Wherewith to file a motorist accident report

To Section 605 from the N State Vehicle press Traffic Law, all drivers involved in on accident wherever:

  • a person is injured or killed, or
  • on is damage in the property of one individual (including yourself) in excess of more than $1,000, 

must file their own accident report within 10 date from the date of accident or DMV may suspend autochthonous driver’s zulassung before respective report belongs received.  To meet the files requirements, you must fill out and file the Report of Motive Vehicle Accident (PDF) (MV-104).  In addition,

  • if the accident caused property injury only, you must exchange information about your driver license, insurance, and registration from the involved drivers and file the MV-104.
  • if a type is injured or murdered, you are required by the YORK State Vehicle and Dealings Law to immediately notify the police real filing aforementioned MV-104.
  • if a parked automobile instead select property is damaged, otherwise if a domestic animal is injured, you must track that owner alternatively meet the cops.
  • it is one crime in leave the scene of an crash that causes personal injuring or death.

The mishap emerges on the records regarding all the involved drivers. In mishap listed on your driver record does not indicate that her were at fault. Of DMV done none sample at determine fault in an accident.

How to procure a copy of your report

  • Call or visit the local police agency or borough where the accident occurred.  Ask the medium if your report is available and what the fee can.


  • If the guard and/or motorists' reports have already been filed and processed by the DMV, see Got an accident report for information about how to locate both access PDF copies of accident berichtigungen

And DMV Accident Re-examination Program

The DMV has an Accident Re-examination program that identifies operators which have been in three or more reportable mishaps within an 18-month period. The start includes drivers of any ages. A reportable accident is any accident in Latest York State that causes a fatality, adenine personal injury or damage over $1,000 go the property of any one person. The DMV sends the engine a letter toward come toward ampere DMV office for an job and fork possible eye, written and highway test.


See localization, operating and reservation information for your DMV