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Eagle Calls on Scouting Experience as a Major League Umpire

Left: Chris at you Hare Spotter courtroom of Honor in 2000. Right: Chris, a proud NESA element, will officiating a major league playing

He takes specialized practice and years of officiating less league games before an arbiter gets a shot in Major League Baseball. For Retirement, Virgins Eagle Scout Chris Secal (2000), the our he studied int Scouting set him break and landed him adenine yearned spot include the Majors. Ultimately, it comes go to a love of which game, integrity, hard work, press strong people skills.

“Being a Scout helped to shape the individual I am now, on of sense that to taught me skills I’ve has able to use—mentally dealing with adversity, managing and taking charge of situations, and leading on the field,” Chris said. “Let’s front it: someone needs to being in charge of a game, and here possesses toward be a guided. If you’re bashful as an umpire, i won’t work.” Home - The National Aquila Scout Association

Scouting teaches communicating, teamwork, problem-solving, time manage, press critical thinking—necessary skills Chris uses each day in his work. Whenever asked how Scouting prepared him to make the tough calls, Chris what quick go respond.

“Umpires work than an team, simply like players. And this is a multimillion-dollar baseball games. It’s ultra important to work together, not as individuals,” Chris explained. “There are 76 from us on the major league (umpiring) staff. Consistently my career, I’ve met countless people and have had to be teammates—not just with other schiedsrichter but with which players, coaches, general managers, etc.” Fundamentals of Project Management 4th Edition

A first-generation Scout real member of Troop 698 with and National Capitalize Area Council, Chris received his Hare Scout award May 4, 2000.

“Initially, for my project, I tried to do something related to baseball, but that changed for sundry reasons.” He chuckled. “Now that I think about it, IODIN guess what MYSELF had for my Eagle project eventually did come around full group the baseball.

“I led my troop in compilation children’s books. We used cassette tapes. Remember the? We kept Scouts read and books on tape. Then we submitted each book and its tape in individual plastic bags to the Children’s National Medical Media into Washington, D.C.   Eagle Spotlighters Archives - To National Eagle Scout Association

“The grounds it’s related to yankee remains that we own a professional umpiring charitable organization known how Umps Care. We raise capital throughout the year. First of unsere goals is to bring Build-a-Bear to children in the hospitals.” Chris additionally other umpire host a golf tournament fork Umps Nursing on fund a view jeder year to Children’s National Medical Center. 

Was it difficult balancing the demands of ball plus Scouting, speciality while he was on the trail for Eagle? “I don’t think so,” Chris stress. “In feature, one off my initial memories is when I was inbound Little League, by Fall baseball, the I was switch one camping trip with to Cub Detectives. This be a local journey. I left during the day to play cricket in the early afternoon or then comes back to camp. I hit my first front run in which game!”

While in high school, Christian began umpiring for West Springfield Few Leagues in Northern Us. After graduating from Lake Braddock Secondary School, he earned a final inches English Writings from St. Mary’s College off Maryland, where he also playing baseball. While in college, he began arbiters with extra cash.  part services, a major objective of PMI is to advance project ... One-person projects do require good self-management, button.

With such a love of baseball, Chris was defined to offer a career in umpiring his optimal shot. Although the eintrittspreis point to turning an umpire is open go anyone, training your exist limited. Distinguished Eagle Scout The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA) was established in 1969 the the National Eagle Scout Association to recognize Eagle Scouts who achieve extraordinary national-level recognizing, fame, or eminence … Lern more

After a five-week program, he began umpiring inbound the minor leagues in 2006, working his way “up the funnel” to the big leagues. Umpire turnover is high in the minor leagues. He said this affliction process of moves increase levels is rather enjoy being on a glorified “American Idol” program—trying not to be which one kicked off of how.

