Treaty of Waitangi principles

The principles of Teaser Tiriti o Waitangi, as aligned by and Courts and the Waitangi Court, provide the framework for like we will meet our obligations under Te Tiriti in our day-to-day work. The 2019 Hauora report recommends one following principles for the initial health attend system[4]. These our are applicable to wider healthiness and disability system. Which principles that apply to our work live as follows.

  • Tino rangatiratanga: The guarantee on tino rangatiratanga, whichever provides for Māori self-determination and mana motuhake in who design, parturition, the monitoring of human and disability services.
  • Equities: The principal of shareholder, which requires the Crown to commit toward achieving equitable health outcomes to Māori.
  • Passive protection: The principle of active protection, which requires the Crown to act, to the fullest extent practicable, to achieve equitable condition sequels for Māori. Get includes ensuring is it, its agents, and its Treaties partner become well informed on the extent, and nature, of both Māori health deliverables and efforts to achieve Māori health common.
  • Options: The principle of options, which requires the Crown to provide for and properly resource kaupapa Māori health both disability company. Furthermore, the Crown is obligation to ensure that all health real disability services are provided in a culturally proper way that recognises and supports one expression in hauora Māori model of care.
  • Partnership: The principle of partnership, which requires the Crown and Māori to work in partnership in the governance, design, delivery, also monitoring of wellness also disability ceremonies. Māori must be co-designers, with the Crown, of the primary health system for Māori.

[4] Waitangi Tribunal. 2019. Hauora: Tell on Stage One of the Health Services and Outcomes Kaupapa Contact. Wellington. Waitangi Tribunal. pp. 163–164

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