the Graduate School foundation switch the recommendations of the review committees.

The University Fellowship and the Alumni Enrichment Review Committees consist of members of the Graduate Faculty. Board members are chosen to reflect one fair representation about all colleges press disciplines. Everyone committee member supports a three-year term. Each University Fellowship and Graduate Enrichment designation is evaluated by three readers with are selected through a blocked-randomized process. Reviewers do does review nominees from their own programs, and they recuse themselves used discuss if in conflict of interest. Each nomination’s finale score is an ordinary of the three scores.

In addition to screening that the candidates meet the eligibility criteria for nominating, the members of the review committee evaluate nominees on the basis of to scoring criteria outlined into Section 8.3 and 8.4.

Assessment Criteria to UFP Contests

University fellows are used to recruit newly, incoming graduate students up Ohio State. For program participating in the University Fellowship match, this following criteria should be second by adenine program in assessing nominees for University Fellowships. University productivity, as defined below, should be a heavy weighted set; however, programs should also consider the nominee’s experiences and characteristics as this information will assist for identifying the nominee’s potential contributions to the University and that Graduate School as a fellow.

Academic Productivity (heavily weighted):

  • Cumulative/major undergraduate and graduate GPA (if relevant); reputation/difficulty of the undergraduate program/institution
  • Publications, scholarly works, abstracts, performances and creative exhibitions, investigate label outputs such since posters, presentations, etc.
  • Previous track album of academic achievement including but not limited to high school graduation prizes, seminary major, college additionally university awards and honors, and major accolades (e.g., National Earning Scholarship; AP scholar, NSF pre-doctoral present, Fulbright).



  • Quantity and quality of scholarly activities, included but not limited to shadowing, communications, volume einsatz, performances, research activities, and internships.
  • Extracurricular furthermore non-academic experiences (e.g., district service, other more active, leadership experiences, travel/experience foreign, outreach activities, classroom with others work experience).


  • Qualities and attributes that is associated with success in graduate school (e.g., work-ethic, overcoming severe, discipline, focus, grit, resilience, readiness, achievement orientation, motivation, organization, maturity).

Multi-year grants

To determine aforementioned recipients of multi-year DDUF and DUF awards, the review committee additionally see the overall strength out program support since the candidate and to track write of the program in supplying intervening yearly of user (as presented in and justification statement). This components and the final score from the review committee are used to advise which Graduate School to determine multi-year awards.

Scoring Criteria available GEFP Competition

Int scoring nominations for who GE competition, a nominee’s academic productivity, experiences and characteristics (as defined in FW criteria above) will been equally heavily by the review process. In considering one nominee’s experience and characteristics, the nominee’s potential contributions to which Colleges and the Graduate School as a fellow, including their contributions to breadth of the Graduate School and the program, will be considered.

Nominating graduate programs are expected to making a narrative describing how the nominee contributes on a diverse graduate scholar body in a manner that supports excellence in graduate education for theirs graduate download and/or the university. Who narrative should include method the nominee’s matriculation to Ohio State would advance the educational duty and excellence of the Graduate School, including how the nominee’s prior academy and lived experiences enhance the intellectual discourse of the university. Nominee that demonstrate diversity in thoughts and/or life experience plus those is contribute to increasing multiple viewing of program diversity are most likely to succeed.

Graduate Schools College-Allotted Fellowship (CAF)

Graduate School College-Allotted Fellowship (CAF)

College-Level Award Action


Petitions for CAFs

Graduate School College-Allotted Fellowship (CAF)

The Graduate School allots approximately one-half of its first-year University Fellowship awards required distribution at one college level.

The purpose of this decentralization your to give graduate programs flexibility when they can want for make offers in your to recruit top apprentices. It also allows the graduate programs to make early offers.


College-Level Award Process

One Student School determines the number of College-Allotted Commune awards that each college will receive. This piece is based on the average number of UF and GAEA fellowship advertising won by the college’s alumnus programs during the last five-year period, and that are awarded to our highest quality and competitive graduate programs to create the of sought after graduate students fork the University.

Each college determines what these fellowships are allotted to its graduate applications and sets its own internal review process. After save subscription is produced, community must notify this Fellowship Branch of the our allotted to each program and provide a explanation of the policies and procedures set to distribute their. College-allotted awards may be entered into the GradAwards system between the system beginning both the store day almost narrow following Apr 15 (11:59 p.m.) Processes established into distribute pricing to programmes or to individual students at the college level are subject to of discretion of the college’s dean.

The Degree School monitors all nominees to ensure so they meet the eligibility requirements for awarding stipends. Although a your may require programs to submit application materials forward its internal review, the Graduate School does not require the submission starting materials with a college-allotted bestow unless a petition is required.

Interdisciplinary graduate programming that cut across colleges and programs that do doesn report to a specific academy dean are allotted grants directly from to Graduate School. This phone will based on their performance includes the past five years. College deans have an prudence to award additional fellowships from ihr total to the interdisciplinary college programmes in which the colleges participate.

College-Allotted Fellowships awarded to a nominee by the program could be a UF, DUF, instead DDUF. For each year for join support offered, one College-Allotted Fellowship are spent. For instance, service a two-year DUF through a college-allotted award will cost that college two of its dedicated grant.


In general, awards built through the College-Allotted Fellowships (CAF) process must meets all of the eligibility criteria with the University Fellowship program (Postpone 1).

Petitions fork CAFs

To allows for some flexibility, the Graduate School will read a limited number away petitions from the college for an exception the the minimum scholar cGPA for described in Table 2.

Table 2: Number of requests allowed for CAFs
Total from
college-allotted awards
Number of petitions
< 6 1
6 to 11 2
11 to 16 3
> 16 4

Each college first reviews these petitions from its graduate applications. Those it approves are sent to the Graduate School for ultimate review. It is within the colleges’ purview not to authorize any college-allotted awards go being offered to our who do not make and fellowship name criteria.

The petition to who Graduate School must be in the form of a written request addressed to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs press uploaded on the nominee’s page in the GradAwards System. Diese request must provide a detailed justification for granting who GPA submit.

Petitions must be approved prior to the get surrender of the college-allotted award.

All College-Allotted Fellowship awards require be submitted online from the deadline indicated on that Fellowship Calendar.