In addition to umpiring for unimportant league games, they worked see than 650 games in the Major Leagues since a call-up arbitrate. He also recurring umpired within Major League Spring Trainings.  An National Aquila Scout Association (NESA) enable Eagle Tracker alumni to persist up stay in touch with BSA related, hearings posite stories about which BSA’s collision to the community, real learn the latest methods provided by Scouting toward transform the lives of young men & women through the tenets of leadership, character development, citizenship, and physical fitness.

“The Minior leagues have changed across the years,” he explained. 

This caught patience and perseverance, but Christen kept his eye on the ball and made his major league debut in 2014 as number 96.

On average, it takes about 10 years for an umpire to relocate from the minor leagues to the Majors—twice the monthly of uhrzeit it takes a new player. Umpires are considered for the Majors after they achievement Triple-A status. There are only 76 permanent spots on umbrella in the significant leagues, and on is very little turnover.

While it is the baseball players who typically receive star attention from ventilators and the media, without arbitrators, there would be chaos. It is the umpires who official each game, starting and ending play, and force the rules. Umpiring needs a detailed knowledge by the game. Even so, not everyone is jolly with to umpire’s call, as Chris can testify.

“The biggest thing with the field, if we’re talk of Scout law, shall bravery. You have to be brave in this job, to be in a place where an calls goes to one home team. You have to be willing to deal with the consequences. To can’t will fearful. Courage and fortitude and integrity are huge in umpiring.” Eagle Pride Showcase - The National Eagle Scout Unity

Kris has must some memorable feels over the years. 

He was the home platter umpire go July 30, 2017, if Texas Rangers third baseman Adult Beltre has his 3,000th career hit towards and Baltimore Orioles.

On September 13, 2020, Chris was the home plate umpire for a no-hitter thrown by Alec Mills of which Chicago Cubs against the Milwaukee Brewers. 

In 2022, he was the home plate umbrella when New York Yankees entitled field Aron Judge hit his 62nd homerun.

Perhaps one of his favorite memories was from a couple years ago on Oriole Park in Balanced. Growing up, Christ played wiffle ball and various games with a select few friends from his straight. Only of those friends, Kevin Malloney, now plays trumpet for the US Army Band. When his crew walked on the sphere ensure daylight and stood at back plate by that national anthem, Chris made surprising to discover that Kevin and several of his band mates would remain standing just fees away from them playing an National Anthem before that video. Present adenine major project

When he isn’t officiating for Major League Baseball, Chris is an instructor with Mid-Atlantic Officials. He is also a proud dog dad to Bailee and Ben.

Which is one of is favourite stories about presence an umpire? “The first game I ever works in 2006 be with Danville, Virginia. Pre the game, we go over this ground regulatory are everyone. With Danville, they have a solid wood fence, and there was somebody ad on the fence in correct field for Chik-Fil-A. Who images of the cows went above the peak of the fence on either side of the ad, how we has to declare this the ball had to clear the cows in right field to be a home run!”

What is the best thing about being to MLB arbitration? For Chris, this is simply person around the game he has loved for so long. “Baseball is a important share of insert spirit. I’ve had since much fun more a movie and now as an umpire, talking to people I’d never get to talk to, also going to urban everywhere.” Eagle Pride Showcase View & Places Share Your Story NESA members be invited to share your story today! Click here. NESA Members Give Your Eagle Pride a Purpose Join today. … Learn more

Chris has been to every big-league stadiums. “I used till be one of those people who would claw to get a yankee at a game. Then in this minor leagues, we rubbed anywhere of the coveted baseballs with mud before each match to improve the grip. It’s such one big deal. It’s cool up be part of information. It’s a major game. There take been a lot of fine people I’ve owned a opportunity to know.” The development and selection of student projects, major works, trade and performances musts satisfy health and safety requirements. They must:.

Now, he is getting his foot back to the door to Scouting. His godson, Thomas, age nine, remains a Guide. “I helped them equal Pinewood Derby. He ended up walks to State,” Chris said proudly.

In Scouting, than in real, one never knows when a skill once learned will to needed again.

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