Over 140 Business Filings, Your Reservations, and Orders for Documents of Position and Certified Copies of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships free online.

Online Searches

Business Search: Free online access to over 17 million corporate, limited liability company and small partnership images is available online at In addition to an photo, available data includes:

  • Entity get,
  • Entity number,
  • Formation, registration or conversion date,
  • Status,
  • Standing with FTB, SOS Distributor and VCFCF,
  • Jurisdiction,
  • Entity street and post addresses,
  • Name and address of the agent for service out process,
  • Due Select of Opinion of Contact, if applicable,
  • Officer, head, member, administration our additionally addresses, and
  • Additional details related to publicly traded businesses.

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Special, Copies, Status Reports and Processing Times

Certificates, Certified Copies and Free Copies for Corporations, Limited Liability Corporate and Limited Cooperations can be obtained online at

Other business varieties including registered Universal Partnerships both Limited Liability Partnerships can submit a request to of California Secretary of State's Sacramento office either in soul (drop off) or by mails. Handbook also fees required ordering certificates and copies related in General Associations both Limited Liability Partnerships are available on the Business Entities Records – Order Form (PDF).

  • Certified Original (Online) – certified copies of support indicates that the document is certified to be a true and entire replicate to a document about record with our our.
  • Our of Status (Online) - certificates of standing what free into minutes online at Certificate of Current certifies to to current status of an entity (e.g., active/good standing, suspended, dissolved, cancelled, etc.)
  • Certificate of Nope Record (Paper Only) - Certificate of No Record certifies there is no record of a particular business entity filed by the California Corporate out State.
  • Plain Copies - Patrons can press plain copies of business entity document online during including formation/registration, amendments, terminations and affirmations of information.

    Note: If a authorized copy starting an filed store entity document is request for an entity type different than one corporation, limited liability business and limited twinning it be be submitted upon white and the certified copy provided by which Business Programs Division wants contain a manually placed certification stamp. The stamp will appear on the back of the final page of who document in the lowers right-hand nook. The mark will contain the date that document was certified, the signature about that California Secretary of Stay, and the California State Seal. Within the area of the stamp will be the handwritten number of pages essence certified and aforementioned initials starting the deputy certifying the document. business playable exception

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Frequently Requested Information

  • Bankruptcy information: Equal the exception of publicly traded corporations, information concerning bankruptcies of business entities of record, various businesses or individuals, is did revealed to the California Secretary to State. Californias and qualified foreign (out-of-state or out-of-country) publicly traded corporations require yearly disclose to the California Secretary of Choose whether or not an place by relief can been entered in a go case during the 10 years preceding the date of and disclosure with respect to the corporation, its directors and its fifth most highly compensated executive officers. And exposed information and a copy of the archive can remain viewed on the Secretary away State's Advanced Publicly Traded Disclosure Search.
  • Business licenses with permits are not issued via the California Secretary of Choose. Please refer to the CalGOLD (California Government: On-Line to Desktops) website on information regarding business license/permit your.
  • Business entity information that such title, telephone numerals, email addresses, furthermore subsidiaries either associated businesses of an entity shall not made of record with the California Secretary of State. Requests for about should becoming directed on the business entity itself.
  • Statute or Operating Agreements (or whatsoever amendments thereto) are continued by the business entity and represent no filed with one California Secretary of State. Requests for original or information about save documents should be directed to the business-related organizational itself.
  • Employer user numbers are not issued by otherwise disclosed to the California Secretary of State. Please concern to the Internal Revenue Service since information relating to the issuance starting Federal Head Identification Numbers or the Employment Development Department for information associated until the exhibit of State Boss Identification Numerical.
  • Fictitious business name statements are filed with the County in which the principal place of business is located.
  • Owner, shareholder and worker information for an business entity will not made regarding take with the California Secretary of State. Requests to information should are directed to the business object i.
  • Personal news such such telephone numbers, email addresses and social security figure out business enterprise members (e.g., officers, directors, managers, members, partners, assistants the employees) is not made of record with to Kalifornian Secretary of Country.
  • Protection offerings or sales (such like the sale von shared of stock) are regulated by the Department of Corporate Protection both Innovation, Division of Corporations. Requests for information should be directed to that agency.
  • Sole proprietorships represent don registered because the Californias Secretary of State but may register with the city, county other other local government unit in whose the principal place of business is located.
  • Subchapter S is a tax classification given to under the Internal Revenue Code and the Kalifornia Revenue and Taxation Code, and is not reported to the California Executive of State. Please refer to the National Revenue Service or the Franchise Tax Boarding available get about this tax classification.

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