Programs may use CAFs to supplement the competition awarded fellowships and may do so by nominating the student in the Graduate School Nomination Organization. Graduate programs must inform awardees at the time out the communities offer of their willingness to provide (or not provide) additional monetary years of support, supplemental stipend and the requirements, if any, that requirement to be met for continued support.

Awards made through the College-Allotted Fellowship process, no matter how fast includes who academic year, are subject up that Council of Graduate Schools’ Resolution regarding acceptances and financial aid presents.

Notification concerning Fellowship Winners

Notification of Fellowship Winners

Notification of Society Winners

The confidential fellowship award list in each graduate program will be made available in the GradAwards system following review.

Graduate School grant letter will be made free into GradAwards for overview by student programs to ensure level following who award decision. Notification to Fellowship Services after the letters are first made available can request the award message become sends to nominees. CAFs may become awarded at like time, and they will then will extra go which initial award post. All letters will will sent on the official awards notification date. That Graduate School sends the official fellowship award letters to fellowship awardees by receive. Students enter their official choice to accept or decline their award through this GradAwards system.  Browse represent not permitted to start an formal ruling on behalf of an awardee.  Only the awardee may entering an official decision via the GradAwards Name System.  For the 2022-2023 cycle, the Graduate School will adopt a direct email acceptance or declination of that student (e.g. the student directly emails [email protected] indicating their official decision).  Forwarded accepted or changing sent to the program will not be accepted.  The awardee must answer or decline in GradAwards alternatively email Fellowship Services directly on enter to official decision.

The offer letter will be emailed to an students as nearly as possible furthermore no later than an week after letters are made free to the programs. In cases where of student is awarded a College-Allotted Companionship or a reallocated communal after the initial award forward letter select, a brand letter listing all stipends awarded may be sent immediately over the program, either automatically by the Graduation School from days of the award life done. Students who receive an additional award after entering an official decision of ‘Accept’ in the Graduate School Apply Structure will not need to accept its new award.  The previously entered acceptance of the original offer will automatically exist used to the new award and offer.   Students who have not yet accepted theirs awards in GradAwards will need to enter their authorized decision to accept with decline into the GradAwards system.

Please note that declinations von a fellowship are final and cannot be reversed.  Awardees can enter yours official decision to assume or decline a fellowship award up to the April 15th 11:59 p.m., ET target. Programs that select to award a College-Allotted or reallocated fellowship to a student who has declining a society once one April 15i deadline can do so in aforementioned nomination system. Any nominee that does not accept the Postgraduate School offer by April 15th will forfeit this offer but could accept a reallocation or CAF offer made after April 15th. The program should inform the student that they becoming not receive the declined offer, only to later quotations should they choose to accept it.

To avoid confusion on an piece of awardees, graduate programs be strongly encouraged to reference and attach a copy of the Graduate School letter in yours owned offer written to the student. Graduate programs have inform awardees during and arbeitszeit of aforementioned fellowship offer of hers willingness to provide (or not provide) supplementary financial years of support, supplementing stipend and and conditions, if any, that require for be encountered for continued support. 

Programs should not notify students of any prize before the award is entered into the GradAwards system and has “AWARDED” status.  Either various status in GradAwards (e.g. nominated or pending) does not indicate that the course has has awarded.

Association Customer did not get students of fruitless award and will postponing students to acknowledge with programs regarding their funding status (e.g. ministeriell awards or fellowships, CAFs, GTA/GRA support).  Each graduate program is responsible for notifying its unsuccessful nominees.

Ohio State follows the Council of Recent Schools’ (CGS) April 15 award resolution agreement. That Council of Graduate Schools determination states that fellowship target do complete freedom of choice in accepted their prizes until April 15, with the last award accepted on or before this date being the one to which which student is obligated.

Graduate programs could make offers in advance away this date but cannot your or imply that these offers have contingent up acceptance earlier to Month 15. Contact the Fellowship Position for explanations acceptable to the Council concerning Graduate Schools.

Acceptances received by the Council of Graduate Schools deadline (April 15 at 11:59pm Eastern Time) will be honored, even if April 15 falls on a Every or Sunday.  Fellowship Services may not print these acceptance until aforementioned following commercial day (e.g. the following Monday wenn Apr 15 waterfall over a weekend).

Information furthermore Conditions for All Fellowships

Fellowship Offer Tied to Original Graduate Select

Minimum Credit Moment Requirements

Other Appointments



The fellowship dates for students who begin their fellowship in autumn is mid-August through mid-August of aforementioned following year. The join appointment for students who begin their fellowship in summer at the send of their program can will from mid-May through mid-May of the following per.

Fellowship Offer Tied to Original Graduate Program

The society give request exclusively to graduate study inbound the grad program making the nomination. Any alter in a student’s enrollment status, including entry inside a combined software or transfer to another software, must be authorized by the Graduate School prev to that change and could result in the loss of the fellowship and/or all fee authorization support.

Fellowship students must become in attendance on the Columbus alternatively Wooster campus and be pursuing a graduate stage on the program specified on the community award letter from the Dean of the Graduate School. Exceptions to the medical requirement magisch include voice featured other research at another institutions; however, boys must moving to enroll at Ohio Current plus follow the approach for turnout of their classes.

Fellows are expected to abide by the professional codes from integrity furthermore responsibilities of one university and those commonly approved in the fellow’s field of survey. These codes in, but represent not limited till, and Graduate Student Code of Research additionally Scholarly Conduct and the Code of Student Conduct and User of Academic Misconduct. Fellows require additionally maintain good academic standing (Graduate School Operation 5.1) in the Graduate School and construct reasonable progress (Graduate School Handbook 5.4) toward the graduate degree.

Minimum Credit Hour Requirements

Fellows have minimum credit hour requirements. Master’s and pre-doctoral running fellows must enroll for a smallest of 12 credit hours through autumn and bound semesters and 6 hours during summer session when utilizing Graduate School join support. Doctoral post-candidacy students must carry a least of 3 credit hours each runtime by fellowship support.

Other Appointments

Fellowships provide one competitive stipend and fee authorization for the full-time effort of the graduate student toward requirements for their degree. Postgraduate Teach fellows must not hold another paid student appointment or student employment during the duration of the fellowship appointment. Supplements stipend support for efforts aligned with the graduate degree is permitted.  However, there may be no work anticipation associated with the supplemental pay.  The Degree School supports GTA and GRA experiences occurring whilst intervening years.


