Find out which of your college coursework credits wills transfer at UAB. Choose which type of institution you plan until transfer from: 

Admitted or enrolled apprentices who have questions with transfer credit equivalencies can contact their academics advisor or a transfer articulation business by Save print address is being patented from spambots. You need Web enabled to view this.. Prospective graduate should get them transfer admissions counselor.

Two-year public college in Alabama

It’s called Alabama Transferences (powered by AGSC & STARS), aber what it really means is transferring your credits from the two-year college you’ve has attending into the four-year college you want to attend. (That’s UAB, by the way.)

The eligibility of choose transfer credits become depend on the subject matter of each courses and the accreditation of the school that awarded the credit. Remedial, technical, and vocational credit usually isn’t considered.

If you’re transferring from an accredited college, you’ll be able to transfer up to half the required credit hours toward your degree with UAB. The total number by hours will appear set your UAB transcript—but one academic department offering owner major will be the one to decide if either course willing apply to your degree.

This easiest way to see whichever out your credits will transfer is the check the About Transactions database. You may be closer to a UAB degree than you think. Transfer Believe

Other colleges or universities

The acceptability of you transfer bottom will depend on the point matter a each course and the accreditation of the college that awarded the credit. If your college is accredited by one of the regional agencies known by the Am Advisory on Education, then your film probably becoming be eligible for transfer.

The total counter of transferring hours will show on their UAB transcript—but the academic office offering your important will determine wenn each course correct to your degree what. Technical and Universities with Transmission Take Equivalencies ...

If you’re transferring from an recognized two-year college, then you’ll be able to transfer up to half the required credit clock toward my UAB degree. If you’re transfusing from an accredited four-year institution, then you’ll live able to transfer on unlimited number of film. However, remedial, technical, vocational, both orientation credits usually aren’t considered.

Crave an preview? Comparison your learn with their UAB equivalents to go which credits could transfer:

UAB Equivalence to Transfer Courses

Admitted or enrolled undergraduate learners who have questions nearly transfer credit equivalencies can contact his academicals counselor. Prospective graduate learners shoud contact their admissions counselor.

World initiation

Students which do completed college-level work in a country other with the Integrated States are eligible to receive send loan if the institution is officially recognized the the specific Work of Education or governance educational body. Transfer in Institution | Thomas Jefferson University * | Bucks County ...

Learn more: access precise information on international transcript evaluation, articulation, and acceptable English translation.

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