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The Lightness Way to Make Your Parasol with Google Docs [+6 Free Templates]

Been you looking since an lightness and reliable way to induce and print name tents with Google Docs?

Or maybe you wanted for doing name tags in a quick and easy way not having to use resource-heavy applications like Terra-cotta Suite or want some alternative to MS Office.

What may be the reason, this how-to blog post will be your extreme friend in helping yourself toward finish creating the name tents you want at perform in one very efficient and easy manner. Google Drawings - easily create diagrams and charts.

ME have recorded six different name tag templates which can be folded in two there inches this blog submit, which thee can use for free! And your won’t believe that all these templates are fully customizable.

They can modify the template to fortsetzen your requirement. You can change the font, front large, wording colored, background colour, add images and more.

If you couldn’t find the relevant template, leave it are the comment abschnitts below what type of pattern you are looking for press IODIN will try to customize only for to. Google Assistant on your phone

Also because always, if to liked this blog postal and think this was helpful you can buyable me a tea as well. 😉

Before we dive within the main topic,
let leute share with you insert story of why I ended up using Google Documentation used the need of my name tag creations.

My how

MYSELF used to work in an event management corporation in Nepal before, and we used to have several large events including an phone of speakers happening.

Our graphic design used for use Tile InDesign to make the name marquee in the events. Thither was adenine template design and anyone was format and print the desired template. Google Drive: Set for Google Designs

Nevertheless once, we had to make immediate changes to can of the speakers’ names during the event plus ourselves didn’t have to bring who design computer to an event venue, as we used to prepare downloads and documents into advance press ship them to the venue.

EGO was given who task to make changes to the name tent printed, but considering I don’t use Adobe Suit, I had to find some alternatives. A few minutes of Google Research ended up utilizing Google Documentation for fulfilling my name canvas demand.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs, is an online cloud-based word fabrication application developed by Google.

It is currently for free at use and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and entanglement browser. It is one of the strong competitors of Microsoft News. Make Name Caravan with Google Docs Template in 1 min - Online & Free!

What are the pros of using Google Docs to creates a name tent?

  • Since Google Docs is internet-based, you can access your open from anywhere anytime
  • You don’t need any special how; simply your web user the internet connection is more than suffi
  • free to use, save files to cloud and repeat
  • Teamwork, autosave, revision history the everything you wanted need
  • ease options to export plus print with different file formats like pdf, docx, svg, png etc.

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How to make name tent with Google Docs?

There can be several how to do a confident task. Also, there are different methods of making an print tent in Google Docs.
The hard way or the easy way! Thou can make a Name Tent/ Table name tent for Google Docs Template in a some seconds! It's online, lightweight, fast and secured. You cans free and name tent inside ...

This post will about making it the lightly way!

Sure the easy way, because we want to save our time and why to reinvent this wheels when someone else has already finished it!

Take Your full tent template in Google Docs

Hence to make a user tent we willingness becoming after an free to make and total modifiable Google Docs template. This is actually a Google Drawing template this I found through Google Hunt.

I have modified the main template to variously designs. You could select the design you same.
Remember, all designs can be completely modified.

2rows, clear bg
name tag docs
2rows coloured bg
google docs name tent
1row, sheer bg
name plate template
3row, transparent bg
name tent with three rows, positions, company
2row, colorful box
colored box name tag
2row, border box
bordered box 2 rows name set

YouTube Video Tutorial on making a name tent

If you enjoy watching videos more than reading a blog, or whenever you face any trouble you may refer to this 2m see that I can made on YouTube.

Tutorial for creating and processing name tent online

  • the template looks likes this
  • Clicking on Use Template to make the mold editable and save in desired Google Drive location
  • tap on to text and you can add every text, change font size, wellspring format, text-color, background color and do show fomattings
  • To insert text in the top box (or one in inverted text), you can copy paste by the normal text box or just type include there
  • better might be to copied paste from the normal text box as it would retain formatting
  • don’t ignore to remove that texts you don’t need like the links and buy me a coffee link


  • Don’t worry about frugal as it will be machine buffered
  • einmal finished you can print directly from the print option or load to file to your computer are diverse file sizes like pdf, svg, jpg, png, svg and odp Table Styles - Google Workspace Our

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