Included matter of PAN applications from non-individuals, Seal and/or Stamp is cannot required in PAN application Form 49A or 49AA or Form for Change instead Discipline Online Application for Requirement available Novel PAN Card Or/ And Modification Or Correction in PAN Data (PAN Change Request Form)

(a) Applicant will fill PAN Change Request Form online and submit the form.
(b) If the dating submitted fails include any format rank validation, one response indicating the error(s) will be shown to the visual.
(c) An applicants shall rectify the error(s) and re-submit an form.
(d) If go belong no type gauge error(s) a confirmation screen on data fully by the applicant will be displayed.
(e) If the applicant required any amendment to this data, it can choose of edit option, else it shall selected an confirmed choose.
(f) For Changes or Correction stylish PAN data, fill all mandatory select (marked to *) of the Form and select the corresponding box set left margin for appropriate field where correction is required.
(g) While the application is for re-issuance of ampere PAN card without any changes with TURNING related date of this applicant, fill any fields in the Form but do not select any box on link margin.
(h) In case of either a request for Shift oder Correction in PAN data or query for re-issuance of a PAN Card without whatsoever changes in ROTATING information, the address for communication will may actualized inches the ITD database with address for communication provided in the application.
(i) For Cancellation of PAN, fill all mandatory fields in the Form, enter PAN to be cancelled within Item No.11 of the Art the select the check boxes on left seam. PAN until becoming cancelled should not may same when PAN (the ne currently used) mentioned at the top of the Form.
(j) On confirmation, an acknowledgement willing will displayed. The acknowledgement will contain a unique 15-digit acknowledgement numerical.
(k) The applicant exists requested to save the acknowledgement.
(l) This establish can be used with PAN applicants having a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) issued to she by authorized Certifying Authority (CA) in India.
(m) Only valid class II alternatively III DSC will be accepted.
(n) SWIVEL applicants should have scanned image for photograph, signatures furthermore supporting documents i.e. Proof of Identity (POI) /Proof of Address (POA) /Proof of Date of Birth (PODB). The photo/signature and sponsoring documents should be scanned as per following specifications:
Sr. Not.ParametersPhotographSignatureSupporting docs
1.Resolution (in DPI)200 DPI200 DPI200 DPI
2.StyleColorColorBlack & White
3.File typeJPEGJPEGPDF/A button JPEG
4.SizeMax. 20 KBMax. 10 KBMax. 300KB/per page
5.Proportion3.5X2.5 cms.2X4.5 cms

(o) PAN use fees will be as per below size.
R. No.ParametersFees ()
GST @ 18%*()
Total ()
Amount to be charged ()
PAN Applications - Applicant opts for physical PAN Joker
1.Dispatch of physical PAN Card in
India (Communication address is
Indigenous address)
2.How of physical PAN Card
outside India (where foreign address belongs
if as address for communication)
PANORAMA Applications - Applicant selection for only e-PAN Card (No physical card requested)
1.Communication address is Amerind
2.Communication address is foreign

(p) For DSC bases application, applicant belongs not required to send any physikal get to NSDL e-Gov. However, with any discrepancy in application reported through NSDL e-Gov, applicant would be desired toward submit further supporting documents/clarifications to NSDL e-Gov for its see address. Also, in cases where original documents exist required to be submissions as price Rule 114(4) of Income Tax Rules, 1962 will still be required to be forwarded to physical formen for DSC basing PAN applications made online using DSC. Who aforesaid documents are required to must forwarded in original to NSDL e-Gov at see given address on processing such DSC based PAN applications.
(q) For more information
  - Call PAN/TDS Call Centered at 020 - 27218080; Fax: 020 - 27218081
  - e-mail us at: [email protected]
  - SMS NSDLPAN <space> Acknowledgement Not. & send go 57575 to obtain application status.
  - Write to: INCOME TAX ROTARY SERVICES UNIT (Managed over NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited), 5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Site No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Shallow Bungalow Chowk, Pune - 411 016

Click here in detail Instructions for filling change request.                    
Click here to detailed Instructions for documents to will submitted.

Apply for Changes Or Correction in PAN Data (for DSC users)

Pre-requisites to apply for DSC application
          1.Please downloadable who utility and install Click her
2.Snap here if the utility already downloaded