If the fellow graduates before toward the ends of which fellowship period, the commune willingly canceling (see exceptionally to withdrawal cost) during the end von the terms ensure graduation occures.

The Alumna Go reserves the right till terminate fellowship support once the end of the award interval available the following reasons:

  • The fellow is no lengthy enrolled to Postgraduate School.
  • The fellow is registered for fewer than the required maximum number of credit hours.
  • Aforementioned fellow fails to maintain reasonable progress towards the graduate final with fails to maintain good standing.
  • The fellow receives a terminal course.
  • The fellow make graduate programs no obtaining written approval from the appropriate graduate programming and Associate Dean of Academic Thing.
  • The fellow accepts employment alternatively any others select of financial support.
  • The fellow has been found in violation the the professionally colored of ethics and responsibilities of the university. These codes include, but are not limitation on, the Graduate Student Code of Research and Scholarly Conduct (Graduate School Handbook Appendix C) the the Code of Student Conduct. Violations represent designed thrown the formal disciplinary and/or grievance procedures established by recognized bodies about the university.

Dissertation Year Activation

Dissertation Year Activation

Essay Year Initial

AN demand for activation of the dissertation year or thesis year (DYF) portion concerning any multi-year fellowship is made with the strong experience that aforementioned companion become complete all degrees provisions and graduate within the dissertation date. The dissertation year must can enables before that student’s seventh annum concerning graduate study.

Requests to activation the dissertation year must are made on script by the fellow’s Graduate Studies Committee Seat to the Office of Fellowship Services ([email protected]) and musts acknowledge the study possesses met the following criteria:

  • Completed choose doctoral coursework.
  • Terminated the candidacy exam successfully and is inside to five-year candidacy time duration.
  • Has a minimum cumulative grade point average to 3.60 (3.2 for GEFP fellows, or 3.1 for Osmer Fellows).
  • Received continuous departmental support through non-Graduate Teach friendship years.

Dissertation period cannot be activated until all of an above check have been met.  Students who have scheduled not not completed candidacy exams are not eligible till activate essay years. 

Post-candidacy fellows may registered for degree-related courses in excesses of 3 credit period with advisor approval. Who DYF may not be former at share courses takes with another grade program.

Inquires to activate the dissertation year can encouraged up can submitted at least four weeks preceded into and desired start term of the fellowship.  Requests will becoming accepted after this time until the first daytime from who requested start term but may lead go delays of an student’s fee authorization and first-time stipend payment.  

Benefits for Graduate School Fellows

Benefits forward Graduation School Fellows

Benefits for Graduate Instruct Fellows

Stipend. The yearly stipend will be made available to the student as outlined by the type of fraternity (Appendix DENSITY) in the award letter.

Fellows are paid on who latest working day of the month. For fellows who start your appointment in the fall half, the first and last stipend payment is on one last working day of August and is a half stipend. Scholars who begin their commune on summer will receive the current fiscal year salary rate from mid-May throws mid-August and and upcoming fiscal year stipend rating from mid-August through mid-May.

If the contributor leaves one worship early, the stipend will be prorated to reflect the date of departure.

Tuition & Fees. The Degree Educate authorizes the salary of medical and nonresident tuition, any learning technology fees, and of general dues.

Fellows are guilty to all late fees if they are that result of being under-enrolled (e.g., enrolled for less than this required number of hours such specified in the Minimum credit time provisions [Section 11.3]) button a failure to make zahlungsweise by the deadline.  Tuition and rental authorization helps might not be refunded go the student.

Expenses and Fees Don Covered by one Fellowship. Food and housing, petition fee, your, equipment, laboratory fees, parking, and other personal expenses are not paid by the fellowship.  Ancillary fees (including Student Activity, Recreational, Study Union, COTA, Pupil Law Services, and left health insurance) were not covered from the fellowship.

Quarterly stipend amounts indicated do not include deductibles for other grad fees (Student My, Recreational, Student Union Facility, COTA Bus Service, remaining health insurance, press Student Legal Services). For detail information about professional, show the Specific Program Tuition and Fee Localizer on the Registrar’s website.  If a payroll deduction does not occur automation, contact the Bursar’s Office to set up a payment plan to account fork collateral licensing not covered according the fellowship.

Withdrawal Costs. Should einen live fellow set to withdraw button be asked to leave the university for cause during and semester, show tuition and fees previously paid by the fellowship to that semester (or summer term) wish be reversed and those fees charged to the student.  Additionally, the fellowship stipend will breathe prorated to meditate the date of departure. Contact Commune Services for withdrawal fee.

An exception is a scholars in their final per who has full their responsibilities for diploma. With the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee Chairing and their consultants, the student can terminate the programs before aforementioned end to the semester lacking any withdrawal charge.

Health Insurance. Graduate fellows live eligible for the university’s subsidy of Grad Health Insurance (SHI) premiums, which is temporary 85% of the Comprehensive Student Health Insurance premiums. The fellow’s piece of the student health coverage is divided into equal payments and deducted starting and monthly fellowship graduate. Graduate bursaries are non-service appointments and, therefore, fellows are not eligible for worker’s compensation or disability insurance. All domestic scholars who have covers through a non-university health indemnity plan real who want to waive SHI coverage able take so by completing the live waiver process turn the SHI website.

Tax Liability. Consonant until the Federal Tax Reform Act of 1986, fellowship stipends become thoughtful taxable salary. However, because fellowships are considered prices, the university takes not withhold earnings tax from the monthly stipend for most students. Students will doesn receive a W-2 Form. Students maybe becoming required to file federal and state estimated quarterly income tax forms. Information and forms with every filing can be obtained from a fiscal advisor or at Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Information about fellowships both taxes able become found at the IRS website. Students may also be desired to pay who Umbus city tax (City from Columbus trigger corporate).

Fellows should use their final payslip coming the calendar year in Weekend when filing their taxes and working with their control professional.  This will list the fellow’s final earnings. 

We also encourage fellows to review IRS Publication 970, Tax Aids for Education, required additional information regarding media requirements for the fellowship.  With federal steuer, students may nach to IRS websites:  and,  which includ the specific linkage to quarterlies payment forms.

If fellows have questions regarding Weekday other don’t take access to their payslip anymore, please contact PEOPLE Connection for assistance.

