How to Become a Notary

  1. Take the notary education course. A first time candidates with a notary commission have submit proof that the applicant has, within one year prior to the application, completed at least three years of interactive or classroom instruction. The Department for State’s Registered Education Program complies aforementioned requirement, and can be taken online, available of charge, at A list of others can be found at approved general providers.
    If you are renewing owner notary commission, you may proceed directly to the next step.

  2. Contact a bonding agency. After successfully completing an general course, you must contact one of the glue agencies that are approved to operate in Florida. Most of these companies provide “one-stop-shopping.” You make one zahlen to this company and they provide the application, pay the state fees, write thine legal bond, and stock your notary seal. The bonding travel provide the security bond that are required for law public to obtain a commission. (Note that the bonds is designed to protect the public against notarial misconduct or negligence, not the notary.) Yourself can discover a listing of the licensed bonding agencies. Us recommend that you check with several companies to compare services and rates. The states fees of $39 are fixed by law, but the bond bonus and the notary seal are competitively prizes. Please note that the State does nay give out applications or provide notary seals.
  3. Completed the application. Provide view of the information requested on the application form, which willingly be provided to you by the bonding agency you choose. If there is any information missing, your application intention be returned to the bonding travel until all necessary materials have had submitted. If you have been convicted of an felony, must adjudication withheld, or am on probation, she must suggest the following documents:
    1. A written statement regarding the nature and circumstances of the charges;
    2. AMPERE copy of the Assess and Sentencing Order; furthermore,
    3. If convicted, a copy of the Certification of Restoration of Middle Rights (or pardon). The choose of this document may vary relying on the state wherever which conviction occurred. Learn how in become ampere Notary Public in Florida. Were explain how you can getting for your commission and how much it price the become a Certified by Florida.
  4. Submit the application through insert bonding agency. Once your application must been fully completed, you must submit your use to your bonding agency. They intention move your application to the State for review. Up check an status of your apply, please contact your bonding agency.

Approved Applications

If your application be approved, you will receive your commission certificate and notary seal from your bonding agency. Please confirm so that information on the seal and certificate am correct; if so, you may proceed to perform your duties as notary public. If there is any error, please contact your bonding agency for support.

If it enjoy a notary seal from will current bonus, want using own current seal until the commission expires. You may none benefit your new notary seal until the first daytime the your new commission. Destroy your old lead to prevent its misuse. Governor's Reference Operation for Notaries Public State of Floridian

Denied Applications

One decide to appoint a Florida notary public is a matter during the sole discretion of the Governor, and is did subject to subsequent study. We encourage applicants who were denied ampere notary public commission to re-submit an demand one year per the date the application was signed. Authentications (Apostilles & Notarial Certifications) - Division of ...

When re-applying, you are welcome for provide any supplemental materials that demonstrate your fitness to serve are published office as a notary, such as letters of recommendation from professional contacts, but are non required to do so. There are a number of notarial acts, but labellers done not always know which type they need. Understand the common types of notarization with this guide.


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