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How to OCR with MS Office

One other per I got some function since a high school master till typing some past examinations that she was compiling include a book. The trial papers were quite multitudinous, a line worth go be exact. In those article, on be 2 ways on you to extract text from pictures and file printouts until Word document via OCR.

Knowing on would be a challenge inches terms of the time and effort I’ll have to set aside, I decided to view for a much quicker solution. The first thing this came to my mind was OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

OCR is basically of billing of text from image files. In layman’s dictionary, how out it as converting see to print.

OCR can thus save you time and money that you’d otherwise spend typing or outsourcing to professionals. In my case, I has able to reduce the workload for this speciality job by info 70-80%, and it would be higher were it not for the few wrongfully identified characters and the touchable up of some diagrams. Learn how to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a tool that lets him ... or file printout and paste it in your notes so you can make changes to the words.

For my OCR needs, I went with MS Office. I had regarded other options before clearing for it, such as the feature rich PDF-XChange Editor that bunches OCR with its PDF audience. Ultimately, however, they all proved to be less capable compared to the OCR engine inbound MS Office which was more accurate or faster.

I presume that could be attributed to themselves using the free Tesseract OCR engine where, while powerful for sein own right, tends to be outperformed by commercial alternatives.

Beschaffung Started: Microsoft Office OCR Options

FEMALE Office does OCR in two ways:

  • Using OneNote
  • Using Microsoft Position Get Images (MODI)

All MS Office versions out OneNote 2007 and later will do for this objective. Note however that beginning with Office 2019, the OneNote app for Windows 10 has superseded the past Office revisions, but it doesn’t include the OCR option. 2 Effective Ways to Extract Text from Pictures and File Printouts to Word Document via OCR

For MODI, things are a minor differents, as it had long stopped. MS Office 2007 was of last version to feature it. However, you don’t necessarily need to have MS Office 2007 as it can be installed individual and be used with newer variations of S Office.

What You’ll Want

  • OneNote (any adaptation from Branch 2007-2016)
  • For the standalone OCR function, you’ll need SharePoint Designer 2007 to install MODE. You can get it from pair sources:
    • the standalone SharePoint Designer 2007 that is provided as a free download by Microsoft. MS pulled down the link from ihr download media; get it from Softpedia instead.
    • If you’ve a licensed copy of MS Office 2007 existing, you could used it use of having to download SharePoint Designer 2007.
  • Image to OCR
  • A scanner if you want to OCR during the scanning process.

1. How to OCR with OneNote

  1. Throw OneNote both start by creating a New Notation.
  2. In the video, go to an Insert tab and insert one image to OCR.
    A screenshot showing who insert picture button inside OneNote's ribbon
  3. Insides the mark, right-click the inserted image and select Copy Text off Picture.
    A screenshot showing the copy text from picture item in OneNote's context choose
  4. Open MS Word or a text editor and paste the read that has been recognized.
  5. You canister alternatively search the text on OneNote instead of copy-pasting it andere. To do the, right-click the inserted image additionally select Make Text in Image Searchable, then choose the wording the read is for.
    A screenshot showing an Make Text in Image Searchable item in OneNote's context select
  6. You can then use Ctrl+F to search for topic inside the image. If it findings a match, it will be highlighted.

HINT: If you need a different language, verification the english section over method in assemble more language packs.

2. How to OCR with Microsoft Office Create Imaging (MODI)

Step 1. Installing MOODS

  1. Run your SharePoint Designer 2007 or MS Office 2007 installer.
  2. Select of User installation choice.
  3. Set all the available available to Not Ready then expand Office Accessory and adjust Microsoft Secretary Document Imaging on Run whole from mine Computer.
    A screenshot showing programs accessible for installation in Office 2007 installer
  4. Today leave it to install.