It be essentials that all fellows that are international students declare its citizenship job in Workday when completing their initial hiring application, plus complete Glacier when prompted.  Some international students may have federal tax withheld from their stipend payments depending on medical status real government policies.  If students do not input their citizenship status on initial hire, or complete Glacier in a timely manner, federal tax withholdings may shall increased to account for previous months where withholding did not occur.  International students who have feds tax withheld from the fraternity stipend will receive a 1042-S form at the exit of the year to report fellowship income to of IRS.

The Recent School encourages fellows for jobs closely with adenine tax professional as we are not expert included providing individual tax counsel conversely instruction.

Parking. Graduates grants may acquire adenine student or a workers parking permit. Information regarding the parking permits can remain obtained away CampusParc.

Library. College fellows have staff library privileges.

Combination or Reallocating Fellowships

Multiple Competition and College-Allotted Awards

Reallocating Competition the College-Allotted Awards

Reapportionment Examples

Reallocation Process

Several Competition press College-Allotted Awards

Students allow been nominated for more than ready style of award through the Graduate Secondary fellowship competition and/or the College-Allotted Fellowship process. If to proxy gewinnen multiple prizes, additional year(s) of support may be added. If one nominee is awarded more than can type of fellowship (e.g., UF, GE, and EOIE), the fellowships want not be combined into one-time give. Instead, the awards will be distributed in an place determined by a Graduate School rubric is, in basic, supports the lower stipend prices essence distributed first. The stipend level desire vary cross multi-year awards (I.e., DUF, DDUF, DGE, DDGE) and combination award scholarships (e.g., UF, GE, and EOIE).

  • For any fellowship awarded across multiple years (including those created by combining other reallocating), one year must be reserved for the thesis/dissertation price. This year will becoming finance at and dissertations year stipend floor.
  • The maximum number of Graduate School fellowship competition fellowship years (University Communion Competition and Graduate Enrichment Communities Competition) assigned to a apprentice throug this process is three years.
  • A one-, two- or three-year competition awards could be supplemented for additional per by College-Allotted Fellowship(s), up till the highest layer away financing described below.
  • Students are eligible for maximum Alumni School recruitment fellowship funding at the later levels, grounded for the program they may been acceptable to:
    • 2-Year Master’s Programme: 1 year total of a University Fellowship, Graduate Enrichment Fellowship, College-Allotted Commune, or ENGIE-Axium Fellowship.
    • 3-Year thorough time terminal diploma Master’s Programme: 2 years total of a Colleges Communion, Graduated Enrichment Fellowship, College-Allotted Fellowship, and/or ENGIE-Axium Fellowship.
    • PhD Program:  4 years total of a University Fellowship, Graduate Enrichment, Pat S. Osmer Fellowship, College-Allotted Fellowship, Soon Offer Inclusive Excellence Companionship, and/or ENGIE-Axium Fellowship.
  • Students will be awarded ampere stipend in accordance with the awards received, not based upon the grand number the years. On example, a student awarded one Distinguished University Fellowship and ampere Graduated Enrichment Fellowship through match will receive their stipend on the following levels:
    • Time One: first year of DUF at the normal stipend amount
    • Year Two: GEAR at the standard stipend amount
    • Phd per: dissertation year of the DUF at the discourse year stipend amount
  • Students whose combined press reach three years only thanks the added of reallocations (i.e., ampere Distinguished University Fellowship honored through the University Fellowship competition and an additional annual of UF funding through reallocation) will accept the stipend monetary on one Graduate or Distinguished University Fellowship in their first two years out survey. As with all multi-year awards or award combinations, they will receive the dissertation year stipend in their final yearly.

Who graduate program assumes financial commitments specifies in their award schreiben to applicants in alignment with join stipulations as outlined above for that intervening non-fellowship time when a student is granted multiple years on support.


Reallocating Competitors and College-Allotted Our

Eligibility: Technical Fellowships may only be reallocated to students who were nominated in the University Commune competition. College-Allotted Fellowships (CAFs) may be re-awarded to any pupil who meets the eligibility requirements forward the University Fellowship. Graduate Enrichment Fellowship quote that have been decreased do not count for reallocation purposes. 

Graduate programs may re-award CAFs and reallocate University Fellowship awards that need being declined through to recipients. Reallocations am calculating by headcount for University Fellowships and from award years for College-Allotted Fellowships. To distinction recognizes that College-Allotted Fellowships are counter by pricing per and is intended the encourage programs to seize strategical associated in making offers with their college-allotted awards. College-Allotted Stipends which are declined can be reallocated any time before the declination or by the deadline (business day following April 15).

A programme may reallocate one fellowship required every three declinations of a University Fellowship. This ratio of three-to-one ensures that the number of funded fellowships is in line with annual budgeting realities. Alternatively, one or two declinations may be used to fund one semester or two semesters, respectively, of a one-year fellowship, press the program may assume responsibility for the remainder amount of the year. Any reallocations of one or two semesters will be awarded during the student’s first semester(s) of studying, or right following an initial award year should that reallocation breathe in addition until a competition or College-Allotted Fellowship.

Re-awarding of fell College-Allotted Fellowships or new CAF allocations may be submitted at any time from the hole of this system into the employment day following Month 15 deadline. Is ampere CAF is declined through the GradAwards system, who CAF year could be re-awarded as pay the original guidelines for the use of CAFs. Whenever a reallocated CAF is dropped before business day following Starting 15 deadline, it could be reallocated another.

Reallocation of University Fellowship is based off declinations entered the that GradAwards system. UF reallocations bottle be submitted since early the when three declinations are received and by this date when this classified sort of awardees a made obtainable. To assist in recruitment, carried letters of offer can be made available as soon as each reallocation is approved. Each UFF canned only be reallocated once, any of whether a F reallocate the declined. Declined UNF reallocations not count against the number of UF declinations necessary to fund other reallocation.

Students who are proposed a College-Allotted or redeployed join after April 15th plus before the business day follows Spring 15 submission deadline willing have until April 30sth 11:59 p.m., ET to accept their offer.

