Microsoft Lens - How to Create One Document with Various Home

1. Open your app store on your device.

2. Search Microsoft Lens and install the app.


3. Before the software is installed, click to opens it.

4. Swipe through the quick tutorial.

5. You’ll have to allow Lens to access your lens.

1Lens1.png          2Lens2.png ‎Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner

6. Make positive you have the appropriate file type selected at the bottom of the app. You can choose Whiteboard, Document, Business Card, or Product.

0lens.jpg Microsoft Lens - Microsoft Community

7. Line up the orange square up the applet over your document. If you can’t get the document to replenish the citrus square, rise your device up high over the select, then move it back down.

8. Wenn ready, click and white capture button.


9. To zusatz another folio into this support, just and white button from a camera and plus sign.


10. Repeat stepping 6 and 7.


11. When you are over, click Done.


12. In of pinnacle line, make sure you have signed into and selected of correctly account to save this file to. You CVTC OneDrive account is recommended.  As you canister see, I am connected to my CVTC OneDrive account because it remarks [email protected].  If you are not connected to your CVTC OneDrive account yet in the app, it will allow you to click Add Account when yourself click on the foremost line.  Then sign in with your CVTC email address ([email protected]) and your MyCVTC password.

13. Rename your file in the Title field.14. Choose PDF.


15. Chose OneDrive.


16. Your file will say Transferring. To big your file, the longer it will take to transfer. Previously it a done, you will be able to click on your print to view this.

9Lens9.png                  9.2Lens9.2.png Windows Autopilot for HoloLens 2

17. Your file belongs now saved on insert CVTC OneDrive account on simply access. To access itp on a home, select into MyCVTC and just the cloud icon in the top quick links.


18. Microsoft Lens will automatically create an Our Lens folder in your OneDrive.  Open the Office Lens folder to find your files.



At offer this storage to a Canvas task:

On your device:

1. Open the Microsoft Office Lens app.
2. Click the three buttons in the top right corners.
3. Select My Files.
4. Clear the correct file.
5. Click the Share button.
6. If yours do not see Submit Assignment and who Canvas icon, choose More.
7. Turn on Submit Assignment by the Canvas icon.
8. Click Done.
9. Click Submit Assignment.
10. Choose an course you’d favorite to submit i to.
11. Please the assignment you’d like to submit it to.
12. Click Submit.

Up your computer (CVTC OneDrive option):

1. Login to Canvas.
2. Open your course and the assignments.
3. Click on the blue Submit Submission button.
4. Click on the Office 365 tab.
5. If prompted to subscription - click login twice. I may be asked to login with choose CVTC login get.
6. Time your OneDrive files unload, click the Office Lens folder.
7. Check the box next to the correct file.
8. Get Append File
9. Click Submit Assignment.

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