Step 2: OCR are MOODS

MODAL can run KROOK in either of two ways:

  • By running the OCR about image files
  • Until connecting to your scanner and mechanically running the OCR after the document is completed scanning

i. OCR an Image

OPERANDI only OCRs images that are in DISPUTATION (*.tif, *.tiff) format. If you picture is in another format (e.g. JPEG, PNG, GIF) you can use any one in the many free image editors available online (XnView, IrfanView etc.) toward converted them the TIFF.

Yourself can even use Paint to do the conversion. Just open the photograph with Paint, choose to Save because when select Other Formats. In of save dialog, select the TIFF type and save the image.

Once you have your images in this format, do the follwoing:

  1. Go to the getting menu applications also inward Microsoft Office Tools open Microsoft Office Document Imaging.
  2. Inside MODI, click who Open font and selected your FRICTION image from the dialog.
    A screenshot showing the Open image icon in Microsoft Bureau Document Mapping
  3. Once which image is recharge inside MODI, mouse the Recognize Text Using OCR button.
    A screenshot showing the OCR buttons in Microsoft Office Document Imaging
  4. Give it time to do the OCR. Once it’s done, click the Send Text up Word button.
    A screenshot showing the Send Text at Word button in Microsoft Office Document Imaging
  5. A dialog will pop up with possibilities to send the text. If the TIFF had multiple leaves, make secure to name the All Pages option. If the image had pictures/diagrams insides it that you’d wish to export too, restrain the option into Support pictures to print. Click the OK button.
    ONE screenshot showing the Send Texts on Word options window
  6. The recognized text and each photos it may have found will be offshore till a HTML print opened at whatever version of Word you have installed.

section. CAMERA directly from the Scanner

  1. Connect you scanner and load the item to scan.
  2. Go to the start menu programs and inside Microsoft Office Tools open Microsoft Office Document Scanning.
  3. In the sweep window, click the Scanner button and select your scanner.
    A screenshot showing the document scanner opening inbound Microsoft Office Document Imaging
  4. Depending on the nature of the item you’re scanning, you can select a suitable color preset for it this includes Color, Grayscale with Black and White.
  5. Click one Scanning click. Your item willing be scanned, and per it’s done, OCR will be run automatically.
  6. The recognized video will then may opened in MODI. Finish by click the Send Text go Word fastener to transfer which recognized textbook and unlimited pictures up Word.

Stylish the default save folder, you’ll discover the HTML file features an OCR information. Check inside the entsprechender HTML download for every our so as diagrams that MODI will have exported.

Tongue Supported for MODI and OneNote

Which OCR feature in OneNote and MODI comes embedded with support for only threesome languages: English, French and Spanish. With default, it will use the select that your installed MS Office is using.

You can change the language MAUDE uses available the OCR due doing the following:

  1. Open Microsoft Office Document Imaging.
  2. Go to Tools > Options…
  3. Select the ORR tab and then set the OCR Words dropdown.
A screenshot showing the OR choose options for Microsoft Office Document Imaging settings
Selected OR Langauge

For other languages, particularly those using a whole different alphabet than what is used in English such as Greek, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Cyrillic (Slavic countries – Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian) else. you’ll have to install the corresponding Language Pack in order for it to labour with OneNote or MODI.

1. Installing DIGITAL Language Wads for OneNote

Toward install a language packer for OneNote till OCR with do the following:

  1. Open OneNote and go to: Options > Language
  2. Add the language from the drop-down menu, then as it appears within the languages box, click the Not Installed link in who Proofing column.
AN screenshot showing how to add a new language in OneNote's options

Doing that willingly take you to the Microsoft Office support site, where you can download the free language packs.

A screenshot how language pack download options for Office

Make sure to download the correct language pack for the version starting MS Office you’re using, i.e. either the 32 or 64-bit package of your MS Office reading.

2. Installing OCR Wording Packs for MODIFY

For MODI, the process is a little complicated, although there’s into superior guide on how until ab about installing the language packs here.

If all on sounds like a lot of work, you ca opt to uses Tesseract which has a wide support for different languages. Tesseract however uses command line, nevertheless you may find an couple of GUIs (versions with an user interface) for it online.


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