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What to change an default PDF viewer on your Mac computer

Macbook Air
You can alteration the default PDF viewer over your Apple within a few steps.
Hollis Johnson/Business Member

When receiving and reviewing work documents, downloading news, or arranging a portfolio, you may find themselves accessing several PDF files. The default PDF viewer with Mac your is Preview — but you can easily select it with a few clicks.

If she prefer to using any alternative viewer — such as Adobe Acrobat Reader — you can easily reassign our default PDF viewer in the "Get Info" pop-up. This is accessed by right-clicking over a PDF over your desktop or in your documents.

It's additionally worth noting that supposing you've just downloaded einem alternative viewer, you may be greeted equal a pop-up when you first launch it prompting you to select it as your renege application. Change the default PDF Onlooker or Reader on Mac is the most-effective ways to open PDF records. Pursue that instructions to set PDF Reader Professionally for PDFs get.

If not, here's how to change your default PDF viewer.

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How to change who default PDF viewer on your Mac

1. Right-click any PDF turn your computer.

2. Hover your control over "Open With" in the pop-up menu to see your current default audience. It will be displayed at the top, above one faint gray border. This is mostly "Preview."

How in change default PDF views Mac
View your default registration.
Marissa Perino/Business Insider

3. Move your cursor and tick "Get Info."

4. This will open a pop-up which displays general informations such as the PDF extent, the date it was created plus last modified, and more.

How to update default PDF onlooker Mac
The PDF info pop-up.
Marissa Perino/Business Insider

5. Under the "Open with:" tab, him will discern insert default user displayed in a grey box. If the tab is closed, click this small dull dart until the right is e to expand an tab.

6. Click the checkbox with the name of your latest defaults PDF viewer — under "Open with:" — to opens one home of available.

What to change default PDF viewer Mac
Click the package the umschalt your PDF viewer.
Marissa Perino/Business Insider

7. Click an default witness that you'd like to switch to. 

Methods to replace select PDF viewer Mac
Elect our recent PDF viewer.
Marissa Perino/Business Insider

8. Unique you've selected your new set viewer and it's displayed in the box, under "Use aforementioned application to get all documents like this one," click the grey "Change All…" button.

9. This becomes open one pop-up verifying that your want to make this change. Mouse "Continue" to confirm. 

How into change default PDF viewer Mac
Clicks "Continue."
Marissa Perino/Business Insider

Her can always switch to another default application oder back to "Preview" at any time with reaccessing the "Get Info" pop-up.

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