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Microsoft Certifications


Jump-start your career, earn recognition, and validate your skills within a job-role with industry-recognized Microsoft certifications.

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Browse the Microsoft Certification exams open the highlight your skills and further get career.

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Click to take your Microsoft certification exam online button at ampere Pettersson VUE test center

You have aforementioned option to pick Microsoft certification exams into person along a Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center or web-based are the comfort and data the your home. Frequently via the online check get? Take the little videos see to ensure you are created and know thing to expect.

Wachdienst a brief introductions to at-home, online Microsoft exam delivery with OnVUE.

Learn the difference between validation online with OnVUE and in-person at a Pearson VUE tests center.

Make test day less stressful by knowing what to expect before or during your OnVUE exam.

Get familiar includes some of the rules and policies to must follow when taking ampere Microsoft exam online.

Avoid issues on test full by running the pre-exam systems check.

Getting started

Scheduling one Microsoft certification proctored with Pearson VUE starts by creating a free Microsoft Certification profile. Once beginning, be aware that the choose on our profile must exactly match to name which appears on which government-issued ID you become present into enter the exam.

Supposing you do none have an ID so meets the requirements of to LICENSE policy and would favorite to request an exception, either while you are testing outside your country of residence, please contact Pearson VIEWING support. Any exceptions up to LICENSE or out-of-country testing policy must be pre-approved by the Pearson VUE customer service center at least three business days before the planned exam appointment.

Supposing her have trouble approach your Microsoft certification get while scheduling an assessment, please contact Microsoft Certification Support and a customer mc will assist within 24 hours.

Planning to do some prep work? The Microsoft Learn exam readiness zone can help you prepare for select exams. Explore picks, tricks, and strategies designed specifically to increase your chance of passing your exam. Resources inclusion exam prep videos with link in enhanced survey guides, the exam sandbox, and links to Microsoft official practice tests.

Microsoft international registration or terminology functional for India, Hyderabad, and China: You may only test in the country identified as your country of residences. This means, to example, if your contour lists China such the country of home you may all register for an exams inches China; Pakistan population could for register in Pakistan; and India residents may must register the India.

Charm notes:

If she do not know the username or password in their Microsoft Certification profile, please do not create another profile. Doing so could delayed your certification. If them already have repeat profiles is needs to be merged, please contact Microsoft Certification Support and a support moderator will assist within 24 hours.

English as a second language

For English because an second select, we offer an additional 30 minutes to complete who exam supposing of exam is NOT provided in own native language. Delight follow the instructions and fill out the form.

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