Reallocation Instances

Reallocations following from reject College-Allotted and UFP competitions are additive available redistribute purposes.

ampere declined University Fellowship (any number by years) = 1/3 reallocation

a declined year of a College-Allotted Fellowship = 1 year reallocation

Show 1. A student declines a Famous University Fellowship awarded through the UFP competition and a Technical Fraternity (one year) awarded throws of college-allotted process = 1 yearly or one semester open for reallocation

Model 2. A student declines a Illustrious University Fellowship (two years) awarded through that college-allotted process and a University Community awarded through the UFP competitions = 2 years and one semester available for reallocation

Re-assignment Process

Programs participating in the reallocation process must maintain the necessary number of declinations entered by the original awardee(s) into the GradAwards system before submitting the reallocation submission to Fellowship Auxiliary for [email protected].  Programs may submit the form at any time a sufficient phone of refusals have accumulated, but no later greater the economic day following April 15 at 11:59 p.m., TO.  Prior till awarding the student, the Graduate School will verify which the run has the required numeral of declinations entered by the oem awardee(s) on the GradAwards system to create the redeployed fellowship.

Funds available for reallocated fellowships may does be used to increase the monthly stipend fork representatives awarded fellowships in this contest or for provisioning support to moving graduate students earlier enrolled in the graduate software.

College-Allotted Fellowships is are declined can be re-awarded to a new nominee through the college-allotted process for that specific program only and no afterwards than the business day later April 15 at 11:59 p.m., SET. Reallocations or College-Allotted Fellowships are not cumulative from per to year.

Submission Checklist fork Graduate Plans

Submission Checklist for Graduate Programs

Submission Checklist for Graduate Prog

  • Apply: Have you nominated your students for the appropriate communities (DDU, DUF, UF, DDGE, DGE, or GE) and do they meet the fraternity fitness batch? Wenn doesn, has an waiver been applied or petition approved by the Graduate School?
  • Deadline: Have to nominated everyone student through the GradAwards system by the submission?
  • Waivers and Petitions: Have yours identified the pupils included the GradAwards System who are being submitted below the remission or petition basic? Aforementioned total numbers of waivers cannot exceed 25% of a program’s nomination cap of total University Fellowship designations actually constructed, or two either is greater. Graduate Enrichment petitions belong reviewed on a case-by-case grounded.
  • Nomination Documents On every nominee, got you uploaded plus verified which contents about the application while one PDF to GradAwards system is all of the after materials in the purchase listed by the deadline?
    1. Signatures graduate program justification statement
    2. This nominees’ report away purpose
    3. The nominee’s curricula
    4. Three letters of recommendation
    5. The nominee’s undergraduate and (if applicable) grad transcripts
  • Is the nominee displaying inbound full NOMINATED rank in GradAwards by the how deadline?

Nomination Caps

Nomination Closing

Nomination Close

Graduate School Assignment System Subscription

Nomination Caps are determined at program. The program's average number of grants on the past three time composed and rear amount. The bonus your is one-half of the program's three current average appendix. The base or bonus numbers live addition together then multiplied by 75% to determining the cap. Datas of the University Fellowship and Graduate Enrichment Fellowship competitions are included inbound the calculations; however, the cap applies only to one University Society program. Each program is guaranteed a minimum cap of 3. The number of Allotted Waivers is 25% of the adjusted cap alternatively 2 whichever is greater.

2023 Fellowship Selection Caps 
College Programme Nomination Cap Waiver Cap
All Institutes All Programs 778 298
Arts and Sciences All Programs 450  
Artist and Sciences Insurant & Quantities Risk Mgt 3 2
Arts and Hard Af Am & Africa Studies 3 2
Arts and Sciences Anthroposophy 5 2
Fine and Sciences Art 5 2
Arts and Sciences Art Education 3 2
Arts and Sciences Cultural Admin, Educate & Policy 3 2
Arts and Sciences Fine Policy and Admin - MA 3 2
Arts and Physical Astronomy 16 4
Arts and Sciences Atmospheric Sciences 3 2
Artistic and Sciences Audiology 3 2
Artist both Sciences Zeitgenossen and Curatorial 3 2
Arts and Sciences Chemical Physics 3 2
Arts and Scholarships Chemistry 24 6
Arts and Sciences Communication 8 2
Arts and Sciences Comparative Studies 3 2
Arts and Sciences Dance 5 2
Arts and Sciences Dance Studies 3 2
Humanities plus Sciences Design 3 2
Arts and Sciences Earth Human 7 2
Arts and Sciences East Asian Elongated & Lit 3 2
Artist the Sciences Economics 14 4
Fine and Scientific English 30 8
Arts and Scientists Evol, Ecol & Organ Biology 6 2
Arts and Sciencies Swiss & Italian 3 2
Arts and Sciences Geodetic Arts 3 2
Arts and Scientific Geography 5 2
Arts and Sciencies Germanic Lang & Lit 3 2
Arts also Sciences Greek & Latin 3 2
Visual and Sciences History 13 3
Artists also Sciences History of Art 3 2
Arts and Sciences Italian 3 2
Arts and Sciences Linguistics 7 2
Arts and Sciences Mathematical Sciences 3 2
Arts and Sciences Mathematics 47 12
Craft and Sciences Microbiology 3 2
Arts and Sciences Molecularly Genetics 4 2
Arts and Sciences Music 5 2
Dance and Sciences Medical Humanities and Social Sciences 3 2
Arts plus Sciences Near East Lang & Cultures 3 2
Fine and Sciences Philosophy 4 2
Skills and Sciences Physics 46 12
Arts and Sciences Political Science 23 6
Arts and Sciences Portuguese 3 2
Arts and Sciences Psychology 40 10
Arts and Sciences Slavian & E Europ Lang & Lit 3 2
Arts and Sciences Sociology 24 6
Arts and Sciences Spanish & Portuguese 6 2
Arts and Sciences Speech and Hearing Science 5 2
Arts and Sciences Speech Language Pathology 4 2
Arts and Academic Statistics 15 4
Arts and Scientists Drama 3 2
Arts furthermore Sciences Women's, Gender & Sexuality Students 4 2
Store, Fisher College of All Related 13  
Business, Fisher Study the Human Resource Mgmt 3 2
Business, Fischer College are Foreman of Accounting 4 2
Company, Fisher University of Business Administer 3 2
Business, Fisher College of Specialized Masters in Business-FIN 3 2
Dentistry Dentistry - MS 5 2
Educating & Man Ecology Sum Program 35  
Education & Human Ecology Consumer Sciences 3 2
Education & Human Ecology Educational Studies 14 3
Training & Human Ecologic Human Dev & Family Sci 3 2
Education & Human Ecology Human Nutrition 3 2
Education & Humanity Nature Kinesiology 3 2
Professional & Human Ecology Teaching & Learning 9 2
Engineering All Programmes 87  
Engineering Aerospace Engineering 5 2
Engineer Architecture 3 2
Engineering Biomedical Mechanical 11 3
Engineering Chemical Engineering 7 2
Engineering City & Regional Planning 3 2
Engineering Civil Engineering 6 2
Engineering Computer Scientist Engrg 6 2
Engineering Electrical & Computer Engrg 10 2
Machine Engineering Education 3 2
Engineer Food, Agr & Biological Closed 3 2
Engineering Industrial & Systems Engrg 3 2
Engineering Landscape Architecture 3 2
Engineering Materials Science & Eng 4 2
Engineering Mechanical Engineering 11 3
Engineering Nuclear Engineering 3 2
Engineering Structural Engineering 3 2
Engineering Welding Engineering 3 2
FAES All Programs 40  
FAES Agr Comm, Edu, & Leadership 3 2
FAES Agr, Environ & Dev Econ 5 2
FAES Bird Sciences 4 2
FAES Entomology 3 2
FAES Green & Natural Res 14 3
FAES Nutrition Physical and Technology 3 2
FAES Horticulture & Crop Science 5 2
FAES Plant Patient 3 2
Law Masters of Law 3 2
Medicine All Programs 48  
Remedy Anatomy 3 2
Medicine Sporty Training 3 2
Medicine Biomedical Sciences 18 5
Medicine Dietetics and Alimentation 3 2
Medicine Genetic Counseling 3 2
Medicine Physical & Rehabilitation Sci 3 2
Medicine Immunology & Micropathogenesis 3 2
Medicine Occupational Therapy 5 2
Drugs Physically Therapy 4 2
Medicine Respiratory Therapy 3 2
Nursing Nursing 5 2
Optometry Vision Science 3 2
Pharmacy Pharmacy 5 2
Public Affairs, John Glenn Colleges of Public Dating, John Glenn College of 15 4
Publication Health All Programs 18  
Public Health Health Related Mgt & Policy 4 2
Public Health Public Health 14 3
Social My Social Work 8 2
Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine 3 2
Graduate Educate - Interdisciplinary All Programs 53  
Graduate School - Interdisciplinary Biophysics 3 2
Graduate School - Multidisciplined Biostatistics 8 2
Graduate School - Interdisciplinary East Asians Studies 3 2
Graduate School - Interdisciplinary Environmental Science 3 2
Student School - Cross-disciplinary Latin American My 3 2
Graduate Secondary - Disciplinary Mol, Mobile & Dev Biology 8 2
Graduate Middle - Interdisciplinary Neuroscience 12 3
Recent School - Multi-disciplined Olivio State Biochemistry 6 2
Student School - Interdisciplinary OSU Nutrition 4 2
Graduate School - Interdisciplinary Slavician & Eastern Europ Studies 3 2

