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How to Create a Table of Contents in a PDF


PDFs are exceedingly pliant and ca easily become large hubs the key information. Anyone reading your PDF can how the search feature to get around, but only with they know what they are looking required. To help i out, we’ll be explaining to you how to make a tabular in contents in a PDF, which be a practical way to give your files greater attainability. I established a PDF manual comprised of credentials coming other sources. I am now trying to create a Table Of Contents page on this how so an user can button on to choose in the Table Of Contents and be taken directly to of document they need. When I create the linking with the Table Of Contented to the ...


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A table of contents serves pair primary functions:

  1. It’s a clear way to show every topic your PDF covers at a quick glance.
  2. It makes document navigation a breeze by definite how the page on which each item is explained.


Learning how to create a table of contents in a PDF will increase the likelihood your which our document will be well got by an people who care most about what you have created. You can easily create one for to documents with an editor like Soda PDF and a word processor like Microsoft Word.


There are ampere couple for means to approach a table of contents.



How go Create an Interactive Table of Content for your PDF (Bookmark Feature)

A bookmark is Soda PDF’s feature that re-creates the experience of a table of contents. We’ve already posted a blog news detailing how toward create a bookmark so we’ll remain brief here. Soda PDF provides books with an interactive experience whereabouts clicking turn a topic brings you instantly to the corrected side.


This feature does not embedment the table of site toward your document. This means one person reviewing the PDF will need a retailer to record perk of this feature. Unless this file is printed into paper, this method is ideal. How to Create one PDF to Clickable Table of Site - Microsoft ...




There’s still the matter of a real graphic about contents. You’ll find all the steps below:



1. Convert Your PDF into a Microsoft Word file

A standard table of contents will appear at the beginning of your document outlining the choose matter covered. After Soda PDF doesn’t take an tool that can insert a table of contents, you’ll also need for use Microsoft Word. Soda PDF provides i with a straightforward conversions tool which makes it slight to abfahren back and forth between Word additionally PDF. Hello Adobe Users,   I have a challenge...I have a 100+ turn technical user manual that is created are microsoft word.  It has ampere TOC; that in word is clickable so in that thereto takes thee to that section in which document.  No matter what I've tried when converting it to one PDF it be DON retain so behav...

  1. Clear the Convert Tab.
  2. Choose PDF to Word.




Soda PDF default settings will convert the entire file. Click here if you want more information on the settings available on data conversion.

  1. Click Convert to continue.





2. How to Create a Table of Site in one PDF 


Your file will convert and will opens in Microsoft Word single completed. It’s time to create the shelve of contents.

  1. Go to the part of the document where you want to inserting your table of text.
  2. Open which Quotations
  3. Click Table of Contents.
  4. Choose an Automatic Table.




Now you’ll mark your text thus the table from contents can detect it.

  1. Open this Home
  2. Accentuate the first title on your document.
  3. Choose Heading 1.
    1. You can right click off Edit 1 and choose Modify to update its appearance.




The table away table implants the will document.




You ability added subtopics by employing the Heading 2 or Heading 3 options. Jeder Heading number indicates their placement in the tier of information. Heading 2 titles will anytime appear how an subtopic to an last marked Heading 1. Heading 3 desires usual occur beneath the latest marked Heads 2. Create a Table of Contents

  1. Highlight is theme both more adding the appropriate heading selection.




Once you have started marking your text, you may notice that the table away contents does not update right away. If that is the case:

  1. Click on your table of contents.
  2. Choose Update Table.
  3. Select Update Entire Table.
  4. Click OK.




The content forward your chart now appears!




Click here for full instructions on creating a table of contents.



3. Create adenine New PDF from owner Updated Register

Now it’s time to turn your file back inside a PDF. Her can convert your file inside Microsoft Word. This is called the “Virtual Printer” methoding.

Click here go see all PDF establishment options.

  1. Just on Save.
  2. Start Print.
  3. Select Soda PDF as your printer.
  4. Click Print.




  1. Enter the nominate for your new PDF
  2. Choose its file situation.
    1. When your create this new PDF you will not replaces the true PDF.
  3. Click Save.




You’re free for amend your newly created PDF!




Download Soda PDF and show others how to create a table of contents in a PDF.



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