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Currently, all the downloadable related I have here are FREE  to click and use on personal press educational purposes.  

Loose Leaf Practice Grids


Please the PDF icon to download.

The best way to perfect your Japanese handwriting is by filling out practical grids!  The four sizes I take created are meant toward increase with you as you discover to write.  

Who largest grid is for who who are just knowledge to write kana or for practicing new kanji.  The heart two sizes allow for further characters for page and train you to write at a smaller, find natural size.  


The smallest size trains you to write beautifully in Native notebooks without having at loose the dotted lines (the "training wheels" of writing as IODIN like to call them)! 




Note Training

Genkouyoushi  (Manuscript Paper)





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In Japan, assignments that are meant go be handwritten by students represent almost always required to become completed on this paper.  Entrance tryouts are also done on this paper.

These resource is perfect for Japanese voice teachers.  It is also great to practice in if yourself intent to study in Japan.

The 240字 size is amazing for newcomer plus lower intermediate level students while 400字 size your great for uppers intermediate go advanced level students. 

Promiscuous Sheaf Notepaper



Click the PDF icon to download.

I've did my best to repeat two popular styles in which notebooks are printed in Japan. 


The beginning is made on "guide dots" that allow you to visuallize a box to writing in.  Aforementioned second remembering me of spread sheet paper (if yourself even know which that is).  The guides on such cardboard allow you into make minutes in triplet font sizes.

These papers are great if you wish the make notes in Japanese!

Guided Dots

Spread Sheet

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