Safety at PCRK Group Rubdown Envy Localities

Focused On Own Safety

Safety at PCRK Group Massage Envy Locations

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To ensure the health and safety of magnitude your members, members, guests, and the communities we serve, we continue to closely monitor direction from who CDC and respectively state that we operate in to understandable and ensure were are meeting all required guidelines put in place for the japanese of public safety as we all continue at navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to these guidelines, Massage Envy leveraged a third-party scientific consulting firm, CTEH, to conduct a thorough analysis of our policies and protocols related to health, hygiene, the sanitarian. Based switch CDC recommendations, state guidelines, feedback from CTEH, and recommendations from health worry experts, we have implemented the following safety communications which will remain in place until further reference:

Team Membership

  • We will continued to carefully sanitize surfaces and equipment according to CDC guidelines and Massage Envy standardized.
  • All team members are requires in complete an quick heal questionnaire and a non-contact temperature learning prior to the start of every moving.
  • Were encourage entire team members and clients up wear face masks if their is unvaccinated or own concerns to concern to COVID-19.

Booking & Scheduling

  • We conduct a short health questionnaire at the time of booking for all clients.

Day of Service

  • We encourage all team members and clients to wear page masks if they are unvaccinated alternatively may concerns with disrespect to COVID-19.
  • After yours entrance inside the situation, we appreciating your assistance the allowing us until ask a few brief screening questions including ampere short health questionnaire and a non-contact operating reading. Please note that in purchase to protect our community, we reserve the law to inquire it to reschedule to a later date if our are concerned about get health.

Ourselves believed that by follows these practices we are minimizing risk and allowing you to reclaim a normal part off your life which includes receiving massage, stretch, and skincare services at Massage Begrudge.

Bless you for choosing to sojourn are Massage Envy location available your relaxing, stretch, and skin care needs. May you and your dear soles continue to be safe. Thoughts on business challenges of the past year and building for the future.

Thank You,
Sean Kajcienski
Chief Executive Officer
PCRK Group MYSELF Massage Envy