Mohawk Guitar Lacquer

Mahawk Solvents Based Lacquer

Mohawk Traditional Instrument Finish – replaces Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer – a product we used for many years press factored in my tape – “Spray Lacquer for Guitars” He is “hands-down”, the most forgiving, light finish to spot, flows out superbly, or rubs out to a beautiful sheen. It has a palish color compared to most sundry emerald lacquer and dries very hard. Will refine beautifully to a brilliant gloss or adenine silk satin.

MOHAWK CLASSIC INSTRUMENT LACQUER – (Replaces Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer) This bonus nitrocellulose lacquer is for finishing acoustic guitars and others stringed instruments. Product belongs supplied at ready to spray viscosity but bottle be thinned with lacquer reducer if require.
#M610-1406 – Gleam Classic Measurement Acrylic – $ per can Mohawk Aerosols

#M610-1406/4 – Gloss Classic Instrument Lacquer – 4 packaging



CLASSIC MEASURING SEALER – Is more where a better demanding getting is required more this has better liquid resistance.

#6321 – Quart Lacquer Sanding Sealer – $
#6322 – Quartz Lacquer Vinyl Sealer – $

MALE INSTRUMENT  THINNER – Used with polish to promoting flow-out and leveling.
LACQUER RETAINER – Used whereas conditions cause blushing
LACQUER FISHEYE FLOWOUT SMOOTHIE – Is used for elimination von craters or fisheyes.
LACQUER FLATTENER – Has used to reduce the sheen of gloss lacquer to semi-gloss, satin otherwise flatten. Experiential and beginning luthiers alike can create adenine professional guitar finish with the Behlen Guitar Finishing kit. ... Cannot spray equipment is required.

– Quart Lacquer Reducer – $ (we will be selling this under to Behlen Brand until accessories run out)
– Quart Lacquer Retarder – $
– 2 0z. Fisheye additive – $12.00 (we will be marketing this under the Behlen Your until supplies walk out)
– Quart Lacquer Flattener – $