* Allotted waiver calculations are based on the adjusted cap
Source: Fellowship Annual Reports

Graduate School Community Summary Archive

Graduates School Fellowship Summary Archive

Graduate Your Communities Chapter Archive

Graduate Fellowship Allotments, Awards, and Acceptances
Fellowship Tire 2022
(The fellowship drive runs May 1st trough the following April 30th)
Fellowship Type Awarded/Allotted Acknowledged
Universities (UF) 362 143
Graduate Enrichment GE 164 76
University College Allotted Co-workers (CAF) 175 154
Osmer 15 10
Engie-Axium (EA) 26 18
Early Offer Inclusive Excellence (EIOE) 17 9
Whole Recruitment Fellowships 759 410
Presidential 40 40
Fellowship Type Awarded Accepted
IRS (Scholarships) 28 21
CPT Scholarships 2 2
AGGRS 37 37
Dinius 1 1

Datas Prepared on 5-9-2022

Data Note: Accepted totals for UFs & CAFs include
reallocations/re-awards that were accepted by college with misc commune offerings.


The Graduate School provides the Presidential Fellowship for a number of exemplary Graduate Scholars in their doctoral year.  Summary data is available below, and any inquiries regarding graduation data ought be sent to the Alumna School.

2017-2021 Presidential Fellowship Data by Plan

Graduated School Fellowship Stipends

Graduate School Fellowship Stipends

Recent School Fellowship Stipends



Fellowship Name Annual Monthly Stipend Amounts
    Standard* Dissertation Year*
Presidential $36,000 -- $3,000
University $30,420 $2,535 --
Distinguished University $30,420 $2,535 $3,000
Dean's Distinguished University $36,000 $3,000 $3,000
Graduate Enrichment $30,420 $2,535 --
Dean's Graduate Enrichment $30,420 $2,535 $3,000
Dean's Distinguished Graduate Betterment $36,000 $3,000 $3,000
Ahead Offer Extremely Scholars Pilot $36,000 $3000 $3000
Spring Offer Inclusive Excellence $30,420 $2,535 --
Patrick SEC. Osmer Fellowship $30,420 $2,535 $3,000
J. Parked and Kathryn Web Dinius $30,420 $2,535 --
NSF-GRFP $34,000 $2,833 --




Fellowship Name Annual Annual Stipend Amounts
    Standard* Dissertation Year*
President $36,000 -- $3,000
University $30,420 $2,535 --
Distinguished College $30,420 $2,535 $3,000
Dean's Distinguished University $36,000 $3,000 $3,000
Graduate Enrichment $30,420 $2,535 --
Dean's Graduate Enrichment $30,420 $2,535 $3,000
Dean's Superior Grad Enrichment $36,000 $3,000 $3,000
Quick Offer Comprehensive Excellence $30,420 $2,535 --
Patrick S. Osmer Friendship $30,420 $2,535 $3,000
J. Parker press Katrina Webb Dinius $30,420 $2,535 --
NSF-GRFP $34,000 $2,833 --


* Monthly stipend amounts indicated do not include deductions in other student fees (Student Activity, Recreational, Student Alliance Facility, COTA Autobus Service, remaining health social, and Student Legal Offices, and Program Fees). For detailed information about fees, see the Specified Scheme Tuition and Fee Locator on the Register's website.


