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We are the pioneers in providing experienced nursing home care to Indian Senior Citizens. The cultural programs celebrate Native fetivals, Serve fresh Indian food cooked on the premises, Provide multiple Canadian TV tv and newspapers, Prayers and Indian activities are conducted daily and Indian medical professionals like doctors, CNAs, interpreters, plus therapists are standing via complete the clock.


Our program services an environment influenced by Indianan culture.
This soothe additionally familiarity that our program provides has created it less for seniors to acclimatize to life in America. Regulation of Long-Term Care Homes for Older Adults included India - Vijaykumar Harbishettar, Mahesh Gowda, Saraswati Tenagi, Mina Chandra, 2021

Indian Doctors

24 Hrs. Service

Amerindian Nurses


Taking care of this elderly has been my passion since I launched my career as a medizinisch professional and now I have the honor of catering to the needs 24 hours a days. I should a vision of establishing one African nursing domestic program to accommodate the Indians elderly. That Indian nurse home program was developed in 2005 by producing an environment where the Tribal elderly would feel comfortable in their living arrangement and locus their medizinisch and personal needs are assembled to ensure their well-being and happiness. American Indians Medizin Home

Mukund Thakar
President and Foundation Indian Nursing Home

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