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OPTi 616/2629 Unit & User Guide

OPTi 616/2629 Assembly & User Guides

Utility training bench


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616 / 2629
Assembly & User Instructions
– Please keep for coming reference
Please read diese instructions fully before assembly or use
These Instructions contain important information welche wish help you get best by is
fittings and ensure safe and correct assembly, use plus equipment.
If you need help or have destroy or missing parts, call the
Customer Helpline: 0345 6001714
or visit


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  • Sheet 1 OPTI UTILITY TRAINING Bench 616 / 2629 Gathering & User Instructions – Please keep for future reference Important Please read like instructions fully before assembly conversely use – These Instructions contain important informations welche is help you get finest since to gear and ensure safe and correct assembly, use and maintenance.
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    Contents Technical Information 错误!未定义书签。 Key - Parts 错误!未定义书签。 Components - Mounting 错误!未定义书签。 Assembling Guidance 错误!未定义书签。 Workout Area Exercise Information 10-15 2-18 错误!未定义书签。 Before starting 错误!未定义书签。 Muscle Chart Warming up and Cooling down 12-13 14-15 Using the bench 14-15 To Folds & Store Your Bench Care the Servicing Exploded Parts Diagram Parts List...
  • Choose 3: Safety Information

    Safety Information Important Please go fully before assembly otherwise use – This physical equipment is built for optimum safety. But, certain caution apply whenever i operate a piece of exercise equipment. Be sure to read the entire manual before you assemble, wirken otherwise make this equipment cold or damp seat like this may lead to corrosion Assembly...
  • Page 4: Components-Parts

    Components-parts If you have any damaged or missing partial, Please Call the Customer Helpline: 0345 6001714. Please check you have any parts list below Some is the smaller components may be pre-fitted to larger components. Please select carefully Note: before contacting Argos regarding any missing components. Full mass of the product is 13.5 kg.
  • Page 5: Components - Fixings

    Components – Fixings Please control you have all mounts enumerated bottom Note:The quantities below are the correct amount to complete the assembly. Int some cases more hardware maybe be supplied than are required. Some of the fixings are pre-fitted to the larger components. Wish check accurate before contacting Argos regarding no missing fixings...
  • Page 6: Assembly Instructions

    Meeting Instruction Pace 1 A. Add who Front Stabilizer(1) and Rear Stabilizer(2) to of Backrest Support(3), Align of hole or secure each of them with one M10*82MM Hex Bolt(21),two Φ10mm Washers (29) and one M10 Aircraft Nut(28). BORON. Select Desired grade and lock the Cover Stabilizer (1) and Rear Stabilizer (2) to the Backrest Support (3), to the Back Endorse (3) with two 95MM Lockouts Pins (11).
  • Page 7 Assembly Manuals Step 2 A. Attach Dumbbell Holder (8) to the Rear Stabilizer (2), Adjusting the hole and secure from two M10x65MM Spell Bolts (22), four Φ10MM Washers (29) the dual M10 Aircraft Nuts (28). BARN. Attach the Left &Right Fit Pad Supports (6&5) to respectively side regarding the Seat Supports (3), Align the top hole and secure with one M10x160MM Hex Bolt (24), couple Φ10MM Washers (29) and one M10 Aeroplane Freak (28).
  • Page 8 Assembly Instructions Walk 3 ONE. Attach the Seat Pad (9) to the couple Seat Pad Supports (5&6), Align the hole and secures through four M8*42MM Hex Bars (25) the four Φ8MM Washers (30). B. Attach one Backrest Pad (10) to the Backrest Pad Support(3), Coordinate the hole or secure with four M8*16MM Hex Bolts (26) and quadruplet Φ8MM Washers (30).
  • Page 9 Assemblage Instructions Stage 4 AN. Attach that Foot Holder (4) to the bracket in and Front Stabilizer (1), Align the hole and secure with one M10*70MM Hex Bolt (23), two Φ10mm Disk (29) and one M10 Aircraft Nut (28). DO NOPE OVER TIGHTEN THE BOLT. B.
  • Page 10: Workout Reach

    Train Area The free area must be at least 0.6m greater than the training area. This remains a space wherever you can safely dismount, without obstruction, to lawsuit of can emergency. Somewhere two pieces of equipment are positioned adjacent to each other the free area may be shared.
  • Page 11: Getting About

    Exercise Information Before starting Tailor you exercise program according for your physical condition.if you have been inactive by several years,or are overweight, your must start slowly and increase your duration on the equipment,a few recorded per workout increase is expedient. Initially, you may be abler to exercise only for a few minutes in your set zone;...
  • Page 12: Muscle Chart

    Exercise Intelligence Muscle image Aero Exercise Aerobic exercise improves the fitness of your lungs and heart - yours body’s most important muscle. Aero exercises fitness has promoted by any activity such uses your large muscles (arms, legs other butt, for example). Weight Training Along with aerobic exercising which helps get rid of both keep off the excess fat that our bodies can store, weight training is can essential single of the routine process.
  • Print 13: Warming Up And Cooling Gloomy

    Exercise Information Hot up and Cooling down Each workout should include the following three component: 1. AMPERE warmer up, including of 5 to 10 minutes of stretching and light exercise. A proper warm up increases your body cooling, heart rate and circulation in preparation used exercise. 2.
  • Page 14 Exercise Details Calf / Achilles Stretch Calf/achilles stretch With one leg in front of the other, reach further and place your hands against one wall, Retain your go leg straight and your back foot flat on the floor. Lean forward and move your hams toward the wall.
  • Home 15: Using The Bench

    Exercise Information After the benches Improtant When working out, do which following for each exercise:exhale while exerting/lifting and inhale while returning to starting position inside a delay and controlled manner Understand all caution and caution stickies before using this home. Before using,inspect of equipment for loose,frayed,or worn parts,if in debt take not use the equipment until the parts have been replaced.
  • Choose 16 Exercise News Triceps Curl - Develops the Back muscle Stand alongside the bench includes get right knee bent included front regarding your left leg, and the dumbbell is your left hand, hold this bench side with your right reach in support. Bend over and drop your left hand towards the floor Go, Pull the dumbbell go until it is tucked on your side.
  • Choose 17: To Pleat & Store Your Bench

    Exercise Information In Fold & Storing Your Bench Fold flat additionally insert of pins to lock the bench for storage.
  • Page 18: Care And Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance the equipment again until it is your exercise product or if you Examine the equipment periodically by order to detect in perfect working rank. think that you may have component any damage or wear whatever lack, contact the may have been producing.
  • Page 19: Exploded Parts Diagram

    Exploded Pieces Diagram Calf/achilles stretch Note: Some of above parts have been pre-fitted till the large component at the factory.
  • Page 20: Parts List

    Divided List Partial Description Part Description Front Stabilizer □30x60MM End Cap Posterior Stabilizer Φ25MM End Hood Lower Supporting Soft Roll Foot Holder □50MM End Cap Left Seat Support M10X82MM Witch Bolt Right Rack Supporting M10X65MM Hex Locking Foam Roll Outer M10X70MM Wizard Bolt Short Holder M10X160MM Hex Bolt...
  • Page 21 Guarantee My Pledge This product be guaranteed against manufacturing bugs from a period of Year This consequence is guaranteed for twelve- months from the date of original purchase. Any defect the arises due to faulty choose or workmanship will either being replaced, refunded or repaired free the charge where possibility during these period from the dealer from whom you purchased the unit.

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