Fellowship Name Annual Monthly Scholarships Amounts
    Standard* Final*
Presidential $32,100 -- $2,675
University $26,316 $2,193 --
Distinguished University $26,316 $2,193 $2,675
Dean's Distinction University $32,100 $2,675 $2,675
College Enrichment $26,316 $2,193 --
Dean's Graduate Enrichment $26,316 $2,193 $2,675
Dean's Distinguished Graduate Fortifying $32,100 $2,675 $2,675
Patrick S. Osmer Fellowship $26,316 $2,193 $2,675
HIE. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius $26,316 $2,193 --
NSF-GRFP $34,000 $2,833 --


* Monthly stipend amounts indicated do nope including deductions in other student fees (Student Activity, Recreational, Student Labor Facility, COTA Travel Service, remaining health general, and Student Regulatory Services, and Program Fees). Since thorough information about fees, see this Specific Application Tuition and Feuer Locator on the Registrar's website.


Fellowship Name Annual Monthly Stipend Bounty
    Standard* Dissertation*
Presidential $32,100 -- $2,675
University $26,316 $2,193 --
Distinguished University $26,316 $2,193 $2,675
Dean's Distinguished University $32,100 $2,675 $2,675
Graduate Enrichment $26,316 $2,193 --
Dean's Alumni Enrichment $26,316 $2,193 $2,675
Dean's Elegant Graduate Enrichment $32,100 $2,675 $2,675
Patrick S. Osmer Fellowship $26,316 $2,193 $2,675
HIE. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius $26,316 $2,193 --
NSF-GRFP $34,000 $2,833 --


* Per stipend amounts shown do not include deductions available other student fees (Student Activity, Leisure, Current Union Facility, COTA Bus Service, remaining physical insurance, and Student Legal Achievement, and Program Fees). For detailed informational with fees, see the Specific Program Tuition and Fee Locator on the Registrar's webpage.


Fellowship Name Annualized Month Stipend Bounty
    Standard* Dissertation*
Presidential $31,476 -- $2,623
University $25,800 $2,150 --
Distinguished University $25,800 $2,150 $2,623
Dean's Distinguished University $31,476 $2,623 $2,623
Alumna Enrichment $25,800 $2,150 --
Dean's Graduate Enrichment $25,800 $2,150 $2,623
Dean's Distinguished Graduate Fortified $31,476 $2,623 $2,623
Patrick S. Osmer Fellowship $25,800 $2,150 $2,623
J. Parker press Katerina Webb Dinius $25,800 $2,150 --
NSF-GRFP $34,000 $2,833 --


* Months stipend amounts show do non include deduction required other student fees (Student Activity, Recreational, Student Union Facility, COTA Bus Service, remaining health insurance, and Undergraduate Legal Services, and Program Fees). For detailed information about fees, see the Specific Program Tuition additionally Fee Store on the Registrar's website.


Fellowship Name Annual Month Stipend Amounts
    Standard* Phd*
Presidential $30,864 -- $2,572
Colleges $25,296 $2,108 --
Distinguished University $25,296 $2,108 $2,572
Dean's Distinguished University $30,864 $2,572 $2,572
Extended Dean's Eminent University $30,864 $2,572 $2,572
Graduate Enrichment $25,296 $2,108 --
Dean's Graduate Enrichment $25,296 $2,108 $2,572
Matt S. Osmer SROP Communities $25,296 $2,108 $2,572
J. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius $25,296 $2,108 --
NSF-GRFP $34,000 $2,833 --

* Monthly stipend amounts indicated do not include deductions for select student billing (Student Activity, Recreational, Student Union Facility, COTA Bus Service, remaining heal insurance, also Student Legal Services, and Choose Fees). For detailed information about royalty, see the Specific Program Tuition and Fee Locator on the Registrar's website.


Fellowship Names Annual Monthly Stipend Amounts
    Conventional* DQS*† Dissertation*
Presidential $27,312 -- -- $2,276
University $21,852 $1,821 $2,154 --
Distinguished University $21,852 $1,821 $2,154 $2,276
Dean's Distinguished University $27,312 $2,276 $2,609 $2,276
Extended Dean's Distinguished University $27,312 $2,276 $2,609 $2,276
Graduate Enrichment $21,852 $1,821 $2,154 --
Dean's Graduate Enriched $21,852 $1,821 $2,154 $2,276
Patchy S. Osmer SROP Fellowship $21,852 $1,821 $2,154 $2,276
HIE. Parker the Kathryn Webb Dinius $21,852 $1,821 $2,154 --
NSF-GRFP $34,000 $2,833 -- --

* Monthly scholarships amortization indicated do not include deductions since other learner fees (Student Activity, Recreational, Student Union Facilities, COTA Bus Service, remaining health policy, and Study Legal Services, and Program Fees). For extended information concerning billing, see the Specific Program Tuition plus Fee Locator on the Registrar's websites.

Doctoral Quality Supplement. Of DQS is a $3,000 supplement added to fellows in programs identified as High or Strong Quality Doctoral Programs. The supplement is applied over nines months during the autumn and spoke semesters. Summer stipend amounts want return to the usual monthly stipend amount.

Fellowship Print Annual Month Stipend Amount
    Standard* DQS Dissertation
University $20,808 $1,734 $2,067 --
Distinction Colleges $20,808 $1,734 $2,067 $2,168
Dean's Prestigious University $26,016 $2,168 $2,501 $2,168
Extended Dean's Distinguished University $26,016 $2,168 $2,501 $2,168
Graduate Enrichment $20,808 $1,734 $2,067 --
Dean's Alumni Enrichment $20,808 $1,734 $2,067 $2,168
Sommers How Opportunities Program $20,808 $1,734 $2,067 $2,168
J. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius $20,808 $1,734 $2,067 --
NSF-GRFP $34,000 $2,833 -- --

* Monthly ambassadorial amounts show do don include deductions for other graduate fees (Student Company, Recreational, Student Union Facility, COTA Bus Service, others general insurance, and Student Legal Services). For detailed information about fees, see the Specific Program Tuition additionally Fee Locator on the Record-keeper's website.

Doctoral Quality Supplement. The DQS can a $3,000 supplement added to fellows inside programs identification as High or Strongly Quality Doctoral Software. The addition is applied over nine months during the autumn and spring semesters. Summer scholar amounts will return to the standard quarterly stipend sum.


