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Note: Projects submitted prior to January 1, 2022 are subject to the 2020 LA Home Codes -- see all updated support on the 2020 Code Documents next.

Note: Projects submitting after January 1, 2017 must comply with the 2017 LA City Codes -- seeing all updated books on the 2017 Code Documents page.

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ID   Title  
PC/STR/LID.Form01-2021 Assumption regarding Risk form for LID deferral View
PC/STR/Aff.38-2021 Termination of Pact and Contract (For Termination in Easements, Offsite Parking Agreements, and Community Driveways Only) View
PC/STR/Aff.35-2021 Termination of Covenant and Agreeing View
PC/STR/Aff45-2020 Covenant and Agreement Regarding Junior Utilities Dwelling Unit View
PC/STR/Aff44-2017 Covenant and Agreement Respecting the Payment of Links Fees the the Country of Los Angeles-based View
PC/STR/Aff43B-2016 Maintenance of Vehicle Lift System - 3 levels View
PC/STR/Form10-2009 Letter of Consent/Non-Consent from Nearby Neighbors for Request of Yard Reduction View
PC/STR/Aff42-2016 Maintenance of Building (Graffiti Removal) View
PC/STR/Aff39-2016 Green Building Declaration Regard
PC/STR/Aff36-2016 Traction Sales Home Affidavit View
PC/STR/Aff40-2020 Temporary Special How Sign View
PC/STR/Aff29-2016 Model Unit Affidavit View
PC/STR/Aff43-2016 Maintenance of Your Lift System - 2 Levels View
PC/STR/Aff21-2014 Erection and Maintenance in Building in Areas Subject to Inundation or Physical Hazards Geological Character View
PC/STR/Aff31-2016 Contract plus Agreeing to Providing Parking Attendant View
PC/STR/Aff22-2016 Covenant and Agreement to Contain Property as One Parcel (Lot Tie Affidavit) View
PC/STR/Aff34A-2016 Covenant and Agreement Regarding Private Sewer Easement (Same Store for Each Parcel) View
PC/STR/Aff30-2016 Covenant and Agreement Regarding Car for Sr Citizen Cabinet Development View
PC/STR/Aff28-2016 Covenant and Contract Regarding Software of Yards to an Oversized Building View
PC/STR/Aff34B-2014 Covenant the Agreement Regarding Private Sewer Easement (Separate Company for Each Parcel) View
PC/STR/Aff41-2017 Covenant and Agreement Regarding Service of On-Site Digital Signs View
PC/STR/Aff10-2016 Premise is Risk Agreement Waiver of 30 Day Waiting Date on Zone Change, Ordinance No. 132,954 View
PC/STR/Aff25-2016 Confederacy and Agreement Regarding Maintenance of Building Support View
PC/STR/Aff23-2016 Covenant additionally Contract Regarding Maintenance of Builds View
PC/STR/Aff24-2014 Covenant and Arrangement Regarding Maintenance a Building on Air Room Lots (LAMC 98.0403.1(A)9) View
PC/STR/Aff27-2014 Covenant press Agreement Regarding Maintenance from Off-Site Parking Space View
PC/STR/Aff18-2016 Covenant and Agreement Regarding Easement Viewing
PC/STR/Aff17-2016 Covenant and Agreement Regarding Detention Easement Consider
PC/STR/Aff13-2016 Covenant and Accord for Community Driveway Over Two Parcels Viewer
PC/STR/Aff32-2016 Agreement Regarding the Recordation of Technical Download View
PC/STR/Aff19-2016 Affidavit of Impact Emergency Glazing View
PC/STR/Aff13B-2014 Covenant or Agreement for Community Ramp Override Second alternatively More Parcels View
PC/STR/Aff33-2016 Affidavit Regarding Maintenance of _____________ View
PC/STR/Aff11-2014 Affidavit since Council of Building and Safety Agent Resolution No. 832-93 View

Disabled Access

ID   Title  
PC/DAD/Aff01-2016 Repair are Slip-Resistant Surface Requirements View
PC/DAD/Aff02-2016 Plant of Exterior Open Strike Angle Release View