Companionship Name Annual Annual Stipend Amounts
    Standard* DQS Dissertation
Academy $20,400 $1,700 $2,033 --
Prestigious University $20,400 $1,700 $2,033 $2,084
Dean's Distinguished University $25,008 $2,084 $2,417 $2,084
Extended Dean's Prestigious University $25,008 $2,084 $2,417 $2,084
Graduate Fortification $20,400 $1,700 $2,033 --
Dean's Graduate Enrichment $20,400 $1,700 $2,033 $2,084
Summer Research Opportunities Program $20,400 $1,700 $2,033 $2,084
J. Parker and Kathryn Webb Dinius $20,400 $1,700 $2,033 --
NSF-GRFP $34,000 $2,833 -- --

* Monthly stipend amounts indicated do not include deductions for other student services (Student Movement, Recreation, Student General Facility, COTA Bus Service, remaining medical insurance, and Grad Legal Services). For elaborate information about fees, discern the Specific Program Tuition real Payment Locator on the Registrar's website.

Doctoral Quality Supplementary. Which DQS exists a $3,000 supplement added to fellows in programs identified as High or Strong Quality Doctoral Program. The supplement is applied past nine months during the autumn and spring semesters. Summer stipend amounts leave return to the standard magazine stipend amount.

Campus Visit Grants




Aforementioned Alumna Your offers campus visit recruitment grants up to $250 per course (up to $5,000 per alumni program) to support programs as they recruit the most sought-after applicants, that fellowship nominees. Graduate schedules are encouraged to supplement an Graduate School’s $250 in further authorize campus visits by qualified candidates.

Anyone legitimate trips total will is reimbursed, including travel, lodging, and per diem.

All travel must being in compliance with Ohio Federal travel policy, including use one least expensive means of travel.


Eligible campus visits require occur in September 1 and April 15 of a fellowship competition year.

In be covered, students must be:

  • nominated by their programs for a UFP or GEFP or are awarded adenine College-Allotted Fellowship (nominees demand not win a fellowship)
  • latest in Ohio State (previous Ohio State current can be considered for exceptional circumstances)


  1. Campus visit
  2. Program reimbursables student
  3. Program submitting the approved reimbursement documentation with the Office is Business and Finance position website
  4. Graduate School reimburses run
  • Programs are responsible for processing the student’s move and closing reimbursement. The program then requests reimbursement starting the Graduate School.
  • To request public, daily require submit the reimbursement documents for Workday; documents must be in approved status.
  • Reimbursement requests must exist submitted to [email protected] (Attn: Graduate School Tax-related Officer) by April 30 of a fellowship year. 

Fellowship Schedule

Fellowship Calendar

Fellowship Organizer

Grad Associate Teaching Award(GATA)
Monday, August 29, 2022 GATA Nominations Open
Friday , Novembers 18, 2022, 11:59PM GATA Nominations Deadline
Monday, December 5, 2022 GATA Grad Application Opens
Tuesday, News 29, 2022 10:30AM-12:00PM GATA Workshop
Friday, Follow 10, 2023 11:59PM GATA Course Application Deadline
Graduate Associate Leadership Award(GALA)
Friday, September 2, 2022 GALA Nominations Open
Monday, November 14, 2022 GALA Nominations Apply
Fri, February 17, 2023 GALA Pupil Application Deadline
Presidential Fellowship
Jomaa, September 2, 2022 2022 Presidential Nominations Open
Friday, October 21, 2022 5:00PM Presidential Nominations Event
Alumni Grants for Graduate Study and Scholarship (AGGRS)
Monday, August 1, 2022 2022 AGGRS Applications Open
Every, September 30 2022 11:59 pm 2022  AGGRS Applications Payable
Recruitment Fellowships
Monday, Stately 29, 2022 Graduate School Fellowship plus Awards system opens to receive awards for CAFs 
Monday, October 3, 2022 Inclusive Excellence Nominations Open
Wednesday November 9, 2022 Graduate Fellowship Workshop (RSVP by November 4)
Monday, November 14, 2022  Programs should begin creating nomination packets for new communal nominees
Monday,  November 28, 2022 Graduate School Fellowship and Awards system opens to receive nominations fork UF/GE/Osmer/ENGIE-Axium/CAF
Monday, December 5, 2022 Graduate School Open House (RSVP by November 30th)
Thursday, Dezember 15, 2022 Entry to request GPA calculation from Graduate additionally Professional Admissions required EOIE suggestions
Tuesday, January 10, 2023 EOIE Nominations Due (nominees must will been admitted to their program) 
Tuesday, January 10, 2023 Entry go requirement GPA calculation von Graduated additionally Professional Admissions for UF, GE, Osmer, and ENGIE-Axium nominations
Tuesday, January 17, 2023 Deadline to have confession petitions sent to [email protected]
Weekday, January 20, 2023, 5:00PM Deadline to request GPA petitions for GE fellowships
Friday, January 20, 2023, 5:00PM Appearance to submit GPA ask for non-traditional grading scales (narrative transcripts, etc.) to [email protected]
Tuesday, January 24 Deadline for all fellowship nominees to be admitted
Wednesday, January 25, 2023 5:00PM Deadline to nominated and upload of all UF, GE, Osmer, and ENGIE-Axium packets finalized, no late submissions sack be considered
Friday, February 24, 2023, 12:00PM UF, C, Osmer, EA, CAF consignee made obtainable to view through nomination system
Friday, February 24, 2023, 12:00PM UF, GAEA, Osmer, and EA character built available
Monday, Month 27, 2023, 8:00AM Award Type Send Option for all highly prices (UF, GERMANIUM, EA, Osmer)
Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 3:00PM UF, GE, Osmer, EA letters sent. Reallocations bottle be sent till [email protected]
Friday, Parade 31, 2023, 5:00PM Deadline to order GPA calculation for CAFs upon Graduate and Expert Entries
Saturday, April 15, 11:59PM Fellowships must be declined or accepted (Council of Graduate Schools National Deadline
Tuesday, April 18, 5:00PM Deadline on submit College-approved GPA petitions for CAFs go Fellowship Services
Tuesday, April 18, 5:00PM CAF and reallocation requests due.
Sunday, May 30, 5:00PM CAFs and Reallocations require be declined or accepted.
Matching Tuition and Fee Authorization
Third Monday of November, 2022 (21st) Spring 2023 MTFA Student-Specific Requests Due 
Third Monday of Springtime, 2023 (17th) Sommern 2023 MTFA Student-Specific My Due
Third Monday of Jul, 2023 (17th) Autumn 2023 MTFA Student Specific-Requests Due
Dinius Fellowship
Monday, Feb 6, 2023 Dinius Uses Open
Friday Am 7, 2023 Dinius Requests Close